1524 Subsidy Roll

This lay subsidy was an early tax to raise funds for the war against France and Scotland. Assessments were taken in 1524, 22 years prior to the start of Wing’s parish registers, and the susbsidy roll is therefore a useful resource in establishing residents one generation prior to that point. The subsidy itself was a tax on the higher of the value of either land, movable goods (e.g. animals and crops) or wages (where the earner was aged 16 or more and the wages were £1 or more), and the schedules record the assessment of those values. Note that clergy members were excluded, but women whose assets met the threshhold were included. The tax was collected in two rounds, the first in 1524 and the second in 1525. Sir Robert Dormer of Wing was one of the commissioners executing the task of collection of the tax for the Cottesloe hundred.

These have been extracted from the Buckinghamshire Record Society‘s publication no. 8 and appear here with the BRS’s kind permission. The list has been alphabetised by surname, and place as been indicated as either Wyng (Wing), Askott/Ascot (Ascott), Crofton (Crafton) or Burkott (Burcott). L indicates the value of land, W of wages, with the balance being goods. The tax subsequently paid can be calculated as follows:

Land, or goods £20 or more – 1s in the pound
Goods £2 to £20 – 6d in the pound
Goods less than £20, or wages – 4d in the pound

source information: Chibnall, Professor A.C. and Woodman, A. Vere. Subsidy Roll for the County of Buckinghamshire Anno 1524. Buckinghamshire Record Society vol no 8, 1950. Pg 58. (online: http://www.bucksrecsoc.org.uk/BRSpub008.html)

Thomas Adam£2 1525Burkott
Thomas Batte£2 1525Crofton
Thomas Batte servant£1 1525Crofton
Henry Bawdwyn£2 1524Wyng
Laurence Boner£1 1525Wyng
William Brewster£1W1524Wyng
Richard Brymley£1W1524Ascot
Walter Bryncklowe£1 1525Burkott
William Bryncklowe£1 1525Burkott
Alice Buckmaster£7[L £4]1525Askott
John Buckmaster£1 1524Ascot
Nicholas Bukmaster£6 1525Askott
Thomas Buckmaster£2 1525Burkott
Ralf a Borough£1W1524Ascot
Ralf a Burrowe£1 1525Burkott
John Chappell£1 1525Burkott
William Chapman£5 1525Crofton
John Chaundeler£2 1525Burkott
William Coles£1 1524Crofton
Thomas Colsell£3 1525Burkott
John Cooper£1 1525Burkott
Richard a Crofton£1 1525Askott
John Dalton£1 1525Askott
Thomas Dalton£1 1525Askott
Henry Dawbeny£1 1525Wyng
Robert Dawbeny£1 1525Wyng
Robert Dormer£233 1525Askott
William Durauntt£1 1525Wyng
Richard Dycar£3 1525Wyng
John Emerton£2 1525Wyng
Richard Emerton£1 1525Wyng
Thomas Emerton£1 1525Crofton
George Foster£1W1524Burcott
John Fowntyn£30 1525Wyng
John Founteyn£1 1525Burkott
Nicholas Founteyn£2 1525Burkott
Robert Founteyn£40 1525Burkott
Thomas Fontyn£20 1525Crofton
William Geffis£2 1525Wyng
John Gooderd£5 1525Crofton
Alice Gybbys£1 1524Wyng
Richard Hall£1 1525Askott
William Hawis£1 1525Wyng
John Howen£1 1525Wyng
William Jakeman£50 1525Wyng
John Keme£1 1525Askott
Robert Kemme£1 1525Wyng
Nicholas Lucas£2 1525Wyng
Thomas Lucas£5 1525Wyng
William Lucas£3 1525Wyng
John Mapys£1 1525Wyng
Thomas Markam£1 1525Burkott
John Marten£1 1525Wyng
Thomas Mayne£4 1525Askott
William Mayne£1 1525Askott
John Mede£1 1525Wyng
William Meryden£1 1525Wyng
John More£30 1525Wyng
Richard Mowse£1 1525Crofton
John Mydenall [Myldnall]£2 1525Wyng
John Newland£1W1524Wyng
Henry Nicholas£2 1525Wyng
Edward Norkott£1 1525Wyng
John Norkott£4 1525Askott
Thomas Norcot£1 1524Ascot
Thomas Sander£12 1525Crofton
Thomas Scear£2[L £1]1525Crofton
John Scherman£1W1524Wyng
Alice Schilborn£1 1525Wyng
Nicholas Schilborne£1 1525Wyng
Thomas Schylborne£1W1524Wyng
John Skawne£1 1525Crofton
John Smewen£1 1525Wyng
James Smyth£1 1525Burkott
John Smyth£1 1525Wyng
John Taylor£3 1524Wyng
John Tilkoke£2 1525Wyng
William Wadlowe£1W1524Wyng
Thomas Wattes£1 1525Wyng
Henry a Weld£2 1525Wyng
William a Weld£10[L £6]1525Wyng
William Whaddon£1 1525Wyng
Thomas Wynchester£1 1525Wyng

There is also an entry described as “In the church box” in Ascot 1524 for £1.