Churchwardens Accounts

Historically the Church was responsible for administering many aspects of village life. Locals would be appointed to various roles taking responsibility for this. One of those roles was churchwarden.

Amongst other tasks, the churchwardens were specifically responsible for taking care of the goods of the church (including arranging repairs to the church) and making payments on behalf of the village, and their accounts recording these survive for Wing from 1527. Below are extracts of some individual entries that specifically mention residents of Wing. These extracts from 1527 to 1564 have been taken from an article by A Vere WOODMAN (which takes as its focus the entries demonstrating the tangible impact of the Reformation upon church assets) published in Records of Buckinghamshire vol XVI part 5 by the Bucks Archaeological Society in 1960. The original churchwardens accounts are at the Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies.

1527 Md that Wylyame HAWYS Wylyamen GEFFES lyghtmen too the rudde lyght haith remayng in their handes all thynges dyschargyde vjs vjd

1527 Richarde DYGGER and Henry NYCOLES lyghtmen to Sancte Kateryns and Sancte Margarett lyghtes haith remanyng in there handes all thynges dyschargyde xxs xjd

1527 Roberte FONTANS Thomas BUCKMAISTER lyghtmen too Sancte Thomas and Mary Magdaleyns haith remanyng in their handes all thyngs alowyde xjs

1527 Nycoles LUCAS and Johne LEWYS lyghtmen too our Ladys lyght haith remanyng in their handes all thyngs alowyde a quater of malte too bushels of barley and in redy money xvs iijd

1527 Thomas WYNCHESTER and Nicoles FONTANS torchemen haith maide theyr acountes for too yers paiste of ther hought ayles and haith remyng in handes all thynges alowyde xxixs viijd

1527 appointed churchwardens Wylyam of WELDE Thomas SAUNDERS Henry NYCOLAS and Rafe a BORRO

1527 resevyd of Roberd TAYLAR for rent iiijs

1527 resevyd of WYNCHESTER for rente xs

1527 resevyd of Nycolas PRESTMAN for rente xxijd

1527 payde unto WYNCHESTER for stud tymber viijd

1527 payde unto Hary NYCOLAS for caryge of bryke and erthe and sond and stonys iiijs iiijd

1527 payde unto John SMYTHE for tymber vijs vjd

1527 payde unto Thomas LEUCAS for caryge of herthe xijd

1534 payed to a paynter that Robart FUNTEN set a wark xvjd

1535 payd for makying of John BAKYRs howse to Wynggrave ijs jd

1535 payd to Jhon BAKER for vj dayys worke and for hys mete and drynk ijs iiijd

1535 payd to Tomas LOUCAS wyffe for xvj dayys borde for the taylere and for x days of John Samwell viijs ijd

1535 payd to Tomas LOWCAS for charryying of them [v crestys and iiij gooter taylys] xijd

1535 payd to Brownn for wyndyng and for dawbeyng of John BAKERs house xd

1535 payd to BUCMASTER whefe for ij dayys borde of the taylers and Denys xvijd

1535 payd to Wyllyam CHAPELL for makyng of the cherche yate xijd

1535 payd to John LOUCAS for ij dayys worke to serve the taylers iiijd

1535 payd to the plommer Robert SANDYR xvd

1535 payd to Annys BUCMASTER for makyng of the corten a fore the same lady and for mendyng of ij aubys and for makying of ij auter clothys vjd

1535 payd to Alys HORE for skoryng of the canstykys vd

1535 payd to BANYSTER for a tabyll viijd

1535 payd to Wyllyam LOUCAS for makyng of vij quarter and vj bussell of malte iijs iiijd

1538 of Robart FOWYNTAN and Thomas BUCKEMASTER for may Magdalens lyght xxxvs

1539 receyvyd of the bequest of John NORCOTT xijd

1539 receyvyd of Edward WARD at medsomer last past iijs iiijd

1539 receyvyd of Thomas WYNCHESTER at myghellmas ijs vjd

1539 receyvyd of Thomas BUCKEMASTER of the bequest of Jone LUCAS iiijd

1539 reseyvyd of John BACAR for the hole yeres rent iiijs viijd

1539 reseyvyd of Wyllyam BANYSTER ijs

1539 reseyvyd of John HOWEN xvjd

1539 payd to John LUCAS for sande and claye ixd

1548 payd to ale for Rychard BUCKMASTERs wyfe ijd

1548 payd to Robert DOPELEY for palyng in the churche howse yarde xiijs ijd

1548 payd to Agnys GYLLAM for iiij lodys of stones xvjd

1548 payd to Thomas BENET for caryge of tymber ijs

1548 payd to John BARNARD for carynge of a molde and old tymber xd

1548 payd to Thomas BENET for caryge of stonys to the byrge ijs viijd

1548 payde to COLE for workyng at ye brudge xd

1548 payde to lame Em for scowrynge of ye candlestyckes jd

1548 payde to BRYNKLOW for rayles vjd

1548 payde to KOCKESYS wyfe for kepynge of ye chylde [found under a bushe in Ascot field and subsequently died] a fortnyght xvd

1548 payd to John LUCAS for caryge of stones to the byrge vs

1548 payd to SANDER and hys man for whyt lymyng of the churche vs vd

1548 payd to Wyllyam SOTTON for gatheryng of stones ijs vjd

1548 payde to Thomas BOKEMASTER for sertayne tymber to ye brudge xiijd

1548 payde to Wyllyam BANNASTER for a grounsyll and sertayne pale xijd

1552 payde to John NEWLANDE when he went to borowe a boke ijd

1553 appointed churchwardens for Wynge John NORTHCOTT, for Burcot Thomas CHAPLE, for Ascott John HURNEDALE, for Croftone Thomas WELLES

1553 recevyd of Wyllyam BANNASTER for hys rent for the shop and for an acre of leyes ijs

1553 payd to ADAMS for ij days worke abowte the hygh awlter xiijd

1553 payd to Edwarde WARDE for servyng the mason at the same tyme viijd

1553 payd to Thomas SMYTH for makyng of the bell clapers xvs viijd

1553 payde at Thomas FONTENs dyrge viijd

1553 payde to Ellyn LONDON for scowrynge of the sensers ijd

1553 payde to Edwarde WARDE for makyng of the frame aboute the sepulcre xd

1562 chosen churchwardens for Wyng Edwarde NORCOTE, for Ascote Richard SAWCOTT, for Byrcott Thomas COWPER and for Crofton Thomas WOODMAN

1562 resavyed of Wyllyam CHYLLBORNE a quarter rent for the shope iiijd

1564 pd to NASHE for the nalles iijd

1564 pd to Harry WARD to wytyng the cherche xvjd

1564 pd to Rychard GYERE for mendyng the cherche howes viijd

1564 pd to Emoine (Em OWEN) for the font cloth and ij serplys the tabull clothe for the wassyne of them agenst ester iijd

1564 pd to Harry WARD sextyn for hys wagys dewe at our lady day vs

1564 pd to Thomas NAS the smythe for a belle clapper