WW2 Servicemen

Below are details of the men – no women yet although I am sure that there will be some who should be on this list – serving in World War Two I have found in various records (see the references below the list). If your Wing ancestor served in that war and is not listed below, or can expand on any of the entries listed below, please email me and I will add them.

Battle of Britain parade in Wing in 1943
Battle of Britain parade in Wing in 1943 – photo courtesy of Lynn

During WWII Wing was home to the RAF (No. 26 Operational Training Unit for Bomber Command). The existing airfield in Wing was restored in 1940-41 and had two runways, five hangars (although one was later destroyed in a bad crash landing), and even its own decoy airfield! The airfield also had its own unique aircraft for a few weeks – Captain V.H. Baker of Martin-Baker came to Wing in August 1942 to trial the MB3 prototype, but unfortunately both Baker and the MB3 were lost in a forced landing following engine failure. For more info about the airfield see Wings Over Wing by Michael Warth published by Book Castle 2001, or Thames Valley Airfields In The Second World War by Robin J Brooks published by Countryside Books. Cublington village also has a snippet on the Wing airfield in their History section.

The airfield in Wing was also used as the gateway to home for tens of thousands of men returning from Europe in April and May 1945 – apparently they received quite a welcome! Read one serviceman’s memories of returning via Wing on the BBC’s WW2 People’s War archive.

Billy in Wing in WW2
Billy, seen here with his tin hat, was one of those who was evacuated to Wing during the War – photo courtesy of Mary Wheeler

Another location in Wing with particular relevance to WWII was the Ascott House estate. When the Royal Chelsea Hospital in London was bombed the residents had to be transferred out around the county, and a group of the Chelsea Pensioners were rehoused at Ascott from 1941 to 1947. Given that bombs had also fallen on Wing Park Farm on the night on 1 October 1940, closing the road, I’m not sure that neighbouring Ascott was a wise choice!

As well as these pensioners, Wing also became a temporary home to children being evacuated from London. You can read one little boy’s story of being sent to Buckinghamshire on the BBC’s WW2 People’s War archive.


AYRIS Harry, Royal Navy [Wing Notes 3 February 2015]

BIDWELL Percy, Royal Navy [Wing Village website notes November 2004, Bucks Herald newspaper report, and Arctic Star medal presentation video Aug 2013]
BIGGS Dennis [PC]
BLEW Alfred [WWII]
BOLTON Brigadier Lyndon, 18631 Royal Regiment of Artillery [LG]
BUCHANAN Lieutenant Arthur G, 149113 Grenadier Guards, 17 Mar 1943 [WWII, MG]

DEANE Group Captain W.W. C.B.E, RAF, died 1960 age 62 [MI]
DUCKETT Cyril William, Ordinary Seaman C/JX 408436 Royal Navy, died 26 Jun 1944 age 19 [WWII & CWGC]

GIBBS Corporal Ernest Henry, 5952856 Royak Berkshire Regt [PC]
GOODWAY Stanley Robert, Ordinary Signalman D/JX 424270 Royal Navy, died 12 Feb 1944 age 19 [WWII & CWGC]

HAYNES Jack, Royal Navy [Wing Village website notes 17 February 2006]
HEALD Lieutenant Howard Harvey Noel, 256442 Dorset Regt, died 22 Feb 1944 age 21 [WGPP]


MARFLEET Toby, Royal Marine [Wing Village website notes 18 November 2004]
MERRY Major William Haslam, 35984 Royal Artillery, died 15 Feb 1942 age 39 [WWII & CWCG]

PAGE Dennis, EC/14011 Royal Indian Army Service Corps [WWII & CWGC] (is this the right Dennis Page?)
PAXTON Serjeant Douglas Francis, T/14603557 Royal Army Service Corps, died 10 Aug 1945 age 20 [WWII & CWGC]
PIDGLEY Sub Lieutenant Peter William, Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve, died 20 Sep 1944 age 19 [WWII, MI & CWGC]

RANDALL Walter E, motor mechanic with Service Corps

SMITH Alfred Stewart, Pilot Officer 104559 Royal Airforce Volunteer Reserve, 1st Jan 1945 [WWII & CWGC] (is this the right Alfred Smith?)
SYRATT Private John Henry, T/237999 Royal Army Service Corps, died 29 Oct 1947 age 39 [MI & CWCG]

TAYLOR Sergeant Eric George Rushall, 26 OTU RAF [PC]

WOODWARD Sapper Eric, 2007981 Corps of Royal Engineers [LG]

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