My People

I’m Alex Coles and I’m from Auckland, New Zealand. While most branches of my family tree moved around every generation or two, one branch did not – these families stayed put in Wing, Buckinghamshire for 150-odd years. My research began with my last-born Wing ancestor, William Pollard (known to us as Bill Williams) born in 1901, and stretches back in time (still going!). I have written a wee book, A Century in Wing Buckinghamshire, covering Bill’s eight Wing great-grandparents down to Bill himself. If you have a connection to any of these people, please email me at

Even if we don’t share an ancestor, I’d love to hear about your Wing people, and other Wing researchers might be interested too! Please let me know which families you are researching, and if you have stories, photos or other snippets to share I’d be happy to host them here.

Alex’s Ancestors

BAKER Ada 1880-1956
BAKER Alfred 1845-1929
BAKER John 1752-1825
BAKER Thomas 1797-1876

GIBBARD Sarah 1759-1847

HARDWICK Ann Susan 1843-1913
HARDWICK John 1778-1833
HARDWICK Joseph 1815-1895
HARDWICK Sarah 1807-1889
HOLYMAN Brightwell 1760-1846

JOLLY John 1776-1832
JOLLY Sophia 1804-1855

LATHWELL Henry 1764-1821
LATHWELL John 1791-1863
LATHWELL Medora Jane 1845-1936
LATHWELL William 1799-1844
LEE Richard 1813-1886

MUNDAY Ann 1771-1839

PARSON Ann Stopps 1770-1850
POLLARD Alice 1812-1885
POLLARD Andrew 1839-1898
POLLARD George 1797-1847
POLLARD Mary 1770-1826
POLLARD Joram 1768-?
POLLARD William 1877-1902
POLLARD William 1901-1971

STEVENS Susannah 1779-1844
SYROTT John 1762-1839
SYROTT Mary 1815-1898

WILLIAMS Maria 1753-1841
WILLIAMS(ON) Percy Joel 1878-1957
WILLIAMS Bill 1901-1971