Strays – Burials

While an individual would generally be buried in their parish of usual residence, this did not always happen. If a person had family ties with another parish they may wished to be buried with their loved ones who had already passed on. Sometimes an individual would die some distance from home and it was not practical to transport the body, so you may find their burial in an unexpected place.

All years appear as provided to me – dates prior to March 25th in each year before 1752 might follow either the old-style Julian calendar year or new-style Gregorian calendar year as I don’t know whether the dates were converted before being provided to me or not. You should check the underlying record yourself to confirm the correct year.

If you find the burial of a Wing person on your research travels, please let me know.

Thomas FOWLER of Crafton, Mentmore, 16 May 1777
Eliz wife of Wm GRIFFEON of Wing, Mentmore, 5 Feb 1804
Bernard HALL of Crafton, Mentmore, 28 Mar 1716
Thomas HALL of Crafton, Mentmore, 16 Apr 1716
John WILLISON of Crafton, Drayton Parslow, 28 Mar 1807