WW1 Servicemen

Dedicated to Percy Williams 1879-1957 (Royal Engineers)

Like many villages throughout England, Wing sent a good proportion of their men off to WWI, some of whom of course did not return. I would be surprised if there was a single Wing family not touched by this war, including the Rothschilds whose son Evelyn was killed.

Below are details of the Wing-connected men that I have identified as serving in this war. If your Wing ancestor served in WWI and is not listed below, please email me and I will add them. This list was dramatically expanded in August 2014 as part of a project to research all known servicemen with Wing connections. In the long-term I hope to profile each serviceman (and servicewoman!) here, along with detailed references, but do email me in the meantime if you would like to know more about anyone in particular.

Memorial to the Oxford & Buckinghamshire Light Infantry in Christ Church Cathedral in Oxford
Memorial to the Oxford & Buckinghamshire Light Infantry in Christ Church Cathedral in Oxford (c) Alex Coles 2013

Some of the men listed, like George Taylor, served in the 2/4th Battalion of the Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire Light Infantry. This particular battalion’s contribution to the war can be found in The Story of the 2/4th Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire Light Infantry by G.K Rose (text available for free at Project Gutenberg) – useful background reading even if your own men weren’t in this particular battalion or regiment. Another book available for free online at the Internet Archive is The First Buckinghamshire Battalion 1914-1919 by Captain Philip Lowndes Wright, which tells the story of the 1/1st Battalion of the Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire Light Infantry. There is a memorial to the fallen soldiers of OBLI at Christ Church Cathedral in Oxford.

I swear by Almighty God that I will be faithful and bear true Allegiance to His Majesty King George the Fifth, his Heirs and Successors, in Person, Crown, and dignity against all enemies, and will observe and obey all orders of His Majesty, his Heirs and Successors, and of the Generals and Officers set over me. So help me God.


ABBOTT Sapper Charles Henry, 458040 Royal Engineers

BADRICK Private Charles, 205386 Hussars / 1604 London Yeomanry
BADRICK Private Henry James, 427809 Labour Corps
BAKER Gunner Charles, 28855 Royal Garrison Artillery
BAKER alias COLEMAN Private George, 34416 Royal Defence Corps
BANDY Rifleman Albert, R/4884 Royal Rifle Corps, 23 Aug 1918
BANDY Gunner Albert, 89587 Royal Field Artillery
BANDY Private James Arthur, 6748 East Surrey Regt / 319436 Labour Corps
BANDY alias MAYNE John, 1880-1900 + WW1
BANDY Driver Thomas, 8983 Royal Garrison Artillery
BANDY Private Thomas, 931051 Labour Corps
BANDY Private Thomas, 214816 Labour Corps
BANDY Gunner Walter Harry, 292700 Royal Garrison Artillery
BATES Alec, Royal Fusiliers
BEARD Corporal Harvey John, 1056 RAF
BEESON Private William Harry, 57172 Worcester Regt / 39937/14272 Warwickshire Regt
BEILBY Sergeant Charles, Z/326 Rifle
BEILBY Private Henry James, 18375 Grenadier Guards
BICKMORE Private Herbert, M2/082146 RASC
BIGGS Alfred, 230442 Royal Navy
BILEY Gunner Walter Henry, 131402 Royal Field Artillery
BLEW Private Henry, Oxford & Bucks Light Infantry
BLEW Private William John, R4/144337 RASC, 19 Feb 1919
BOCK Private John William Henry, 31534 RAMC, 5 Aug 1918 age 32
BOLTON Private Albert, 41889 Bedfordshire Regt, 18 Sep 1918
BOLTON Gunner Alfred William, 146173 Royal Field Artillery
BOLTON Corporal Bert Cyril, 1783 Australian Imperial Forces
BOLTON Private Horace, 23216 Oxford & Bucks Light Infantry
BOLTON James, Worcester Regt
BOLTON Private Jesse, 16863 Oxford & Bucks Light Infantry
BOLTON Gunner Jesse, 126025 Royal Garrison Artillery
BONE Private Albert, 40918 Middlesex Regt / 16891 Royal West Kent Regt
BOORE Private Charles, 46950 Oxford & Bucks Light Infantry / 3103 Royal Bucks Hussars
BRAND Private Albert [Bert], 2865 59th Bn. Australian Imperial Force, 4 Jul 1918 age 30
BRAND Gunner Joseph, 9529 Royal Garrison Artillery, 13 Apr 1917 age 39
BRAY Private Herbert William, 25672 Royal Berkshire Regt, 23 Oct 1919 age 32
BROWN Sidney, 292699 Royal Garrison Artillery
BRYANT Private Frank William, 13746 Northamptonshire Regt, 6 Mar 1917 age 37
BULL Private James, 7771 Worcester Regt, 26 Sep 1915
BULL A/Corporal Sgt William George, 9136 Oxford & Bucks Light Infantry 1909-1930
BURROWS Private Ernest Harry, 241072 Oxford & Bucks Light Infantry
BURROWS Corporal Frederick George William, M2/114045 RASC
BURROWS Private James, 16458 Essex Regt, 1881-1893 + WW1

CAPP Thomas, TR/6/13081 Notts & Derby Royal West York Regt
CARTER Corporal H.J., Middlesex Regt
CHAPPIN Private William Walter, 1754 Middlesex Corps, 14 Jun 1915
CHARNOCK Private G., Yorks & Lancs Regt
CLARK Driver Horace John, 73715 Royal Engineers
CLARKE Private Walter, 33680 Oxford & Bucks Light Infantry / 41299 Royal Berks Regt
COLLINS John Samuel, 165898 RAF
CORKETT Driver Frederick, 197015 Royal Garrison Artillery
CORKETT Farrier Serjeant William George, 18466 Royal Army Veterinary Corps
CORKETT Private William J., 41668 Royal Irish Rifles / 37066 Beds Regt
COX Private Frederick George, 145704 Northants Yeomanry
CUTLER Private Arthur Edwin, 266170 Oxford & Bucks Light Infantry, 7 May 1919 age 22
CUTLER Private George, 231162 Royal Army Veterinary Corps / 3104 Royal Bucks Hussars

DANIELLS Captain Frank, Royal Yorks Regt
DAY Lance Bombadier George Percival, 127091 Royal Garrison Artillery
DENCHFIELD Private Herbert George, 42390 Royal Innis Fusiliers / 367405 RASC
DENCHFIELD Private Vernon Henry Seth, 42105 Essex Regt
DEWAR Corporal Walter McRae, 911130 Royal Field Artillery
DICKENS Thomas, 2672 17th Lancers
DIMMOCK George, Grenadier Guards
DIMMOCK Private Thomas, 5754 Oxford & Bucks Light Infantry
DOGGETT Private Albert, 122654 Machine Gun Corps, 08 Jul 1918 age 27
DOGGETT Gunner Edward, 28661 Royal Field & Royal Horse Artillery
DOLLIMORE Corporal Frederick William, M2/052089 RASC
DOLLIMORE Sergeant Edward George, 7531 RAF
DONALDSON Private Thomas, H/206179 Royal Bucks Hussars

EDWARDS Alfred George, 58534 RAF
EDWARDS Charles Owen, 147300 RAF
EDWARDS Harold Thomas, 106743 RAF
ELDRIDGE Lance Corporal William Henry, 17246 Royal Army Veterinary Corps
ESSEX Private Henry G., 50423 Worcester Regt
ESSEX Joseph, 165691 Machine Gun Corps
ESSEX Driver William, 292702 Royal Garrison Artillery
EVANS Private William Ernest, S4/197086 RASC

FAULKNER Private Cyril, 145305 Army Service Corps
FAULKNER George, Royal Field Artillery
FAULKNER Private Lionel George, TT/03453 Royal Army Veterinary Corps
FINCHAM James Henry, 184284 Army Service Corps / 319112 Royal Engineers
FORSYTHE Gunner Frederick, 786219 Royal Field Artillery
FOUNTAINE Arthur, 25978 Coldstream Guards
FOUNTAINE Private Sidney James, 1950 9th Bn Australian Imperial Force, 23 Jul 1916 age 29
FRENCH Sergeant William Thomas, 4792375 Lincolnshire Regt

GARDIN[E]R Private Harry, 325035 Royal Warwickshire Regt, 04 Oct 1917
GARDNER Jasper, Royal Bucks Hussars
GARFORTH Lt William Godfrey, Scots Guards, 16 May 1915 age 32
GATES William, 125267 Royal Field Artillery
GATES Alec, Royal Field Artillery
GATES Private Edwin J., 51877 Cheshire Regt / 52316 Worcester Regt
GATES Sidney, Bedfordshire Regt
GATES Gunner William, 125267 Royal Field Artillery
GATES William, 2nd Life Guards
GOODWAY Private Percy Walter, DM2/54125 RASC
GREEN Corporal Alfred, 10494 Bedfordshire Regt
GREEN Edwin, London Scottish
GREEN John, Royal Bucks Hussars
GREEN Private Joseph John, M2/163030 RASC
GREEN Robert, Camerons
GROVES Private Alfred, 19998 Labour Corps / 64422 Durham Light Infantry
GUESS Private Charles, 18338 Bedfordshire Regt
GUESS Edward/Edwin, J/14583 Royal Navy
GUESS Frederick William, 29201 Royal Army Medical Corps
GUESS Private Herbert, 29563 Royal Army Medical Corps
GUESS Private Percy, 39182 North Somerset Yeomanry
GUESS Private Sidney, 12527 Oxford & Bucks Light Infantry, 31 Mar 1916 age 22
GURNEY Private Frederick George, 56288 Royal Fusiliers

Trooper Dennis Horne from Cottesloe Farm who died during the Gallipoli campaign, taken from his obituary in Bucks Herald 25 Nov 1916

HAINES Horace, Royal Bucks Hussars
HALL Private Edward, 50606 Somerset Light Infantry / 010775 Hampshire Regt
HALL Private Jack, 16049 Wiltshire Regt
HALSEY Private Charles Thomas, 31835 Devon Regt
HAMMERTON Private John Thomas, 32811 Oxford & Bucks Light Infantry, 7 Oct 1916
HAMMERTON Trooper Joseph Harold, Duke of Lancasters Own
HANCOCK Private Frederick, 87314 Royal Garrison Artillery
HARRIS Private Reginald William, T/406746 Royal Army Service Corps
HARWOOD Private Wilfred John, 14530 Oxford & Bucks Light Infantry
HATLEY Charles, Royal Engineers
HOLTON James, Royal Bucks Hussars
HOOKER Private Leonard Charles, 29207 Royal Army Medical Corps
HORNE Private Dennis Arthur, 1745 Royal Buckinghamshire Hussars, 21 Aug 1915 age 23
HORNE Private Sidney Wilfred, 245434 Agricultural Coy Lab Corps
HORNE Private William, 295723 Agricultural Coy Lab Corps
HORNE William Leonard, 345870 Royal Highlanders / 9514 Royal Army Veterinary Corps
HORSFALL Private George Percival, Army Service Corps, 11 Jun 1915 age 38
HOWCUTT Private Frederick Andrew, 43542 Seaforth Highlanders
HUNT Sergeant Edgar Bryan, 78011 Labour Corps

JEFFS Gunner Arthur J, 213569 Royal Garrison Artillery
JEFFS Ernest Frank, 4816 Royal Warwickshire Regt
JEFFS Private Fred, 69278 Royal Cavalry Regt
JEFFS Private Sydney, 59551 Yorks & Lancs / 266192 Oxford & Bucks Light Infantry
JOHNSON Archibald, 208733 RAF
JOHNSON Private Lionel, 341396 Labour Corps
JORDAN Private Arthur, 275130 Labour Corps
JORDAN Private Edwin, 939 Bedfordshire Regt / 96774 Middlesex Regt
JORDAN Private Edwin George, 64036 Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
JORDAN Fred, Bedfordshire Yeomanry
JORDAN Private Harry Ernest, 433534 Labour Corps
JORDAN Private Henry Arthur, 266047 Royal Air Force
JORDAN Private Joseph Arthur, 144065 Machine Gun Corps
JORDAN Private [Joseph] George, 32938 Royal Warwickshire Regt, 9 Oct 1917 age 26
JORDAN Private Lionel, 2269 Yorkshire Regt, 20 Aug 1915 age 29
JORDAN Driver William, Driver 73716 Royal Engineers

KEEN Lance Corporal Leonard, 8456 Royal Scots Fusiliers, 11 Nov 1914 age 32 (of Stewkley)
KEMPSTER Corporal Arthur, 42703 Canadian Field Artillery, 19 Nov 1918 age 25
KEMPSTER Private Frederick, 42927 Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
KEMPSTER Harry, Oxford & Bucks Light Infantry
KEMPSTER L/Sergeant Owen, 9126 Oxford & Bucks Light Infantry
KENNING Private William, 36540 York & Lancaster Regt, 23 Apr 1918
KENT Private Fred, 28506 Oxford & Bucks Light Infantry
KENT Private Leonard, 45146 Oxford & Bucks Light Infantry
KENT Private William George, 95082 Labour Corps / 22250 Royal Berks Regt
KING Private Frederick 313211 Labour Corps
KIRK Private Cecil Lehair, 16803 Bedfordshire Regt

LAKE Private Charles, 203768 Royal Warwickshire Regt, 24 Oct 1918
LANE Jesse, T/14656 Royal Navy
LANE Private Percy Frederick, 200222 Bedfordshire Regt
LANGLEY Lance Corporal Frank, L/13525 Royal Bucks Hussars / 6549 Corp of Lancers
LATHWELL Gunner George James, 91709 Royal Garrison Artillery
LAURENCE Lance Corporal Victor Henry, 33047 Bedfordshire Regt
LAWRENCE Private James Nathan, H/205079 Royal Bucks Hussars
LAWRENCE Private Samuel George, H/205214 Royal Bucks Hussars
LLOYD John, 103743 RAF
LLOYD Private William George, 29210 Royal Army Medical Corps
LONG Private Walter James, 172199 Royal Engineers
LOVELL Private Fred Ewart, Royal Army Medical Corps
LOVELL Private Harold Joseph, 2295 Royal Marine Light Infantry
LOVELL Lance Corporal Henry, SE/14658 Royal Army Veterinary Corps
LOVELL Private Sidney Frederick, 21350 Oxford & Bucks Light Infantry, 28 Apr 1917 age 23

MARRIOTT Private Alfred Frank, 10681 Army Cyclist Corps
MARRIOTT Private Charles Thomas, 33604 Loyal North Lancasters
MARTIN W P, 13th Battn London Regt
MAYNE (BANDY) John, 1880-1900 + WW1
MEAD Sapper Robert, 289440 Royal Engineers
MILLETT Guardsman Arthur Charles, 19317 Coldstream Guards
MORETON Trooper William Henry, 205217 Leicester Yeomanry, 1034 Royal Bucks Hussars

NELSON Frank, Royal Bucks Hussars
NEWBURY Private George William, 225202 (formerly 4528) Northamptonshire Regt
NEWENS William John, 835226 Canadian

OAKLEY Private Leonard, 235084 Oxford & Bucks Light Infantry, 27 Sep 1917 age 28

PAGE Private Arthur, 379465 Labour Corps / 66194 Royal Fusiliers
PAGE Frank, Oxford & Bucks Light Infantry, 19 Oct 1917 age 19
PAGE Lance Corporal Harry, 29587 Royal Army Medical Corps
PAGE Sergeant (Alfred) Harry, H/205021 Royal Bucks Hussars
PAGE Driver Joseph William, 239652 Royal Field Artillery
PAGE Private William, 3421 and 531159 15th Battalion London Regt
PAGE Driver William John, 223559 Royal Field Artillery
PANTLING Eric, Royal Navy
PANTLING John Eric, J/19250 Royal Navy
PAXTON Driver Arnold Walter, L/18289 Royal Horse Artillery & Royal Field Artillery, 15 May 1918
PAXTON Lance Corporal Jim, 7673 Worcestershire Regt, 14 Sep 1914
PEASE Guardsman Francis John, 25695 3rd Battn Coldstream Guards
PEASE Private Fred, 359869 Royal Army Service Corps
PEASE Private Harry Thomas, 202311 Oxford & Bucks Light Infantry
PEASE Private Joseph, 96281 Labour Corps
PEASE Private William George, 5957 Oxford & Bucks Light Infantry (also Beds Regt), 14 Aug 1916 age 31
PHILLIPS Lt George Dudley, 21554 Durham Light Infantry
PICKERING Rifleman Frank, C/1600 King’s Royal Rifle Corps, 15 Jul 1916 age 21
PICKERING Private John Francis, SE/9285 Royal Army Veterinary Corps / 16313 Bedfordshire Regt
PIDGLEY Corporal George William, 210747 RAF
PIPER Lt Cyril Herbert, East Yorks Regt
PIPER Lance Corporal Sidney, 522693 Royal Engineers
PIPER Driver Victor Lorenzo, 174016 Royal Field Artillery
PITCHFORD Private Archibald, 564205 Labour Corps
PITCHFORD Corporal Arthur, 21548 Oxford & Bucks Light Infantry
PITCHFORD Private Harry, 17612 Oxford & Bucks Light Infantry
PITCHFORD Private James, 21349 Oxford & Bucks Light Infantry
POLLARD Private Cyril, 547758 Labour Corps
POLLARD Farrier Serjeant Ernest, 205073 Royal Buckinghamshire Hussars, 25 Aug 1917 age 24
POLLARD Private William John, Oxford & Bucks Light Infantry
PRATT Private Harry [Henry George], 10148 Oxford & Bucks Light Infantry, 05 May 1917 age 24
PRENTICE Private Charles, 410191 Labour Corps
PRENTICE Private Ernest Frederick, 46201 Oxford & Bucks Light Infantry
PRIME Private Herbert, 180613 Oxford & Bucks Light Infantry / 15711 Gloucester Regt
PRIME Reginald George, 29217 Royal Army Medical Corps
PRIMROSE Captain Neil james Archibald, Royal Bucks Hussars
PUGH Serjeant John, 10296 Machine Gun Corps, 22 Aug 1918

Edwin Randall of Wing Buckinghamshire 1915
Guardsman Edwin Randall heading off to war in 1915 –
photo courtesy of Debbie

RAMSAY Rifleman Edward/Edmund, Z/355 Kings Royal Rifles
RANDALL Sapper Benjamin, 218248 Royal Engineers
RANDALL Gunner Daniel, 168715 Royal Field Artillery, 10 Nov 1918 age 23
RANDALL Edward John, L/15481 Duke of Cambridge’s Own (Middlesex Regt), 30 Sep 1915
RANDALL Guardsman Edwin MM, 19149 Grenadier Guards
RANDALL Private Frank, 70333 Devon Regt, 241678 London Regt
RANDALL Private George, 6339 Royal Garrison Artillery and 5375310 Oxford & Bucks LI
RANDALL Private Harold, Royal Artillery
RANDALL Henry, 1374 Beds Yeomanry (Territorial Forces)
RANDALL Private Herbert, 17209 Oxford & Bucks Light Infantry, 21 Nov 1918 age 28
RANDALL Reginald, Sherwood Foresters
RANDALL Private William John MM, M2/178158 13th S Bty RASC, 12 March 1919 age 26
READ Rifleman Augustus Frederick R25312 Kings Royal Rifle Corps
REDRUP Herbert George, Royal Engineers
REYNOLDS Lance Bombadier Reginald Harry, 178482 Royal Field Artillery
RICE Driver Charles Able, 210833 Royal Field Artillery
RICHARDS Charles, Royal Field Artillery
RICHARDSON Private Frank Alexander Randolph, 50030 Northamptonshire Regt, 23 Oct 1918 aged 19
RICKARD Private Herbert Reginald, 42125 Oxford & Bucks Light Infantry / 59483 Worcester Regt
RICKARD Private Joseph Harold, 45120 Oxford & Bucks Light Infantry
RICKARD Private Lionel Arthur, 24106 Oxfored & Bucks Light Infantry
RIMINGTON Private Charles Earp, M2/149027 Royal Army Service Corps
RIMINGTON Private Oscar, 32854 Oxford & Bucks Light Infantry, 09 Oct 1916
ROADNIGHT Alfred William, WR298005 (formerly 56290) Royal Engineers
ROBERTS Corporal John, 7160 Coldstream Guards
ROBINSON Private Alfred William, 1449 Royal Field Artillery
ROGERS Private Joseph, 11908 Oxford & Bucks Light Infantry, 09 Oct 1916 age 24
ROGERS SS Lewis John, 324 Royal Bucks Hussars / F/26584 Royal Army Service Corps
ROPER A/Bdr Arthur William, 821611 Royal Field Artillery
ROPER Corporal Ernest F., 233636 Royal Field Artillery
de ROTHSCHILD Lt Anthony, Royal Buckinghamshire Hussars
de ROTHSCHILD Major Evelyn Archille, Royal Buckinghamshire Hussars, 17 Nov 1917 age 31
de ROTHSCHILD Major Lionel, Royal Buckinghamshire Hussars
ROWE Driver Charles, 731121 Royal Field Artillery
ROWE Thomas, 12381 Royal Field Artillery 1900-1917

SAMUELS Private Henry Charles, 19878 Machine Gun Corps / 17210 Oxford & Bucks Light Infantry
SAMUELS Private Herbert James, 31087 Oxford & Bucks Light Infantry (previously 67039 Royal Bucks Hussars)
SAMUELS Walter G.T., 2867 17th Lancers / 518952 Labour Corps
SAUNDERS George, 9526 Bedfordshire Regt
SAWYER Gunner Charles, 125268 Royal Field Artillery
SMITH Private Fenwick, 23187 West Yorks Regt
SMITH Frederick, Royal Bucks Hussars
SMITH Gunner Henry, 126582 Royal Garrison Artillery
SMITH Private Henry Thomas, 22472 Oxford & Bucks Light Infantry
SMITH Private John, 5513 Royal Irish / 25222 Dorset Regt
SMITH Private Joseph Frederick, 205316 Leicester Yeomanry
SMITH Samuel [WWI Memorial]
STAINES Acting Bombardier Henry J, 95 Royal Garrison Artillery, 17 Jul 1916
STRUDWICK Gunner George, 128544 Royal Field Artillery
SYRATT Corporal Ernest Ambrose, 320774 London Regiment, 30 Nov 1917

TACK Arthur Edward, Acting Corporal 13382, Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry, 9th May 1917 age 23
TATHAM Lt Cecil Francis, Queens Royal Regt West Surrey
TATHAM Hester Mary, St John Ambulance Brigade
TAYLOR Private George, 203842 Oxford & Bucks Light Infantry, 17 June 1918 age 32
TAYLOR Private Harry, 42560 Worcester Regt / 22932 Oxford & Bucks Light Infantry
TAYLOR Private Thomas, 37486 Suffolk Regt (formerly 24294 Oxford & Bucks Light Infantry
TEARLE Gunner Geoffrey, 111663 Royal Field Artillery
TEARLE Corporal James, 19771 Scottish Rifles
TEMPLE Private Henry Frederick, 37568 Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry
THORPE Private Harry, 1775 Household Cavalry
TIMMS Private James Frederick, 3523 Royal Army Service Corps
TIMMS Corporal John Thomas, 218432 Royal Engineers
TUFFNEY Private John William, 45144 Oxford & Bucks Light Infantry
TURNELL Sergeant Andrew Comber, 1633 Royal Army Veterinary Corps

UNDERWOOD William Alexander H, merchant seaman

VALLENTINE Rifleman Harold David, 898 London Rifle Brigade, 2 May 1915 age 25
VALLENTINE-WARNE Rifleman Claude Robert, 300282/148 London Rifle Brigade, 7 Apr 1917 age 27
VARNEY Sapper Henry, 218431 Royal Engineers
VARNEY Lance corporal Philip, 121277 Labour Corps
VARNEY Private William James, Coldstream Guards
VAUGHAN Gunner Joseph, 90993 Royal Garrison Artillery

WATSON Private Harry, 240406 North Staffordshire Regt
WELLS Corporal Raymond, 9586 Oxford & Bucks Light Infantry
WHITE Sapper Maurice, 148125 Royal Engineers
WILLIAMS(ON) Sapper Percy Joel, 330745 Royal Engineers
WILLIS Corporal A.G., Royal Army Medical Corps
WILLIS Sergeant Ernest George, 12835 Norfolk Regt
WILLIS Private George, 29591 Royal Army Medical Corps
WILLIS Sergeant Horace, 5833 Royal Fusiliers
WILLIS Gunner Walter James, 78658 Royal Garrison Artillery
WILLIS T/Cpl Wilfred Harold, 285910 Army Service Corps
WOODWARDS Private Arthur, 203696 Oxford & Bucks Light Infantry, 16 Aug 1917
WOODWARD[S] Private Ernest, 68867 Labour Corps, 30 Oct 1918
WOODWARD[S] Frederick, 1006429 Canadian
WOODWARD[S] Corporal George William, 15643 Prince Alberts Own Hussars
WOODWARDS James, 453877 Labour Corps
WOOLHEAD Albert, Royal Navy
WOOLHEAD Private Arthur, 292701 Royal Garrison Artillery
WOOLHEAD Private David William, 019181 Royal Army Ordnance Corps
WOOLHEAD Sergeant Frederick, Bedfordshire Regt 1883-1901 and 8492 2nd Beds Regt (for 41 days) in WW1
WOOLHEAD Private Frederick, 370609 Royal Army Service Corps
WOOLHEAD Private George, 266565 Oxford & Bucks Light Infantry, 01 Apr 1918
WOOLHEAD Private Joseph, No 1 Canadian Army Aux.
WOOLHEAD Private Sidney, Oxford & Bucks Light Infantry
WOOLHEAD Private William, 203691 Oxford & Bucks Light Infantry, 16 Aug 1917
WRIGHT Trooper Charles, Royal Bucks Hussars

YATES Private Thomas James William, 41188 Essex Regt
YIRRELL Private Bertram A., 23651 Oxford & Bucks Light Infantry

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  • CWGC – Commonwealth War Graves Commission website – check their detailed entry for parents/spouses.
  • MG – http://www.nmarchive.com/
  • MI – Memorial inscription, All Saints Church, Wing.
  • MRI – Medal Roll Index cards, at the National Archives and other websites
  • MW – collated by Michael Woodwards from local newspapers
  • NR – National Roll of the Great War, available in various places including Find My Past – entries were provided by the servicemen or their families
  • PC – private correspondence received from their descendants/family members
  • PM – Wing parish magazine as transcribed by Sarah Roe
  • PR – All Saints Church parish registers
  • ROH – www.roll-of-honour.com
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  • WM – War Memorial at All Saints Church, Wing
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