Memorial Inscriptions – Ouvry

These pages contain selected memorial inscriptions from the churchyard or interior of All Saint’s Church, Wing. Any bits in brackets I’m not 100% sure of as it’s hard to see in the photos. If you’ve visited Wing you’ve probably got photos or notes about the gravestones for your families. If so, please share them by emailing me (the higher the resolution the better). For more surnames, please check the Memorial Inscriptions Index.

Peter Thomas OUVRY M.A Eldest son of Peter Aime Ouvry Esq of East Acton. For 35 years vicar of Wing. Born 19 Oct 1811. Died at East Acton 2 June 1891.

Jane OUVRY third daughter of George Nicholls K.C.B. born 20 May 1819 died 8 Jan 1856

Anne Louisa OUVRY youngest daughter of John Grubbe Esq of Horsendon, born 7 Dec 1831 died 17 Apr 1884

Francisca Catharine OUVRY born 18 June 1848 died 23 Nov 1854

Arthur Garnault OUVRY born 4 Nov 1859 died at Davos Switzerland 7 April 1885

Partially obscured by grass:
(left) [Emily] Jane OUVRY
(right) Constance Sarah Louisa OUVRY born 1 May 1863 died 24 Apr 1882
(right) [unknown] OUVRY

photo © Alex Coles September 2013

The Parish Church – The east window of the north aisle has been filled with stained glass in memory of the late Rev. P.T. Ouvry. The window, which has been given by members of the late vicar’s family, is the work of Messrs. Powell and Co., of Whitefriars, London. In the middle light is a picture of SS. Peter and John healing the cripple at the beautiful gate of the Temple; in the other lights there are representations of St John Baptist and St Paul, with their respective emblems. The figures are excellently drawn, and the colours of the robes very rich. Beneath the pictures there is in the middle the inscription:- “In memory of Peter Thomas Ouvry [M.A.], for thirty-five years vicar of Wing; born 10th [sic – 19th] Oct., 1811; died 2nd June 1891.” On either side there is a coat of arms – on the left Ouvry impaled with Nicholls, and on the right Ouvry impaled with Grubb; Mr Ouvry having been twice married, first to Jane, daughter of Sir G. Nicholls, K.C.B.; second, to Anne Louisa, daughter of Mr John Grubb, of Horsenden. The late Mr Ouvry was vicar of Wing from 1850 to 1885.

The Bucks Herald, 30 March 1895, page 6

photos © Alex Coles September 2013