Early Immigrants

Following the breakdown of the alliance between England and Burgandy, oaths of fealty were taken from immigrants from the Low Countries living in England in April 1436. James SUETE, resident of Wing from Delft Holland, is one of these and appears in CPR 1429-36, p. 563.

Early taxation records include those for the 15th century alien subsidies, taxes collected on first generation migrants living in England. The following Wing residents are listed:

April 1440, E 179/77/59 m. 2
John BROUN, husbandman, householder
William FLEMYNG[E], labourer, non-householder, from Flanders
Thomas FRENSHEMAN, servant of John Dene vicar of Wing, non-householder, from France

September 1441, E 179/235/11 rot. 3
John BROUN, husbandman, householder, French
Thomas CLETHES, servant, non-householder
William PETERSON, servant of William Herne of Wing, non-householder
William TAYLOUR, non-householder, Flanders

May 1443, E 179/235/18
Thomas CLEGET, non-householder

October 1450, E 179/235/34, m. 6
William TAILLOUR, non-householder

Source: England’s Immigrants 1330-1550