Dormer Family Tree

The various Dormer family groups that lived, at least in part, in Wing are outlined below. The Dormers were rumoured to have a Catholic priest resident in their household who would have attended to baptisms and marriages within the family, however the baptisms of many of the children were also recorded in the parish registers of All Saints Church. The Dormer family vault lies under the east end of the north aisle of All Saints Church, with the monument to the first Sir Robert Dormer above it.

For an overview of the line of succession including the possession of Ascott House after the death of the 2nd Earl of Carnarvon in 1709, the Dormer family’s impact on Wing, and source references used in compiling this family tree, see the Dormer overview page.

family tree of the Dormers of Wing Buckinghamshire
Sir Robert Dormer tomb, Wing Buckinghamshire
Monument to Sir Robert Dormer in the north aisle of All Saints Church
Photo © Alex Coles July 2005

Sir Robert Dormer

Born – likely in West Wycombe Bucks, possibly in 1486
Married – Jane Newdigate
Died – 8 Jul 1552 at Ascott House
Buried – 12 Jul 1552 Wing


  1. William – born in Eythrope Waddesdon possibly 1503

A brass plate reads:

Here lieth buried Sr Robt Dormer of Winge in ye county of Buck Knight who Maried Jane
Dought’ of John Nudigat of Herfeld in ye County of Middx Esq’er and of Amphelyce his Wiff, Daughter & heir of John Nevell in Rolleston in ye Counti of Nottingam Esquir.
wch Robt had issue by ye said Jane Sr William Dormer Knight, his sone & Heir.
wc Sr Robt. died ye 8 day of July. Anno 1552

A second plate has an inscription to his daughter-in-law:

Here lieth Dame Mary Dormer, Daugth of Sr Willm Sidney Knight.
Firste Wyfe of Sr Willm Dormer Knight, who had Issue by her twoe Dowghters
Jane the eldest dowghter maryed unto Dun Gomis Swaris de Figueria Duke de Feria &c in Spayne
Anne ye secod dowght’ maried to Sr Walter Hungerford Knight sone & heire of ye Lord Hugerford
wc Mary Died ye xth of February 1541

Dormer memorial, Wing Buckinghamshire
Monument to Sir William Dormer and family in All Saints Church
Photo © Alex Coles July 2005

Sir William Dormer

Born – likely in Eythrope, Waddesdon Bucks, possibly 1503
Married – (1) Mary Sidney d.10 Feb 1541/2, (2) Dorothy Catesby d.30 Sep 1613 Eythrope
Died – 17 May 1575
Buried – 30 May 1575 Wing

Children (with Mary Sidney):

  1. Jane – born 6 Jan 1538/9 Eythrope, died 13 Jan 1612/3 Madrid Spain
  2. Anne
  3. Thomas – died in infancy
  4. Robert – died in infancy

Children (with Dorothy Catesby):

  1. Robert – baptised 26 Jan 1551/2 Wing
  2. Mary – baptised 20 Aug 1553 Wing
  3. Grisell – baptised 13 Dec 1554 Wing, buried 24 Jan 1554/5 Wing
  4. Katherine
  5. Francis – died in infancy
  6. Omphelis – died in infancy
  7. Margaret – baptised 15 Aug 1562 Wing

The two inscriptions to this monument read:

Here lieth the bodie of Sr William Dormer, Knight of the Bathe, sometime Lord of this Manoure of Winge who had two wives, Mary and Dorothe;
Mary, his first wife, was daughter to Sir William Sidney, Knighte, by whome he had issue two sonnes, which deceased in their infancie; and two daughters, Jane and Anne.
Jane, the eldest daughter was married to Don Gomis Swary Duke of Feria of Spain;
and Anne his second daughter, was married to Sir Walter Hungerford, Knight, sonne and heir to the Lord Hungerford.
The said Sir William Dormer deceased the 17th daye of May Anno Dni 1575.

Here lieth also the bodie of Dame Dorothe, the daughter of Anothy Catesbye of Whishow, in the County of Northn Esquire
second wife to the said Sr William Dormer, and the onely Foundres of this Monument;
by whom he had issue, one sonne and sixe daughters, viz. Robert, Mary, Grisil, Katherine, Francis, Omphelis, and Margaret.
The said Robert Dormer, Esquire, married Elizabeth, daughter to the L. Vicount Montague
Mary, his daughter, was married to Anthony Browne, sonne and heir to the said L. Vicount Montague
Katherine, his daughter, was married to John L. St John, Baron of Bletsoe
Margaret, his daughter, was married to Sr Henry Constable, Knight
the other three deceased in their infancie

Dormer memorial, Wing Buckinghamshire
Monument to Robert Lord Dormer and family in All Saints Church
Photo © Alex Coles July 2005

Robert Lord Dormer

Born – 1551/2 Wing Bucks
Married – Elizabeth Browne (bur. 16 Sep 1630 Wing)
Buried – 19 Nov 1616 Wing


  1. Dorothy – baptised 20 May 1577 Wing
  2. Magdalen – baptised 12 Nov 1579 Wing
  3. William – baptised 10 Sep 1580 Wing, buried 14 Sep 1580 Wing
  4. John – baptised 20 Jan 1581/2 Wing, buried Jan 1581/2 Wing
  5. Mary – baptised 29 Jun 1583 Wing
  6. William – baptised 26 May 1586 Wing
  7. Henry – baptised 12 Jul 1587 Wing, buried 14 Jul 1587 Wing
  8. Anthony – baptised 13 Jul 1589 Wing
  9. Robert – baptised 10 Oct 1590 Wing

The inscription to this monument reads:

Heere lie ye bodies of Sr Robert Dormer, Kt Lord of this Mannor, Master of ye King’s Hawkes, & sonn and heire of Sr William Dormer, Kt deceased
& Dame Elizabeth his wife, daughter of the Lord Viscount Montague, by Magdale Dacres, daughter of ye Lord Dacres of Navworthe, in the Countie of Cumb.
by whom he had issue, six sonnes, viz. William, John & Henrie, deceased in their infancy; Wm now Kt, Antony, & Robart
& 3 daughters, viz. Dorothie, married to Henrie Huddlestone, Esqr sonn & heire of Sr Edmond Huddlestone of Sawstone, in ye Countie of Camb. Kt;
Magdale[*], married to Sr John Curson, Kt sonn & heire of Sr Francis Curson of Waterpury, in ye Countie of Oxon, Kt;
Marie, married to Sr John Carill, Kt sonne & heire of Sr John Carill of Warnham, in ye Countie of Sussex, Kt.

* In St Mary the Virgin Church at Waterperry an epitaph to Magdalen reads:
She that lyes heere wth in this gloomy grave – Enjoyd all virtves that a mind covlde have
Let this svffice thee then in breife to know – She once was svch as thov mayst reade belowe.
Lord Dormer’s daughter, Sr John Cursons wife – To whome foure sonns & daughters twoe she bore
Belou’d of all she liud yet chang’d this life – For such a life as neuer shall change more
A MAGDALEN by name, a Saint by grace – Dy’de much bewaylde & buried in this place.
Then happye she who svch a life did leade – As she nowe lives anewe thovgh she is deade

Sir William Dormer

Baptised – 26 May 1586 Wing
Married – Alice Molyneux 21 Feb 1609/10 Wing (bur. 11 Jun 1643 Wing)
Buried – 22 Oct 1616 Wing


  1. Robert – baptised 11 Dec 1610 Wing
  2. William – baptised 7 Jun 1612 Wing
  3. Richard – born 7 Jun 1613, baptised 13 Jun 1613 Wing
  4. Elizabeth – born 15 Oct 1614, baptised 1 Nov 1614 Wing
  5. Francis – baptised 7 Nov 1615 Wing, buried 20 May 1641 Wing

Robert Lord Dormer

Baptised – 11 Dec 1610 Wing Bucks
Married – Anne Sophia Herbert (bur. 3 Jul 1650 Wing)
Died – 20 Sep 1643 Battle of Newbury
Buried – Chapel of Jesus College Oxford, reburied 3 Aug 1650 Wing


  1. Charles – born 25 Oct 1632, baptised 25 Jun 1652 Wing
Memorial of Anna Sophia Dormer in All Saints Church Wing Buckinghamshire
Monument to Anna Sophia Dormer in All Saints Church
Photo © Alex Coles July 2005

Charles Lord Dormer

Born – 25 Oct 1632 London, rebaptised 25 Jun 1652 Wing
Married – (1) Elizabeth Capell (d. 13 Jul 1678, bur. 6 Aug 1678 Wing), (2) Mary Monagu (d. 30 Jun 1709, bur. 6 Jul 1709 Wing)
Died – 29 Nov 1709 Ascott House Wing
Buried – 18 Dec 1709 Wing

Children (with Elizabeth Capell):

  1. Elizabeth – born 13 Jul 1653, baptised 19 Jul 1653 Wing
  2. Ann – born 29 Aug 1654, baptised 30 Aug 1654 Wing, buried 1 Sep 1654 Wing
  3. Anna Sophia – baptised 13 Dec 1655 Wing, buried 20 Jun 1656 Wing
  4. Isabella – born 27 Aug Covent Garden London, baptised 7 Sep 1663 by George Lord Bishop of Winchester
  5. William – born 4 Nov 1666, baptised Covent Garden London, buried 10 Apr 1668/9 Wing
  6. Robert – baptised 20 Jan 1668/9 Covent Garden London, buried 3 Mar 1668/9 Wing
  7. Anna Sophia – born 24 Dec 1671 Covent Garden, baptised 28 Dec 1671 Wing, buried 5 Feb 1694 Wing

The memorial to Charles Lord Dormer’s youngest daughter reads:

Neare this Place Lieth the Right Honrble Lady Anna Sophia Dormer
youngest Daughter of ye Rt Honrble Charles Earle of Carnarvon by Elizabeth his Countes daughter of Arthur Lord Capel
Shee died of the smallpox the Second of February 1794/5 in ye 22nd year of her age