Methodist Roll

Methodist Roll excerpt
Seven-year-old Edith Annie Heady wrote her own name in the Methodist Roll

The Methodist Twentieth Century Fund was officially launched in 1898. Its aim was to raise funds to build a world centre for Wesleyan Methodism in London – over one million pounds was raised by the giving of one guinea each (plus another guinea in memoriam for any loved ones who had passed away). Each person donating recorded their name in a book, and these were gathered together as the Methodist Roll. The originals as well as fiche viewing copies are held at the Methodist Central Hall in Westminster.

The following names appear in the Leighton Buzzard circuit recorded in volume 7 fiche 5-6 (I have alphabetised them). As generally each person signed their own name (at the very least the head of the household did) you may like to seek out the fiche for yourself.

NameResidencePg Number
George Frederick BakerWing92
Edmund William BentleyWing84
Eileen Willison BentleyWing84
Lilian A. BentleyWing84
E.W. BiggsWing84
Sophie Heley BiggsWing84
W.J. BiggsWing84
Annie BoneWing85
Louise BoneWing85
Wallie BoneWing85
William BoneWing85
Joseph BrandWing89
James CarterWing89
Mary Ann CarterWing89
Thomas CollinsCrafton Wing92
W.J. DickinsWing84
George DollimoreWing89
Sarah DollimoreWing89
Flora Belgrove GaskinAscott Wing85
Matilda Ann GaskinAscott Wing85
Stanley Thomas GaskinAscott Wing85
Wilfred Charles GaskinAscott Wing85
William GaskinAscott Wing85
Charlie GreenWing85
Fanny GreenWing93
Gertrude GreenWing85
Harry GreenWing85
Joseph John GreenWing89
Thomas GreenWing85
Charles Henry HammertonWing84
Martha HammertonWing85
Ann Goss HeadyThe Green84
Arthur Thomas HeadyThe Green84
Edith Annie HeadyThe Green84
Joseph James HeadyThe Green84
William Henry HeadyThe Green84
Walter J. HounslowWing85
Henry LangleyWing84
Mary LathwellWing93
Ada LovellWing84
Annie LovellWing84
Emily LovellWing85
Fred Ewart LovellWing85
Lewis LovellWing85
George LovellWing84
Louise LovellWing84
Millicent LovellWing84
Rebecca LovellWing84
Sarah LovellWing84
Laura MallettWing84
Mary Ann MallattWing85
Matilda Jane MallattWing85
Thomas MallattWing85
William James MallettWing84
Beatrice MouldAscott Green84
Jesse Reuben MouldAscott Wing88
Sarah MouldAscott84
W. MouldAscott84
William MouldAscott Green84
Thomas OsbornWing84
Alfred PageWing93
Alice PageWing92
David PageWing92
Ellen Ruth PageWing92
Ethel PageWing92
Frank PageWing92
James PageWing84
Lilly PageWing85
Thomas PageWing84
Thomas PageWing84
William PageWing92
Elizabeth PollardWing89
Joseph Andrew PollardWing89
Fanny PrenticeWing84
George PrenticeWing84
Amy RogersWing85
Tho. Rowe (his mark)Wing84
Ann Heady SeareWing85
Matilda Searin memoriam85
Thomas Heady SeareWing85
Mary TyrellWing93
Henry WillisWing93
Mary WindmillWing93
Joseph Woolheadin memory Wing88
Naomi WoolheadWing88
Thomas WoolheadWing84

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