Old Place Names

Alternative historical names for Wing, its hamlets, roads and neighbourhoods

Old NameLocation
Back RoadStewkley Road top of Littleworth to Stewkley Hill
Bluebell SpinneyField behind Old Park Farm on Cublington Road
The BrickyardChesterfield Crescent (site of the former Littleworth brickworks)
Buck WayTrack to Burcott Hall Farm
The ClumpRound clump of trees in the middle of Wing Park
The CrossJunction of High Street and Vicarage Lane
Deep CornerAt bridge over Webster's brook towards Bluebell spinney
Dolly WopsSmall pond surrounded by trees in Park
Double HedgePark Gate to Tytheyard Spinney
Estate YardHouses behind Wantage House accessed via driveway to 49 High Street - also known as Timber Yard, Coal Yard, Hart's Yard
The FieldsProspect Place north side
FoxharbourSecond spinney on right
Garden PondIn the Park now known as Park Pond
Glebe CloseField below Glebe Farm
Hand PostJunction Stewkley Road/Leighton Road
Horner's CornerPost Office end of High Street
Kemsal SpinneyFirst spinney on right on road to Stewkley
Labour-in-VainRoad between Mentmore crossroads and Well Lane
The LaneLeighton Road from the High Street to Rothschild Road
Long Row8 cottages off no 13 Burcott High Street
Long SpinneyBottom of field in Burcott / Littleworth
Police House123 Leighton Road
Poor's PieceHalf way up Burcott Hill
Pound PieceField beside Ascott Estate Office
The PoundTrees at junction of Vicarage Lane and High Street
The PuzzleAllotment in Burcott
School LaneFrom the church to Aylesbury Rd
Shiting AlleyFrom Aylesbury Road to Park
The Shoot (rubbish dump)Edge of allotments and Chesterfield Crescent
Spion CopThe highest hillock in the Park
Tytheyard SpinneyCorner of Pound Piece / Park
Webster's BrookSecond field beyond the Church
Woolack's HillStewkley Hill

Earlier versions of this list appeared on previous incarnations of the modern-day Wing village website and is reproduced here by permission of the former webmaster.

How about Wing itself and its hamlets?

Prior to the 15th century Wing was recorded as Weowungum, Witehunge, Wienge, Wengia, Wungia, Wongia, Wiungua, Wenghe, Wenge, Weyng(e), Guionga, Wyeng(e) or Wyng(g)(e).

Ascott was originally Estcota and Ascote.

Burcott was originally Burcota, Burcotes and Byrcott.

Cottesloe appears as Coteslawe and Cotslow(e)

Crafton was formerly Croustone, Croftone, Croftun, Croxton and Croston.

Littleworth was named as Litlengeworth in the 13th century.

If you’re a medieval history buff, you can find more details on these at The Historical Gazetteer of England’s Place-Names.