1332 Lay Subsidy

This tax, a lay subsidy of movables (domestic animals, grain, household goods and possessions but excluding military equipment, tools of trade, jewels and clothing), was levied at one-fifteenth, or 6.67%, of the value of the movables.

The entries have been extracted from the Buckinghamshire Record Society‘s publication no. 14 Early Taxation Returns: Taxation of Personal Property in 1332 and Later.

All names below are as they appear in the original text – note that some are occupational surnames, eg Thomas le smyth, or residential surnames, eg Lawrence atte brok. The total amount collected from Wing was £7 3s 6d, and the subtaxers tasked with making the valuation were William son of Thomas de Walda and William son of John de Walda. By way of comparison, in 1336 the total was £8 3s 6d, and by 1446 it was £6 19s 1/2d (details for these later years have not survived).

John Barton08
Richard Cole10
Joanna Hawys28
William Schakerose14
Alice Aldich20
Peter atte crouch18
John atte lamputte18
Ralph de Bourcote18
John Reynold40
William Rag44
Thomas le smyth10
Lawrence atte brok28
William Borgeis20
Ralph Rogger24
Robert Andreu28
William Colyns20
Henry Trome24
Richard le rookere20
Robert le ladde20
John Gote50
John son of William Gote16
John Ernold30
Henry de Walda30
William Robyn40
John Fraunceis20
William Herig18
Robert Payn30
Thomas le hore28
John le sergant18
Richard Sreman18
William Phelip20
Richard de Walda20
Philip de Walda20
Henry de Westdene10
John le hore80
Adam le whpst[?]20
Hugh Shepherd10
Richard Rolf30
Thomas Jones18
Richard Darundel
Thomas atte welle30
Robert de Newenton40
John son of Ralph Gote14
John Omnieson40
Thomas le longe18
Simon Hobbes28
Simon Grid10
John Foleuill20
John Angeleys14
John le skynner30
John le coke18
Matthew Bacon10
William le longe20
Richard de Walda10
Helie Sare30
Adam atte broke30
John son of William le ladde20
Stephen Borewold14
Ralph le carpenter10