All Saints Church – Clergy

The Benefice of Wenge (in the will of Queen Elgifu or Elgiva AD circa 957, spellt “Weowungum”: in Domesday Book AD 108, “Witehunge”)
was presented by Maud, daughter of King Henry I, wife firstly of Henry V. Emperor of Germany and secondly of Geoffrey Count of Anjou, to the Abbey of Saint Nicholas Andagavensis (Angiers) together with the Priory of Ascott AD circ 1130.

Wing clergy list in All Saints church March 2006
The clergy of Wing in All Saints Church March 2006
Photo © Paul Brazell and used with permission

1210c John Eudo, Presented by the Prior of Spalding on behalf of St Nicholas Andagavensis

1229 Henry III Robert de Messeword, cappellanus, presented by Henry, monk of St Nicholas Andagavensis, Procurator General of the same Abbey

1246 Henry III Richard de Foleham, cappellanus, by John Bernard, Procurator General of the same Abbey.

1271 Henry III Richard de Bradewell, instituted on presentation of Geoffrey, Prior of Wing July 5th.

1312 Edward II Simon Crookes, cappellanus, presented by Robert de Bures, Prior of Wing, Procurator General of the same Abbey Nov 29th

1334 Edward III William dictus Power, of Berkhamsted, deacon

13?? Edward III William Vavasour, exchanged to Masseworth

1342 Edward III Nicholas de Saltford, priest by King Edward in the right of the temporalities of S. Nicholas Andagavensis. Seized into the King’s hands on account of the war with France.

1349 Edward III Thomas Rudewale of Tysho, priest, by King Edward on death of Ds Nicholas Aug 28th.

1351 Edward III Henry de Weld, Rector of Gelham Magna, Diocese of London by exchange with Thomas of Tyshoe Jan 28th.

1361 Edward III John Podulbury, Priest, by Brother John de Fessines Monk of S. Nicholas.

1377 Richard II Peter de Monte Ardeto, Priest and professed monk of order of St Benedict, presented to the Priory of Wenge by Bishop by lapse.

1382 Richard II John Morton, parson of Ripple, by the King

1385 Richard II William Kenyon, chaplain, by the King, on resignation of John Morton

1385 Richard II Thomas Derfield, by the King on account of war with France

1385 Richard II John Ingrith, by the King on account of war with France

1386 Richard II William Kenyon, by the King on account of war with France

1390 Richard II Hugh Forster, as an exchange with John Ingrith

1393 Richard II William Wedon, Deacon, by King Richard by right of the temporalities of Wynge which priory in the King’s hands on account of war with France’ on Resignation of Ds John Podulbury May 16 at Stow Park

1416 Henry V William Goldring, cappellanus by Joan, Queen of England, on resigation of Magister William Wedon, exchanged for Prebend of Bierton November 5 at Old Temple.

1423 Henry VI John Duffield, of Sawle, Rector of Halton (immediate jurisdiction of Canterbury), by the Queen, an exchange with Ds William Goldryng, ult Feb at Thame.

14– Henry VI John Chamberleyn

1458 Henry V Ds Roger Hugh, priest, by Magister John Wardale LLD, by grant pro hac vice from the Prioress of St Mary de Pratis juxta St Albanum on resignation of Ds John Chamberleyn

1464 Henry VI Ds Walter Rookes, priest, by the same on death of Ds Roger Hugh March 15 at London

1480 Edward IV Ds John Rychemond, by the Prioress and Convent de Pratis justa S. Albanum

1482 Edward IV Ds Richard Walsale, priest, by the same Prioress and Convent on the resignation of Ds John Rychemond

1498 Henry VII Ds Thomas Quarndon, priest, by William Blacknall of Wyng by virtue of a lease of lands and grant of advowson pro hac vice from the same Prioress and Convent to William and Nicholas Blacknall, on death of Richard Walsale.

1507 Henry VII John Clark, capellanus by the same Prioress and Convent on death of Magister Thomas Quarringdon.

1546 Henry VIII Mag. John Holyman STP, by Sir Robert Dormer Knt, on death of Ds John Clark, consecrated Bishop of Bristol 1554.

1554 Mary Leonard Stoppes, on presentation of Lady Jane Dormer. He died within a month.

1558 Mary John Colton AB, presented by Lady Jane Dormer

1565 Elizabeth I Richard Grove. He died and was buried here Cf Parish Register Aug 24th 1591

1591 Elizabeth I William Bishop. He willed to be buried at East end of Winge Chancel.

1614 James I William Prichett AM Inducted January 21, 1614. Buried at Wing November 26, 1646.

1646 Charles I Elkanah Gladman, Vicar of one of the medieties of Chesham, paid his first fruits for this Vicarage June 13, 1648.

1678 Charles II John Ditchfield AM, instituted June 2,6 1678. Presented by Charles Dormer, Earl of Carnarvon. Buried April 26, 1714.

1714 Anne William Browne AM, instituted July 14 on presentation of Philip Stanhope, Earl of Chesterfield, grandson of Earl of Carnavon

1746 George II William Carmichael LLD, Rector of Drayton Beauchamp, presented by Sir William Stanhope. Also vicar of Aston Abbots and Archdeacon of Buckingham. Bishop of Clonfert 1753 translated to Ferns and then to Meath.

1753 George II Stephen Walsh BL, by Sir William Stanhope

1773 George III William Dodd LLD Presented by Philip, Earl of Chesterfield. Also Rector of Hockliffe.

1777 George III Henry Jerome de Salis DD, presented by Philip, Earl of Chesterfield

1810 George IV Charles Smelt MA, by the same on the death of Henry Jerome de Salis

1823 George IV Philip Strong MA, by the guardians of George, Earl of Chesterfield

1850 Victoria Peter Thomas Ouvry MA, on presentation of Samuel Jones Loyd Esq, afterwards Baron Overstone

1885 Victoria Lewis Haig Loyd MA, on presentation of Robert Loyd Lindsay, Baron Wantage.

1890 Victoria Francis Henry Tatham MA, on presentation of Baron Wantage

1918 George V Charles Wilton Fisher MA, on presentation of Baroness Wantage

1932 George V Ernest William Crane MA, of presentation of the Bishop of Oxford

1958 Elizabeth II Geoffrey Grimshaw Willis MA PhD, on presentation of the Archbishop of Canterbury by reason of lapse.

1973 Elizabeth II Norman Charles Wadsworth, on presentation of Bishop of Oxford (Priest in charge 1970-73)

1980 Elizabeth II David Alan Smith BA MDiv, on presentation of the Bishop of Oxford

1987 Elizabeth II Michael David Smith BA on presentation of Her Majesty Elizabeth the Second, Patron of the Benefice for this term, only by reason of the avoidance of the See of Oxford.

1992 Elizabeth II Brian Sagar on presentation of the Bishop of Oxford, September 4th, 1992.

1998 Elizabeth II John Russell, on presentation of the Bishop of Oxford (Priest in Charge) and (Mursley Deanery Youth Chaplain). 2nd April 2998.

2006 Elizabeth II Derek Witchell. Nov 2006 to Oct 2013.

2014 Elizabeth II Helen C. Barnes. July 2014 to June 2020.

2020 Elizabeth II Howard Robson Jun 2020 to present.