Early Wing Servicemen

Below are details of the men who served in various military capacities prior to the 19th century. See the references below the list for sources of the information. If your Wing ancestor should be on this list but isn’t yet, please email me and I will add them.

Note those with ancestors serving in the 14th Foot Regiment up until 1845 will find that regiment’s Historical Records book of interest.


FAULKNER Benjamin, Royal Bucks Militia 1799 [Eureka RBM]
FLETCHER Joseph, Royal Bucks Militia 1799 [Eureka RBM]
HART George, Royal Horse Guards, 1796, discharged age 33 after 8 years of service [WO 121/26/306]
MAWLE Richard, born 1578, served Europe 1613+ [E157/2/38]
SEAR Joseph, Royal Bucks Militia 1799 [Eureka RBM]

  • E157 – Registers of licences to pass beyond the seas 1573-1677, at The National Archives and FindMyPast
  • Eureka RBM – Royal Bucks Militia discharges 1799 & 1807, able to be ordered through the Eureka Partnership stand at Genfair. This book includes lists of men discharged from the Militia in 1799 and 1807, some destined for the Army, some destined for home.
  • WO – War Office records, at The National Archives in Kew and other places.