Enclosure Map 1798

Key to the 1798 enclosure map showing land owners and tenants

The enclosure map and the Act itself will appear on this website in due course, and the preamble to the award appears below the key. Scoll right within the table to view all columns of the key. Reference: Buckinghamshire Archives IR/30/1 (map and key), IR/30/2 (award)

Plan of the new inclosed land in the parish of Wing in the County of Bucks as divided and allotted by the Commissioners on the Inclosure of the said Parish, together with the several Homesteads and Old Inclosures in and about the Village of Wing & the Hamlets of Ascott, Burcott & Crafton.

Each plot of land on the enclosure map is numbered in either red or black. Each number also appears on the key in both red and black – the red numbers match to the old enclosures (66.845 acres) while the black numbers matches to the new enclosures (3353.87 acres) – the total area enclosed was 3420 acres 2 rods 35 perches. The surveyor was William Collisson of Brackley and the official date of enclosure was 30 November 1798.

R1Revd Henry Jerome De Salis DDRectory Homestead Yards Gardens &c1214
R2Revd Henry Jerome De Salis DDParsons Close611
R3Revd Henry Jerome De Salis DDPightle131
R4Revd Henry Jerome De Salis DDGlebe Close136
R5Revd Henry Jerome De Salis DDChurch Yard1231
B8Revd Henry Jerome De Salis DDGlebe First Allotment2927
B9Revd Henry Jerome De Salis DDGlebe Third Allotment adjoining the Church Yard38
B10Revd Henry Jerome De Salis DDGlebe Seond Allotment56212
B11Revd Henry Jerome De Salis DDTythe First Allotment35224
B12Revd Henry Jerome De Salis DDTythe Second Allotment92525
R6Earl of ChesterfieldHomestead Thos Elliott21
R7Earl of ChesterfieldCottage and GardenJohn Young20
R8Earl of ChesterfieldPart of Lower Close1213
R9Earl of ChesterfieldHome Close1224
R10Earl of ChesterfieldAnother Close38
R11Earl of ChesterfieldHomestead & Close325
R18Earl of ChesterfieldHomesteadPaul Newens213
R24Earl of ChesterfieldHomesteadStephen Shirley19
R38Earl of ChesterfieldTenement & Garden130
R42Earl of ChesterfieldSmiths Shop and Close138
R43Earl of ChesterfieldTwo Tenements & Gardens38
R47Earl of ChesterfieldTenement and Garden14
R55Earl of ChesterfieldBarn & Farm Yard316
R57Earl of ChesterfieldClose1220
R58Earl of ChesterfieldClose130
R68Earl of ChesterfieldHomesteadWm Heley1328
R69Earl of ChesterfieldHome Close133
R70Earl of ChesterfieldTythe Barn & Yard at Ascott110
R71Earl of ChesterfieldHomesteadThos Stevens1116
R72Earl of ChesterfieldHomesteadJ Prentice1238
R73Earl of ChesterfieldHome Close1232
R74Earl of ChesterfieldClose2115
R78Earl of ChesterfieldHomestead & CloseRd Shackley5328
R89Earl of ChesterfieldHomestead & Close at Burcott58
R105Earl of ChesterfieldHomestead &cJohn Culverhouse1112
R109Earl of ChesterfieldBomer Mead Close late Deacles22
R118Earl of ChesterfieldHomestead and Close1324
R120Earl of ChesterfieldBurys Close728
R123Earl of ChesterfieldThe Pightle35
B45Earl of ChesterfieldFirst Allotment for Tythes Ascott217121
B78Earl of ChesterfieldSecond Allotment for Tythes Ascott24134
B55Earl of ChesterfieldThird Allotment for Tythes Billings Closes622
B140Earl of ChesterfieldManorial Allotment Crafton10216
B1Earl of ChesterfieldFirst Allotment for Land Wing Cowpasture2133
B2Earl of ChesterfieldSecond Allotment Wing Xxx30322
B3Earl of ChesterfieldThird Allotment Wing Xxx49316
B101Earl of ChesterfieldFourth Allotment Wing Mead74217
B91Earl of ChesterfieldFifth Allotment Ascott183338
B100Earl of ChesterfieldSixth Allotment Ascott48325
B21Earl of ChesterfieldSeventh Allotment Burcot496231
B20Earl of ChesterfieldEighth Allotment Burcot Green123
B102Earl of ChesterfieldNinth AllotmentBone & Mead1522
B111Earl of ChesterfieldTenth Allotment Crafton Green &c626
B139Earl of ChesterfieldEleventh Allotment Crafton191320
B56Earl of ChesterfieldTwelvth Allotment Close at Wing late Harts1130
B16Earl of ChesterfieldThirteenth Allotment part of an Orchard at Burcott30
B92Earl of ChesterfieldFourteenth Allotment Homestead &c at Ascott4222
B77Earl of ChesterfieldFifteenth Allotment part of a Close at Wing35
R23Revd H J De Salis DDFreeholdHomestead and Close2029
R53Revd H J De Salis DDFreeholdCottage & Garden13
B75Revd H J De Salis DDFreeholdFirst Allotment1220
B76Revd H J De Salis DDFreeholdSecond Allotment35
B32Robt AdamsFreeholdAllotment3922
R90Robt AdamsCopyholdHomestead32
R91Robt AdamsCopyholdHomestead & Close2126
R107Robt AdamsCopyholdHomestead & Close late Thos Adams4127
R108Robt AdamsCopyholdHome Close4225
B17Robt AdamsCopyholdFirst Allotment for 60 acres Burcott Lower Green late Chappells315
B35Robt AdamsCopyholdSecond Allotment for 60 acres Burcott Lower Green late Chappells10131
B28Robt AdamsCopyholdThird Allotment for 60 acres Burcott lower Green late Chappells272
B29Robt AdamsCopyholdAllotment for 15 acres another copy11224
B27Robt AdamsCopyholdAllotment for 15 1/2 acres late T Adams111
B24Robt AdamsCopyholdFirst Allotment for 60 acres 4th copy12
B25Robt AdamsCopyholdSecond Allotment for 60 acres by homestead18
B26Robt AdamsCopyholdThird Allotment for 60 acres35222
B31Robt AdamsCopyholdAllotment for 53 acres Peeles Copy53228
B30Robt AdamsCopyholdAllotment for 5 acres Ayres 6th copy73
R92Geo Wood & Isaac GardinerFreeholdMessuage Garden Yards & Home Close82
R93Geo Wood & Isaac GardinerFreeholdClose & Spinney413
R94Geo Wood & Isaac GardinerFreeholdHomestead & Home Close5121
R104Geo Wood & Isaac GardinerFreeholdFarm Yard225
B43Geo Wood & Isaac GardinerFreeholdFirst Allotment in Homeclose13
B14Geo Wood & Isaac GardinerFreeholdSecond Allotment in Holymores6326
B15Geo Wood & Isaac GardinerFreeholdThird Allotment Burcott Lower Green325
B19Geo Wood & Isaac GardinerFreeholdFourth Allotment Burcott Upper Green20
B42Geo Wood & Isaac GardinerFreeholdFifth Allotment Burcott18212
R106Elizth Thorpe PikeCopyholdHomestead & Close530
B36Elizth Thorpe PikeCopyholdAllotment for 12 acres etc 1st Copy81
B37Elizth Thorpe PikeCopyholdFirst Allotmt for 18 acres 2nd Copy133
B23Elizth Thorpe PikeCopyholdSecond Allotmt for 18 acres 2nd Copy227
B38Elizth Thorpe PikeCopyholdAllotment for 4 acres 3rd Copy3036
B39Elizth Thorpe PikeCopyholdAllotment for 20 acres 4th Copy171
B40Elizth Thorpe PikeCopyholdAllotment for 17 acres 5th Copy192
B41Elizth Thorpe PikeCopyholdAllotment for 27 acres 6th Copy322
R110Rogers Parker EsqrFreeholdHomestead & Orchard3229
B105Rogers Parker EsqrFreeholdFirst Allotment2113
B118Rogers Parker EsqrFreeholdSecond Allotment29233
B119Rogers Parker EsqrCopyholdAllotment for 15 acres 1st Copy82
B120Rogers Parker EsqrCopyholdFirst Allotment for the residue another Copy1214
B121Rogers Parker EsqrCopyholdSecond Allotment for the residue5733
R114Wm Smart EsqrFreeholdHomestead & Close4134
B107Wm Smart EsqrFreeholdFirst Allotment128
B117Wm Smart EsqrFreeholdSecond Allotment5526
B126Wm Smart EsqrFreeholdThird Allotment15238
R113Edwd Theed EsqrFreeholdHomestead & Closes928
R125Edwd Theed EsqrFreeholdCottage and Orchard336
B106Edwd Theed EsqrFreeholdFirst Allotment232
B123Edwd Theed EsqrFreeholdSecond Allotment77315
B124Edwd Theed EsqrFreeholdThird Allotment15337
B125Edwd Theed EsqrCopyholdAllotment2230
R112Thos WarnerFreeholdHomestead & Orchard1210
B136Thos WarnerFreeholdAllotment68321
B135Thos WarnerCopyholdAllotment24316
B130Stephen RaymondFreeholdAllotment22
R115Stephen RaymondCopyholdHomestead & Close216
R117Stephen RaymondCopyholdLong Close216
B108Stephen RaymondCopyholdFirst Allotment115
B110Stephen RaymondCopyholdSecond Allotment37
B131Stephen RaymondCopyholdThird Allotment24114
B129Stephen RaymondCopyholdFourth Allotment35220
R122Eleanor FowlerFreeholdHomestead & Orchard1128
B113Eleanor FowlerFreeholdFirst Allotment130
B114Eleanor FowlerFreeholdSecond Allotment18237
B137Eleanor FowlerCopyholdAllotment20215
R111John WillisonFreeholdHomestead & Close1224
B104John WillisonFreeholdAllotment70229
R116Trustees of Williams & ThompsonsFreeholdHomestead & Close6138
B109Trustees of Williams & ThompsonsFreeholdFirst Allotment233
B116Trustees of Williams & ThompsonsFreeholdSecond Allotment5631
B122Trustees of Sarah BelgraveCopyholdAllotment23227
R121John Collins MillardFreeholdHouse & Garden121
B112John Collins MillardFreeholdFirst Allotment1223
B46John Ferneyhough & Maj? Cathrine GreenCopyholdAllotment4423
B6Stephen ShirleyCopyholdAllotment18338
B134Thos Woodman SenrFreeholdAllotment28
B133Thos Woodman SenrCopyholdAllotment for late Dells611
B132Thos Woodman SenrCopyholdAllotment for another Copy106
R16Wm StevensFreeholdHomestead & Close38
B7Wm StevensFreeholdAllotment5136
B5Jacob HurstFreeholdAllotment1233
R103Thos ElliottCopyholdHomestead24
B18Thos ElliottCopyholdFirst Allotment for 5 acres17
B48Thos ElliottCopyholdSecond Allotment for 5 acres3214
B49Thos ElliottCopyholdAllotment for 4 acres 2nd Copy3
B36John SmithFreeholdAllotment6317
R77John SmithCopyholdHomestead & Orchard1312
R76John SmithCopyholdClose222
B87John SmithCopyholdAllotment for 75 acres46330
B88John SmithCopyholdAllotment for 30 acres23378
B95Wm Minshul EsqrCopyholdAllotment27335
B99Thos HurndallFreeholdAllotment1219
R80Thos Hurndall & Ann HurndallCopyholdHomestead and Orchard38
R81Thos Hurndall & Ann HurndallCopyholdHome Close5128
B97Thos Hurndall & Ann HurndallCopyholdFirst Allotment31328
B98Thos Hurndall & Ann HurndallCopyholdSecond Allotment8219
R79Wm LockCopyholdHomestead &c210
B93Wm LockCopyholdFirst Allotment213
B94Wm LockCopyholdSecond Allotment1321
R22Wm HeleyFreeholdHomestead &c115
B62Wm HeleyFreeholdAllotment5127
R21Wm HeleyCopyholdHomestead &c126
B63Wm HeleyCopyholdAllotment326
R124Robt NicholFreeholdHomestead & Orchard311
B138Robt NicholFreeholdAllotment114
R99Wm WindmillFreeholdCottage and Garden15
R32Wm WindmillCopyholdCottage5
R29Wm WindmillCopyholdHouse & Garden16
R48Wm WindmillCopyholdCottage & Garden7
R49Wm WindmillCopyholdCottage & Garden7
B67Wm WindmillCopyholdAllotment for Cottage Common237
B68Wm WindmillCopyholdAllotment for half Cottage Common119
B69Wm WindmillCopyholdAllotment for 4 acres1126
B70Wm WindmillCopyholdAllotment late Shackleys121
B71Wm WindmillCopyholdAllotment for Cottage & Buildings late Brasonton25
R65Trustees of Thos HeleyCopyholdCock Inn Yards and Gardens139
R64Trustees of Thos HeleyCopyholdHome Close239
B66Trustees of Thos HeleyCopyholdAllotment for 1 Ley & Cottage Common320
B65Trustees of Thos HeleyCopyholdAllotment for 5 Leys1
B64Trustees of Thos HeleyCopyholdAllotment for half an Acre12
B57John HartFreeholdFirst Allotment3132
B96John HartFreeholdSecond Allotment17
R52John HartCopyholdCottage & Garden23
B58John HartCopyholdAllotment for Homestead &c111
B59John HartCopyholdAllotment for Close1116
B60John HartCopyholdAllotment for Cottage Common319
B61John HartCopyholdAllotment for half Cottage Common129
R20Harry HeleyFreeholdHomestead & Orchard24
B50Harry HeleyFreeholdAllotment for his Cottage Common & Purchases2327
R63Henrietta HeleyFreeholdCottage & Garden10
R39Henrietta HeleyCopyholdHouse and Orchard133
B51Henrietta HeleyCopyholdAllotment333
R28Thos Woodman JunrCopyholdCottage & Garden35
B52Thos Woodman JunrCopyholdAllotment322
R40Thos SandersCopyholdCottage & Garden15
B54Thos SandersCopyholdAllotment for half a Cottage Common131
R44Ann HeleyCopyholdCottage and Garden15
B53Ann HeleyCopyholdAllotment131
R66Geo HonourFreeholdHouse & Orchard212
B72Geo HonourFreeholdAllotment317
R67Richd StarrupFreeholdCottage & Garden30
B73Richd StarrupFreeholdAllotment329
R33Joseph LucasCopyholdHouse & Garden30
B74Joseph LucasCopyholdAllotment23
R75Wm BoneFreeholdHouse and Garden30
B79Wm BoneFreeholdAllotment1134
B80Wm BoneCopyholdAllotment for Cottage Common late Griffin135
B81Wm BoneCopyholdAllotment for Cottage Common late Burrows135
B82Wm BoneCopyholdAllotment for Cottage Common late Bevans130
B83Wm BoneCopyholdAllotment for Cottage Common late Cheshire & Hardwick128
B84Wm BoneCopyholdAllotment for Cottage Common late Northwood219
B85Wm BoneCopyholdAllotment for Cottage Common late Ricketts221
R119The Dean & Chapter of Christ Church College OxfordFreeholdHelsthorpe Close10132
B103The Dean & Chapter of Christ Church College OxfordFreeholdAllotment1033
B96aWm Watkins Trustee of Wm TheedFreeholdAllotment36
R36Churchwardens & Overseers of WingFreeholdTown House & Garden18
R37Churchwardens & Overseers of WingFreeholdTown House & Garden16
R86Churchwardens & Overseers of WingFreeholdTown House & Garden at Littleworth15
R88Churchwardens & Overseers of WingFreeholdTown House & Garden at Littleworth23
R96Churchwardens & Overseers of WingFreeholdTown House & Garden at Burcott20
R101Churchwardens & Overseers of WingFreeholdTown House & Garden at Burcott9
B13Churchwardens & Overseers of WingFreeholdAllotmt for Land & Common Rights for land exchag at Wingrave5318
R12Wm MortimerFreeholdClose3113
R13Wm MortimerFreeholdHomestead & Close311
R14Wm MortimerFreeholdClose late Bartons1128
R15John Brand & Wing ParishFreeholdCottage & Garden13
R17Wm RadwellFreeholdCottage & Garden22
R19Trustees of Wm HeleyFreeholdCottage & Orchard120
R25Dormers CharityThe Alms Houses21
R26Francis BurrowsCopyholdCottage & Garden210
R27Keen late PrenticeCottage & Garden29
R30Wm GriffinCopyholdHouse & Garden37
R31James BevanCopyholdCottage & Garden110
R36Francis HardwickCopyholdCottage & Garden27
R35Wm CheshireCopyholdCottage & Garden18
R41Wm NorthwoodCopyholdCottage & Garden131
R45Wm MortimerCopyholdCottage & Garden20
R46Harry BaileyCopyholdCottage & Garden37
R50Guy RickettsCopyholdCottage & Garden1
R51John Luke late DeverellCopyholdCottage & Garden1
R34Wm BattamsFreeholdCottage & Garden228
R56Abram NewlandFreeholdClose2126
R59Susan HeleyCopyholdCottage & Close133
R60Danl WoodruffFreeholdCottage & Garden17
R61John HeleyFreeholdCottage & Garden15
R62Wm GreenFreeholdCottage & Garden10
R82John TurnerCottage & Garden at Littleworth25
R83John ReynoldsCottage & Garden at Littleworth23
R83aJoseph ClareCottage & Garden at Littleworth23
R84Thos PrenticeCottage & Garden at Littleworth38
R85Robt PipkinCottage & Garden at Littleworth24
R87Richd DimmockCottage & Garden at Littleworth1
R95Cook & BatemanFreeholdCottage & Garden12
R97Daniel ElliottFreeholdCottage & Garden16
R98Daniel HeadyFreeholdCottage & Garden20
R100Wm ScottCopyholdCottage & Garden14
R102Wm AbbottCopyholdCottage & Garden9
R126Wing ParishCottage & Garden at Crafton12
B89Gravel PittsCopyholdFirst allotment in Smiths 126
B47Gravel PittsCopyholdSecond Allotment in Ferneyhough's124
B34Gravel PittsCopyholdThird Allotment in Adams's32
B127Gravel PittsFreeholdFourth Allotment in Smarts313
B128Gravel PittsFifth Allotment adjoining Lord Chesterfields Enclosures3
B44Marl PittsFirst Allotment in Ld Chesterfields first Tythe Allott32
B22Marl PittsSecond Allotment in Ld Chesterfields 7th Allottmt16
B4Poor for FuellAllotment for Wing & Crafton by Ld Chesterfields Second Allotment5
B33Poor for FuellAllotment for Burcott in Adams Copyhold22
B90Poor for FuellAllotment for Ascott in Ld Chesterfields 5th Allotment22
[unnumbered]Poor for FuellThe Several Roads6323
[unnumbered]Geo Parkhust EsqrAn Allotment adjoining his inclosure at Tinkers-sole not on the Plan3116


To all to whom this present Award or Instrument in Writing shall come, Edward Platt of Lidlington in the County of Bedford, Thomas Gostelow of Ampthill in the said County of Bedford and John Fellows of Foscot in the County of Buckingham Gentlemen Commissioners named and appointed in and by a certain act of parliament made and passed in the thirty-seventh year of the reign of his present Majesty King George the third, entitled “An Act for dividing allotting and inclosing the open and common arable Fields of Common Meadows Commons and Waste Lands within the parish of Wing in the County of Bucks”[transcript to come] And also The Right Honorable Philip Stanhope Earl of Chesterfield, The Right Honourable Reverend Father in God George Lord Bishop of Lincoln, The Reverend Henry Jerome de Salis D.D. Vicar of the said parish, Rogers Parker of Munden in the County of Hertford Esquire, William Minshull of Aston Clinton in the County of Bucks Esquire, Robert Adams of Burcot in the said parish of Wing Yeoman, Elizabeth Thorpe Pike of Bennett Street St James in the County of Middlesex Spinster, Thomas Warner of Great Brickhill in the County of Bucks Gentleman, Stephen Shirley of Wing aforesaid Yeoman, John Hart of Wing aforesaid Yeoman, William Windmill of Wing aforesaid Victualler, George Honour of Wing aforesaid Labourer, Richard Harrap of the Phoenix Fire Office in the City of London Carman, Elizabeth Williams of Russell Court Drury Lane in the County of Middlesex Widow and Robert Williams of Princes Street in the City of London Executor and Executrix appointed in ? by the last Will and Testament of Thomas Williams deceased and also Trustees and Guardians of Thomas Williams an infant, Rebecca Hamlyn of Plymouth in the County of Devon the only surviving Executrix of the last surviving Trustee under a certain indenture made upon the marriage of Thomas and Elizabeth Tompson also deceased and George Moore of Cheapside in the City of London Linen Draper a person legally appointed by Thomas Tompson of Halifax in America the oldest son and heir at law of the said Thomas Tompson deceased, parties hereto for the purposes of making the several Exchanges as hereinafter mentioned.

And greeting Whereas it was in and by the beforementioned Act of Parliament amongst other things recited, That there were within the parish of Wing in the County of Bucks certain open and common arable Fields Common Meadows Commons and Waste Lands containing in the whole by Statute Measure three thousand four hundred and two acres or thereabouts over and above all the old Inclosures Orchards and Homesteads within the said Parish and that the said Philip Stanhope Earl of Chesterfield was Lord of the Manor of Wing aforesaid and as such intitled to the right of soil in and on the said Commons and Waste Lands and was also the Impropriator of the impropriate Rectory of the said parish of Wing and intitled to all the Great Tithes of the Hamlets of Wing Ascot and Burcot within the same parish And also to certain small and privy Tithes which said small and privy Tithes had been anciently compounded for in money And was also the patron of the vicarage of the said parish And that the said Henry Jerome de Salis was Vicar of the said parish and as such intitled to the great Tithes of the Hamlet of Crafton within the same parish and to certain glebe Lands and small Tithes within the same parish

And after further reciting as therein is recited It is amongst other things enacted That the said Edward Platt Thomas Gostelow and John Fellows and their Successors to be elected as in and by the said Act is mentioned should be and they were appointed Commissioners Subject to the Rules Orders and Directions in and by the said Act directed established and appointed and that it should be lawful for the said Commissioners and their Successors to be appointed in manner therein mentioned or any two of them and they are thereby fully authorised and impowered to execute do and perform all and every and any act matter or thing by the said act authorised to be done or performed by the said Commissioners and that every act matter or thing which should be done by any two of the said Commissioners or their Successors should be as valid and effectual to all Intents and purposes as if all the said Commissioners therein appointed and their Successors to be appointed as aforesaid had been present and had done executed and performed the same with a proviso that no person should be capable of acting as a Commissioner in the Execution of the powers given by the said Act (Except the power of giving notice of their first meeting for putting the said Act into Execution and of administering the Oath to each other) until he should have taken and subscribed the Oath by the said Act directed to be taken and subscribed.

And whereas the said Commissioners or the major part of them did give due notice as directed in and by the said Act of their first meeting for putting the same into Execution and accordingly met in pursuance of such notice at the House of John Wood known by the Sign of the Cock Inn in Wing aforesaid on Monday the eighth day of May in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and ninety-seven and having at such meeting severally taken and subscribed the Oath in and by the said Act directed to be taken and subscribed and the said Oath so taken and subscribed by each Commissioner is hereto annexed to the Intent the same may be inrolled in the same place as being to whom such powers the same may belong. And also that the same xxx xxx [this latter part of the preamble was very difficult to read due to the clarity of the photograph I have of it ] and xxxx properly xxxx or xxxx any of the Allotments heretofore set out or through or xxx any of the old Inclosures within the said parish or which substitute or make a part of a xxxx xxxx of any Allotment or old Inclosure shall be xxx and xxx and xxx xxx xxx kept sufficiently cleansed? for the purposes of surveying the xxx xxx the same xxx it has xxx and the xxx to the xxx and performed by and at the expense of the several Owners of the Estates for the time being xxx or xxx which the same do pass or which constitute a part of the xxx xxx as aforesaid.

And the said Commissioners having in further pursuance of the said Act taken into consideration the Charges and Expenses attending the xxx and passing the said Act and carrying the same into Execution and all other costs incident thereto to the time of executing this Act & Award and also the several Rates made by them and levied upon the several proprietors have caused the same to be xxx in a Book pursuant to the execution of the said Act to be kept with this the Award in a Box or Chest wherein the papers and books belonging to the said Parish are usually kept To the end that recourse may be had to the same at all reasonable times by any person or persons interested in the said Inclosure.

In Witness whereof the said Commissioners and the several other persons parties hereto have to this present Award or Instrument in Writing set their Hands and Seals the thirtieth day of November in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and ninety eight.