I’m Alex and I’ve been researching the past residents of the village of Wing in Buckinghamshire for more than a decade. If you are researching your own ancestors from Wing I would love to hear from you – please email me at alex@wing-ops.org.uk. Note that I do work full-time and am almost certainly in a different time zone to you, but you should hear from me within a day or two.

I’d like this to be a collaborative effort. If you have photos, stories, family trees or other snippets about Wing and your Wing ancestors to share, I would be delighted to see them. My oft-neglected blog may keep you up-to-date with what I’m currently researching – maybe you have some relevant information to contribute?

DISCLAIMER – While I have made every effort to ensure accuracy, this cannot be guaranteed. As with anything found on the internet, you are advised to check the original documents – besides, seeing your ancestor’s signature or mark yourself is much more satisfying! This website does have a Search button, however you will miss items by searching under just one spelling of your target surname. I recommend you check out Spellings to pick up some of these variations.

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