1086 Domesday Book

1086 Domesday Book for Wing
The Domesday Book showing the entries for Witehunge and Crouftone
CC BY-SA Professor J.J.N. Palmer & George Slater

The Land of the Count of Mortain – In Cottesloe Hundred – Wing & Crafton

The count himself holds Wing. It is assessed at 5 hides. There is land for 40 ploughs. In demesne is 1 hide, and there are 4 ploughs. There are 51 villans with 20 bordars have 21 ploughs, and there could be 15 more ploughs.[There is] meadow for 25 ploughs. From the pasture, iron for 5 ploughs. In all it is worth £31; when received the same; TRE £32. This manor Edward Cild, a man of Earl Harold, held and could sell.

In Crafton the monks of Saint-Nicholas hold 2 1/2 hides of the count. There is land for 5 ploughs. In demesne are 3 [ploughs], and 8 villans have 2 ploughs. [There is] meadow for 5 ploughs. It is and was worth £4, TRE £6. This manor Edward Cild held and could sell.


demesne = land held for the benefit of the lord rather than the tenant
hide = assessment unit for tax purposes which equated to the amount of land required to support a household
plough = arable capacity of the estate ie the number of 8-ox plough teams required to work it
bordar = cottager, a peasant of low economic standing
villan = free villager, slightly higher economic standing than a bordar

There are 79 residents listed in total, but these would only have been the heads of households so this number is not the actual population of Wing.