1820 Land Tax

Land Tax for the year 1820 ending 25 March 1821
County of Bucks – Parish or Place of Wing – Hundred or Divison of Cottesloe

An Assessment made upon the Owners and Proprietors of all the Messuages, Lands, Tenements, Hereditaments and other Properties, within the parish or place above mentioned, towards raising the Land Tax for the service of the year 1820, and also for the Duty on Pensions, Offices and Personal Estates for the same year; conformably to the Provisions of the Acts now in force.
Witness our hands this 15 day of June 1820
Wm Mortimer & John Mortimer, Assessors

We, the undersigned Commissioners (amongst others) acting for the said Hundred or Divison, do hereby, in pursuance of the several Acts of Parliament for granting the Land-Tax and the Duty of Pensions Offices and Personal Estates, sign and allow the within Assessment for the parish or place above mentioned, for the year ending the 25 of March next, agreeably to the Directions of the said Acts.
Given under our Hands and Seals the 3rd day of July 1820
C Ashfield, W Wodley, A Chaplin – Commissioners.

[The first set of numbers are the sums assessed, the second set are the sums redeemed & exonerated]

1Abraham Josephin hand62
1Adams Thomasditto174
1Nash late Anthonyditto1
1Brandon Thomasditto1
1Bone Thomasditto16
1Bone Williamditto16½
1Burrows Frasditto3
1Capp Frasditto77
1ditto late Leonardditto26
1Honble E Chesterfieldditto6½
1dittoCollins William204
1dittoCulverhouse John11
1dittoElliott Geo16
1dittoElliott William2312¾
1dittoElliott Robert191711½
1dittoFountaine Rich35178
1dittoHart William1711
1dittoHows Hugh810
1dittoHeley William161711¼
2Honble E ChesterfieldHart Thomas19¾
2dittoMoorin Benjm16
2dittoMortimer John2559
2dittoPrentice Thomas1615
2dittoRobbins James411910¾
2dittoShirley Richard11211
2dittoTofield George1368
2dittoTofield Joseph26
2dittoWalter John24146
2dittoWyatt William171
2dittoWoodman V1
2Castleman GeoCulverhouse Geo6
2Cutler Michaelin hand216
2Cheshire lateReynolds Thomas1
2Christ C OxonGurney Thomas1196
2Culverhouse Williamin hand1
2Elliott late HarrisAdams Thomas15
2Elliott RobertPacker James1
3Foster Johnin hand2
3Fynes EsqrWood & Co161511¼
3Green Williamin hand6
3Green Robertditto11
3Heley & Coditto13
3Hart WilliamReynolds311
3dittoin hand115
3dittoWhite Edwd3
3dittolate Scott1
3dittodo Newland78
3dittoMortimer William10
3dittoClark Robert1
3dittoSanders Fras26
3Heley Harryin hand98
3Reeve late GregoryWhipum +c28
3Honour Georgein hand4
3late HeaddyPacker William6
4Heley Williamin hand3
4Hurst JacobHeley William16
4Heley ThomasNash Thomas6
4late HardwickReynolds Thomas9
4Hedges Robertin hand24
4Loke MrsClark John1
4Lock Williamin hand221
4Luck Josephditto416
4Lucas MrWindmill John16
4Loxley John GentWoodman William89
4Mortimer JohnLathwell & Jones16
4Millard CollingsNickolds Roberts15
4Minshall RevdBone John34
4Oxford Cos CollegeRose William18
4Parker Rogers EsqrWoodman Thomas11186
4Pyke Thorp lateAdams Thomas83
4Reynolds ThosGoss Mathew16
4Rickard Williamin hand1
5Revd C SmeltHart William212
5Smith Williamin hand
5Rose Williamditto173
5Stevens Thomasditto6135
5late SyrrottGurney Joseph6
5Stevens ThomasSmith John15
5Smith JohnYoung John716
5Stratford EsqrAlderman Richd186
5Reeve late SandersChapman Thomas1
5Shirley Richardin hand35
5Theed EsqrFreeman Mrs6
5Theed Edwd EsqrWoodman William13910¼
5WilliamsonCollins William46
5Wood Johnin hand8
5Hoare? CharityBone Thomas11¼
5Warner JohnVarney John217
6Warner Meadin hand884
6Woodman VBone John2
6Winmill Williamin hand98
6dittoBone Joseph9
6Dimock Thoin hand9
6Willison RobertWoodman Thomas74
6Woodman Williamin hand1121
6Wooderuff Danielditto1
6Honble E ChesterfieldRose William43
6Loke WilliamRadwell William1
Total Pg 1179108
Total Pg 2174171196
Total Pg 3710184
Total Pg 450711186
Total Pg 55714817
Total Pg 6161281121
Grand Total48613421110¾