On Tuesday last [18 July 1863] a match was played between eleven labourers in the employ of Mr G Rose of Tinkershole, and eleven in that of Mr Cook of Cottesloe, in a field lent by the former gentleman. The afternoon was fine, and the game was a source of amusement to the men. The game was closely contested, and Mr Rose’s men won by only one run. The return match is to be played at the harvest home festival. Mr Rose entertained the men in the evening with his usual kindness.
See Leighton Buzzard Observer of 4 August 1963 for the full score, but the team players/respective employees were as follows:
Cottesloe: John Woodward, T Rowe, T Cook, H Taylor, J Cook, J Copp, T Sturnham, G Woolhead, G Burrows, W Burrows, A Baker and G Tyrell.
Tinkershole: J Rose, G Rose, R Green, W Rose, T Randle, G Cheney, W Stownom, T Miller, T Paxton, T Poy, H Rose and T Newman.

And the return match…..
The return match of cricket between Mr Rose’s and Mr Cook’s men was played at Tinkershole on Monday last [1 September 1863]. Mr Rose having increased his men for the harvest from Aston Abbots and Cublington, they proved too good for Cottesloe, which caused it to be a one-sided game, Tinkershole winning in one innings. The Wing brass band was on the ground together with a goodly number of visitors; the afternoon being tolerably fine, every thing passed off very pleasantly, and all appeared to enjoy themselves. They separated about half-past seven, wishing health and prosperity to Tinkershole and Cottesloe.
See Leighton Buzzard Observer of 8 September 1963 for the full score, but the team players/respective employees were as follows:
Cottesloe: J Cook, H Taylor, G Staple, T Cook, J Woodward, W Woolhead, G Jordan, W Bandy, J Barrow, T Rowe and T Sternam
Tinkershole: J Rose, T Miller, G Chenney, G Rose, G Newn, W Sternam, J Rose jnr, G Rose, R Green, W Rowe and H Rose.

A cricket match was played at this place on Friday last [28 Aug 1863] between Wing and Wingrave, which ended in the defeat of the latter in one innings with 11 runs to spare. The game being over early several single matches were played between the different parties until supper-time, which was provided at the Cock Inn, in first-rate style, to a large and merry party.
See Leighton Buzzard Observer of 1 September 1963 for the full score, but Wing’s players were as follows:
Wing: J May, E Williams, J Smith, W Spratley, W Woster, G Draper, J Woster, H Williams, E Hounslow, J Heley, and J Rose.

A single wicket match came off at Ledburn, on the 17th inst. [17 October 1863], between two knights of the steel of that place, and two of the same profession of Wing [H Rogers and W Heley], for a leg of mutton, which ended in favour of the latter. After the game was over, the players and their friends retired to the Hare and Hound Inn, and spent a very pleasant evening under the chairmanship of Mr William Varney.

The book Wings Over Wing talks about cricket matches between members of the RAF’s OTU 26 at Wing and the locals during WWII, including a team made up of local farmers that included three one-armed players. Harry Pitchford was responsible for maintenance of the pitches at Ascott.