1798 Posse Comitatus

The Able Bodied Men of Wing in 1798

At the time the Posse Comitatus was taken in February 1798, the powers-that-be had concerns that they would have difficulty raising up a civil force should France invade England. They therefore directed that returns be prepared of men that could serve in the event of riot, insurrection or invasion. Buckinghamshire is the only county for which the Posse Comitatus survives in its entirety, for which we can count ourselves very fortunate as it forms the equivalent of a census (albeit adult males only) for that year.

All able bodied men (not already serving in a military capacity) between the ages of 15 and 60 in Wing in 1798 were required to be listed. If a name appears twice, this indicates more than one man with the same name. “Servant” most likely indicates a live-in labourer, as distinct from “labourer” who would live elsewhere.

In addition, anyone not meeting the above pre-requisites but an owner of horses, wagons or carts was also required to be listed, hence the presence of two women in the list (plus a few extra men who we can deduce are likely to be farmers over 60). There were a total of 170 horses, 23 wagons and 87 carts recorded for Wing. The Posse Comitatus also recorded details about mills – as well as Hugh Howes and his water mill there was a windmill “to be taken down immediately”.

The Buckinghamshire Posse Comitatus 1798 by Ian F.W. Beckett was published by the Buckinghamshire Record Society in 1985 – please visit their website at http://www.bucksrecsoc.org.uk/ to view the entire volume online along with some of their other out-of-print publications. This listing of Wing residents has been extracted and reproduced here with their kind permission.

NameOccupation and Remarks
Thomas Abbottlabourer
William Abbottservant
James Actellservant
Robert Adamsfarmer, 9 horses, 1 wagon, 3 carts
Thomas Adamsfarmer
Richard Arnollservant
Thomas Ashpole4 horses, 3 carts
William Ashpolelabourer
Mrs Badrick4 horses, 1 wagon, 1 cart
Henry Baileyservant
John Bakerlabourer
John Bakerlabourer
William Bandyservant
Harry Batemanlabourer
John Bateslabourer
Richard Bateslabourer
Robert Bateslabourer
William Bateslabourer
William Belcherlabourer
George Belgrovefarmer, infirm, 6 horses, 1 wagon, 2 carts
Thomas Bessylabourer
William Bignalllabourer
John Bilbylabourer
William Bilbylabourer
John Bonelabourer
John Bone3 horses, 1 wagon, 2 carts
Joseph Boneservant
Thomas Bonedealer
Thomas Bonelabourer
William Bonevictualler
William Bonelabourer
John Bonnanlabourer
William Bradburylabourer
John Brandlabourer
John Browncilllabourer
Richard Bryantservant
John Buckinghamlabourer
Daniel Bulllabourer
John Bullservant
Joseph Bulllabourer
Francis Burrowshigler, 1 horse, 1 cart
John Burrowslabourer
Thomas Burrowslabourer
William Burrowslabourer
William Burrows snrlabourer
Francis Cabbinservant
George Cabbinservant
James Cabbinlabourer
John Cabbinlabourer
William Cabbinlabourer
Francis Capplabourer
Stephen Capplabourer
Thomas Capplabourer
William Carterlabourer
George Castlemanservant
William Chapmanlabourer
Isaac Cheshirelabourer
William Cheshirecordwainer, infirm
Joseph Clarelabourer
Daniel Clarkservant
Francis Clarklabourer
Robert Clarklabourer
William Cobbservant
Richard Collinslabourer
William Collinsfarmer
John Culverhousefarmer, 5 horses, 1 wagon, 3 carts
William Culverhousefarmer, 4 horses, 2 carts
John Cutlerservant
John Cutlerservant
John Cutlerlabourer
Michael Cutlerfarmer, 6 horses, 1 wagon, 1 cart
Michael Cutler jnrlabourer
Thomas Cutlerlabourer
Matthew Denchfieldfarmer, 1 horse, 1 cart
Revd Doctor De Salisvicar of Wing, 9 horses (2 used as carriage horses), 1 wagon, 3 carts
Thomas Deylabourer
William Dickinslabourer
John Dimmocklabourer
Joseph Dimmockservant
Matthew Dimmockfarmer
Matthew Dimmockfarmer, 2 horses, 2 carts
Richard Dimmocklabourer
Robert Dimmocklabourer
Thomas Dimmocklabourer
Thomas Dimmock jnrlabourer
William Dimmock snrlabourer
William Dimmocklabourer
Dominic Dormerlabourer
Daniel Elliottfarmer, 8 horses, 1 wagon, 3 carts
John Elliottfarmer
Thomas Elliottfarmer, 8 horses, 1 wagon, 4 carts
James Fleckneyservant
Thomas Fletcherlabourer
John Flintservant
John Fo(r)kettfarmer, 4 horses, 1 wagon, 2 carts
William Fosseylabourer
John Fosterlabourer
Thomas Fosterservant
Richard Fountainservant
Richard Fountain4 horses, 1 wagon, 2 carts
Thomas Foxleylabourer
Thomas Freemanservant
John Frenchservant
Henry Gaskinsawyer
John Gaskinservant
James Gaskinlabourer
Matthew Gosslabourer
Thomas Gowerlabourer
John Greenlabourer
Thomas Greenlabourer
William Green snrlabourer
William Green jnrlabourer
Philip Hardinglabourer
Francis Hardwicklabourer
John Hardwicklabourer
William Hardwicklabourer
Francis Harperlabourer
Joseph Harperlabourer
Joseph Harper jnrlabourer
Robert Harrislabourer
William Harrislabourer
Thomas Harrisslabourer
John Hartcarpenter
George Hartwelllabourer
John Hartwelllabourer
William Harvenlabourer
Thomas Headylabourer
Thomas Heady jnrlabourer
William Hedgesservant
William Hedgeslabourer
Harry Heleyfarmer, infirm
Harry Heleybaker
John Heleybutcher
Thomas Heleyfarmer
William Heleyfarmer
William Heleyfarmer, 7 horses, 1 wagon, 3 carts
John Higginslabourer
George Hitchcockservant
Roger Hitchcockservant
William Hobbyservant
Thomas Hodginslabourer
Richard Hodgkinsservant
Thomas Hoggfarmer, 3 horses, 1 wagon, 2 carts
Brightwell Hollymanlabourer
George Honorlabourer
John Hopcraftlabourer
George Hounslowlabourer
Thomas Hounslowlabourer
William Hounslowlabourer
Hugh Howesfarmer, 4 horses, 1 wagon, 4 carts
Hugh Howes [same man?]occupier of water mill grinding an average of 20 qtrs weekly
John Howeslabourer
Thomas Ingramlabourer, infirm
John Innslabourer
William Innsservant
Thomas Innwoodservant
William Innwoodservant
Richard Inwoodlabourer
Joshua Janesblacksmith
James Jeffslabourer
Thomas Jeffslabourer
William Jenningstaylor
John Jollycooper
Thomas Jollycooper
William Jordanlabourer
Richard Kempsterlabourer
Edward Kinglabourer
John Kinglabourer
William Kinglabourer
James Lasonservant
Harry Lathwelllabourer
William Lathwellbutcher
David Leelabourer
John Lockblacksmith
William Lockblacksmith
Henry Londonlabourer
Henry Manningservant
William Masonlabourer
William Meadlabourer
William Menardfarmer, 4 horses, 1 wagon, 2 carts
Daniel Millinsservant
William Millinslabourer
Thomas Mobleyfarmer, 6 horses, 1 wagon, 3 carts
William Mobleybaker
Daniel Monklabourer
Benjamin Mooringlabourer
John Moorslabourer
John Mortimerfarmer
John Mortimerfarmer, 3 horses, 3 carts
Harry Mundaylabourer
John Mundayservant
Thomas Mundayservant
Isaac Muxonservant
William Neeveslabourer
P(aul) Newensfarmer, 5 horses, 1 wagon, 2 carts
James Newmanservant
Robert Nichollslabourer
Thomas Nichollsservant
Thomas Nichollsservant
William Northwoodblacksmith
Thomas Orchardservant
Thomas Packerlabourer
John Page snrlabourer
John Page jnrservant
Benjamin Peaselabourer
John Peaselabourer
Harry Peatlabourer
Joram Pollardlabourer
Thomas Pollardlabourer
John Prattlabourer
Richard Prattlabourer
John Prentis/Prenticefarmer, 7 horses, 3 carts
Thomas Prentisfarmer
Edward Pryerlabourer
John Pryerlabourer
George Putnamlabourer
William Radwelllabourer
Edward Randlelabourer
John Readlabourer
John Reevebutcher
Thomas Reynoldslabourer
Guy Rickardlabourer
Richard Rickardlabourer
John Robinsonservant
William Roddlelabourer
Daniel Rowlabourer
William Sabanservant
Bernard Saunderslabourer
Francis Saundersbricklayer
Francis Saundersglazier
Thomas Sawyerservant
Francis Sayell4 horses, 3 carts
John Scarboroughapprentice
Thomas Shackleyfarmer, 9 horses, 1 wagon, 4 carts
Richard Shirleyfarmer
Stephen Shirley3 horses, 3 carts
Edward Shortlabourer
William Simmonscordwainer
Joseph Sinfieldlabourer
Arthur Smithlabourer
Benjamin Smithlabourer
Francis Smithlabourer
John Smithservant
Joseph Smithlabourer
Thomas Smithservant
James Southamlabourer
James Stevenslabourer
John Stevensservant
Robert Stevensservant
Thomas Stevensfarmer, 6 horses, 1 wagon, 3 carts
William Strangelabourer
Richard Strattlabourer
John Syrattlabourer
John Tavinnerservant
Matthew Taylorlabourer
Richard Thornlabourer
Thomas Thorplabourer
John Tofieldfarmer, infirm, 4 horses, 2 carts
Joseph Tofieldfarmer
Thomas Tofieldfarmer
Thomas Towlabourer
Richard Trulylabourer
Guy Turnerlabourer
Edward Vicassservant
Thomas Walducklabourer
Daniel Websterlabourer
Daniel Whitelabourer, infirm
James Whitelabourer
Thomas Whitelabourer
William Whitelabourer
William Wigginslabourer
John Willison6 horses, 1 wagon, 2 carts
Edward Willslabourer
William Wilmerlabourer
Henry Wilsonlabourer
John Wilsonlabourer
William Windmillvictualler
John Woodvictualler, 1 riding horse, 1 cart
Henry Woodmanfarmer
Mrs Woodman4 horses, 1 wagon, 2 carts
Robert Woodmanfarmer, 4 horses, 1 wagon, 2 carts
Thomas Woodmanfarmer, 12 horses, 1 wagon, 4 carts
Thomas Woodman snrfarmer
Verey Woodmanfarmer
Verey Woodmanbaker
William Woodman snrfarmer
William Woodman jnrfarmer
Daniel Woodroffetaylor
John Woolheadlabourer
Joseph Woolheadlabourer
Thomas Woolheadservant