1873 Owners of Land

This list is of those Wing residents who owned land of 1 acre or more in the county of Buckinghamshire, together with the estimated annual rental of those lands. There would be other owners of Wing land who are not resident in Wing so are not able to be identified in this record set (and, based on the number of acres listed below compared to Wing’s total acreage of around 5,500, these non-resident landholders must represent at least 75% of Wing’s land. The two largest of these at this time will be Lord Overstone and Baron Lionel Nathan de Rothschild).

Adams Sophia4121
Biggs William223
Capp Stephen51423
Trustees of the Dormers Charity112354
Trustees of Henry Clinton-Fynes536367228
Gates John29631871418
Hart Edward81172
Hart Philip222324933
Executors of Edward Hedges3611140
Heley William1713335
Ouvry Rev. Peter J. [T.]23811743512
Trustees of Poor, Wing618
Rose Frederick11017
Stephens Thomas39
Executors of George Thorn1610
Truman George62440
Some of the land listed here for George Truman and Willam Heley will be that of the Congregational Union Chapel in Littleworth, and that listed for Peter Thomas Ouvry will include All Saints Church, the vicarage, etc.