1642 Contributions for Ireland

Taxes to pay for military and other governmental initiatives have always been a tough sell. In February 1642 the government of the day decided to take a slightly different tack in raising funds to quell an uprising in Ireland – all churchwardens were directed to ask for voluntary “gifts” from all persons in their parish, and forward on the funds raised. The names and amounts of those contributing from Wing have survived and are reproduced below. The total collected from Wing was £14 12s 8d.

These have been extracted from the Buckinghamshire Record Society‘s publication no. 21 and appear here with the BRS’s kind permission. Where a name appears twice, this is because it appears twice in that publication. The list has been resorted alphabetically by surname.

Source: Wilson, John. Buckinghamshire Contributions For Ireland 1642 and Richard Grenville’s Military Accounts 1642-1645. Buckinghamshire Record Society vol no 21, 1983. Pp 52-32. (online: http://www.bucksrecsoc.org.uk/BRSpub021.html)

Robert Adams5d
Robert Adams jun5s
William Adams2s
Mr John Alden curate10s
John Alden2s
Joan Arris6d
Nicholas Baker6d
Davie Baldwin6d
Richard Bate2s
Thomas Bate3s 4d
Henry Batler4d
Edward Blouke6d
Robert Brincklowe1s
Robert Brincklow1s
William Brocks1s
Mrs Eliause Bryars5s
John Buckmaster6d
William Buckmaster6d
William Chapman1s
Edmund Chappell2s 6d
John Chappell13s 4d
Francis Clarke1s
Thomas Coates1s 6d
John Collins1s
Robert Crawley1s
Gilbert Culverosse1s
Joan Cutler6d
Sarah Cutler6s
Thomas Crutch1s
Miles Dickenson6d
John Dimmack6d
Mr Thomas Dormer10s
Robert East2s
Stephen Emerton6d
Thomas Fenn2s
Annis Fowler6d
Another maid6d
Thomas Fowler1s
William Fowler1s
Mr Richard Floyd5s
George Fuller1s
Dennis Gerard1s
Josuah Gilpin1s
John Goodman1s
John Goodnich10s
Joan Goring6d
Jane Goslen6d
Edward Grace5s
John Greene1s
Joseph Greene6d
William Greene2s 6d
William Harding2s
Henry Hare6d
Radricke Hare6s
Ralph Heires2s 6d
Richard Hannell6d
George Haughton2s 6d
Margery Higgs6d
Thomas Higgs2s 6d
William Hore10s
Mr Richard Horne2s 6d
Humphrey Howse2s
Hugh Hurndale1s
John Hurndall1s
Thomas Hurndale1s 6d
William Hurndale2s
Francis Jeffs1s
Henry Joanes6d
Isaac Keare6d
Abraham Kilbee1s 6d
Grace Kilbee6d
William Knight1s
Thomas Lathwell3s
Thomas Lawrence5s
John Lea6d
John London1s
John Lyon2s 6d
Mr Thomas Maine10s
Ambrose March1s
Thomas Mayne3s
William Mayes2s 6d
John Meade6d
William Merridale3s
William Miller1s
Robert Milsop6d
Thomas Neale6d
Thomas Newland2s 6d
John Norcott6d
Richard Norcott3s
John North6d
Robert Oates1s 6d
Thomas Offelis1s
Mr John Osburstone10s
William Paine6d
Humphrey Pantlen6d
Richard Pedder6s 8d
Francis Peele5s
Bernard Pitkin1s
John Pitkin1s
Edward Plater2s
Mr Prickett5s
Thomas Pulford5s
Thomas Rickott2s 6d
Richard Robinson5s
Robert Russill1s 6d
Thomas Russill3s
Widow Saltmash1s
John Seare1s
John Sheaphard2s 6d
John Sheapard1s
Richard Sheapard1s
Randolph Smith5s
Edward Stevens2s
William Stevens1s 6d
Thomas Studum6d
John Tatnell2s 6d
Richard Tayler1s 6d
Thomas Tayler6s
Dorothy Theed1s
Bennett Tofield2s 6d
William Tomkins1s
John Tipping6d
Edward Topping1s
George Toppinge1s 6d
Richard Topping5s
William Toppinge1s
William Topping1s
John Townes1s
Thomas Turney6d
Timothy Trunley3s
Mr Francis Whitton2s 6d
John Woodman5s