Words of Wing

All regions have their own dialect peculiarities, but Wing village apparently has more than most! Ken Bandy has kindly shared this list of terms you might need to know were you to step back in time and have a conversation with your Wing ancestors. We’d be pleased to hear of any further contributions or comments – what phrases do you remember your Wing-raised parents and grandparents using?

The wider Buckinghamshire vocabulary around 1900 was captured by Alfred Heneage Cocks (with contributions from a Mr Gurney of Wing) and published by the Buckinghamshire Archaeological Society in their Records of Bucks journal – a copy of that list is available on GENUKI.

Phrase Meaning Example
aggle to annoy She wore ollus aggling oer summut.
agin against E wore agin women in pubs
ampust handpost, road sign E wore a stanning up the ampust
ankitchure handkerchief E ad is ankitchure in his top pockut
Arson Abbots Aston Abbots She cum frum oer Arson Abbots
as was maiden name That wore Annie Bandy as was
ash bin dustbin She whelmed they teirter peelings in the ash bin
ashman dustman They ashmen cum Thursdays
axe to ask He axed arter her
backhouse kitchen She wore making the dinner in the backouse
bawl to cry She bawled when he left.
blinds curtains He ollus pulled they blinds when the sun shone
bolster pillow E liked a sorft bolster under is ead
cant to gossip She wore a’canting about in the shop
chackle to speak quickly She chackled on all night
chisel to defraud They butcher chiselled er out uv a shillin
chopse to chatter She chopsed at im all the wild
clar to hurry He clarred acrost the road
closet WC, cupboard She kep er best at in they closet
corf cough E corfed acrost the table
diddycoy travelling person They diddycoys cum a’knockin at they door
dinxing dancing She wore a’dinxing about with her new baby
dornt don’t I dornt know norn about it
dug dog E ad that gert dug wi im
Ellsbry Aylesbury I shan’t clar orf to Ellsbry
emmut ant They backhouse wore alive wi emmuts
et ate  
fronthouse living room They laid im out in the fronthouse
furrenner non-Wing person There wore a furrenner in the shop Tuesday
futtball football They kids played futtball wi is at.
gallas scoundrel E wore ollus a little gallus at school
ganzi pullover E ad a red ganzi
gawping staring E stood a’gawping at er
gell woman Well gell, aint sin yer lately
gert great,big E ad that gert dug wi im
get agin to rendezvous I’ll axe im when I get agin im.
get by to pass I couldn’t get by while they wore a’chopsin
goo an go on The ashman said “Goo an gell.”
gooing going E wore a’gooing t markut
greenhorn inexperienced E wore a greenhorn at futtball an crickut
harrap to scratch Dorn’t harrap yer spots
keech to bail, scoop She keeched a bowl o water frum the butt to wash er ead
krorse cross E ad a krorse on is grave
Learton Leighton Buzzard Learton markut’s a Tuesday
let be leave alone When she chopses let be
likeness portrait, photo I ad er likeness on they wall
looking glass mirror She ad a looking glass in er bag
lung long That’s a lung wild since I sin yer
markut market Learton markut’s a Tuesday
marnt mustn’t I marnt clar about se much
momered confused Er aggling at me momered me
motor car They got in the motor
nammer no more, no longer I shan’t go to Learton nammer
norn nothing There wore norn in the closet
nut the tickut mentally defective They took n notice cos she wore nut the ticket
oller to shout He ollered down the road after er
ollus always He ollus ollers about
ommuck to trudge She ommucked acrorst the park in the rain
pantry larder,cupboard There wornt norn in they pantry
Pray! Please! Pray dorn’t oller
rowdle to search,sort She rowdled around in the closet fur er at
scroffle to shuffle E scroffled out o bed to the fronthouse
scurf dandruff There wore scurf on is shelders
shelders shoulders There wore scurf on is shelders
ship sheep They ship went to markut
sich such I never eard sich a row
sin seen I ain’t sin im this twelvemonth
soodle to suck up E wore a’soodling a cup a tay
sore swore She sore at im when she got agin im
spek speak What can’t spek can’t lie
stroddle [n] crotch Is trousers chaffed is stroddle
stroddle [v] to straddle E stoddled two rows a teirters
summut something E ad summut in is ankitchure
summut swift stupid idea Is gardin wore summut swift
sun soon She’ll sun be back frum Learton
tay tea E wore a’soodling a cup a tay
tear about to hurry She tore about tidying the fronthouse
teirters potatoes E stoddled two rows a teirters
they those They teirters aint n good
tickut ticket E axed fer a tickut to Wingruf
twelvemonth year I ain’t sin im this twelvemonth
ug pig E kep a gert ug in is gardin
warnt wasn’t/want I warnt there. I warnt a cup a tay
wash the head wash the hair She washed er ead wi rainwater
wick week  
Wingruf Wingrave She came frum oer Wingruf way
wireless radio They aint got n wireless yit
yaffle to eat(greedily) He yaffled all is teirters
yarnt to cry aloud She yarnted about at the funeral
yawp to shout E wore a’yawping at er down the road