19th Century Servicemen

Dedicated to George Pollard 1797-1847 (14th Foot Regiment)

Below are details of the men who served in various military capacities during the 19th century. See the references below the list for sources of the information. If your Wing ancestor should be on this list but isn’t yet, please email me and I will add them.

Those with ancestors serving in the 14th Foot Regiment up until 1845 will find that regiment’s Historical Records book of interest.

Wing itself also has some significance. Ballot lists were provided each year of men able to serve in the local militia (note: the authorities would only pick men from the ballot if there wasn’t enough volunteers serving), and once the list for each parish was collated the constables of the county had to gather in a central location to swear to the accuracy of the lists. In 1812, the venue for Buckinghamshire was the Cock Inn, Wing.


ABBOTT William, 14th Foot Regt, 1807-1816, died 1816 [WO25/339]
ALLEN Thomas, Royal Marines 1812-1820 [ADM158/93]
ASHPOOL Private John, 90th Regt of Light Infantry, 1853-1860, discharged age 29 [WO97/1653]

BADRICK George, local militia 1812 [Eureka MB12]
BAKER George, Somerset Light Infantry + WW1 [WO363]
BANDY alias MAYNE John, 1880-1900 + WW1 [WO364]
BATES George, Oxford Light Infantry, joined 1891 [WO363]
BATES William, 14th Foot Regt, joined 1804 [WO25/338]
BIRCH Private James, Grenadier Foot Guards, 1854-1856, discharged age 21 [WO97/1365]
BOLTON Private Jesse, 49th Foot Regt 1854 [RG9/431 folio 28 pg 15, also WO97]
BOLTON Thomas, 89th Foot The Irish Fusiliers for 23 years, army pensioner for 30 years, died 1916 [MW]
BONE Joseph, local militia 1812 [Eureka MB12]
BOYD Charles, 12th Foot Suffolk Regt, 1858-1880 [WO97, WO12]
BRAND Joseph, Chelsea Pensioner (Army) 1881 [RG11/1641 folio 38 pg 10]
BRAND Gunner Joseph, Royal Artillery, 1894-1906, enlisted age 18 [WO97/4404]
BULL Henry, 29758A, 1867 [RN]
BURROWS James, 1881-1893 + WW1 [WO 364]

CAPP William, local milita 1812 [Eureka MB12]
CARTER Charles, Army Service Corps, enlisted 1889 [WO 363]
CARTER John, 12th Lancers, drowned India 1886 [LBO]
CLARK William, 46th Foot Regt, enlisted 1827 [WO25/397 and WO25/401]
CRIPPS Daniel, 94th Foot Regt, 1840-1862 [WO97/1662]
COLLIER/COLLYER Private John, 10th Foot Regt, 1861-1877 [WO97/1920, RG9/3144 folio 89 pg 2]
COSELL Thomas, 14th Foot, enlisted 1803 [E182/56 part 1]
CUTLER Private Robert, 13th Light Infantry, Pembroke Wales 1871 [RG10/5520 folio 27 pg 5]

DENCHFIELD George, local militia 1812 [Eureka MB12]
DEWBURY Thomas, enlisted 1813 [R216/257]
DIMMOCK Joseph, local militia 1812 [Eureka MB12]
DUNCOMBE Private Joseph, 23rd Brigade, 1878-1890, enlisted age 19 [WO97/2714]

ELLIOTT Adam, 51427, 1873 [RN]
ESSEX Driver John, Royal Engineers, 1896-1908, enlisted age 22 [WO97/4789]

FAULKNER Richard, local militia 1812 [Eureka MB12]
FO[R]STER Private George, 2nd Btn Gren Guards Westminster, 1856-1877, Army Pensioner 1881 [WO97/1861, RG9/55 folio 151 pg 14, RG11/605 folio 119 pg 38]
FOUNTAINE A, “an old soldier” Leighton Buzzard Observer 1916 [MW]
FOUNTAIN Arthur Ernest, 4823 Bedfordshire Regt 1894-1902 [WO97]

GATES Bombardier James William, Royal Artillery, 1878-1890, enlisted age 22 [WO97/2864]
GREEN Able Seaman Fredk, Royal Navy HMS Excellent Portsmouth Hampshire 1881 [RG11/1149 folio 120 pg 27]
GREEN George, local militia 1812 [Eureka MB12]
GUTTERIDGE George, local militia 1812 [Eureka MB12]
GUTTERIDGE Color Sergeant Thomas, 10th Foot Regt, 1836-1857, discharged age 40 [WO97/1457]

HARRIS John, local militia 1812 [Eureka MB12]
HART George, Royal Horse Guards, 1796, discharged age 33 after 8 years of service [WO 121/26/306]
HODGINS John, 87th Foot Regiment, 1808, discharged aged 32 after 5 years 9 months of service [WO 121/92/68], invalid solder 1814 [PR]
HODGKINS John, local militia 1812 [Eureka MB12] (same chap as above?)
HORWOOD Thomas, local milita 1812 [Eureka MB12]
HOUNSLOW Gunner George, Royal Artillery, 1877-1888, enlisted age 19 [WO97/3093]
HOUNSLOW John, Royal Waggon Train, 1815-1817 [WO 97/1153/104]
HOUNSLOW Private John, 50th Queens Own Infantry, Aldershot Hampshire 1871 [RG10/819 folio 38 pg 22] (deserted in Jun 1871)
HOUNSLOW George, Gunner 7th Brigade Royal Artillery, Anglesea Barracks Portsea Hampshire 1881 [RG11/1148 folio 112 pg 4]
HUBBARD Thomas, 20th Dragoon Guards, enlisted 1807 [WO25/285 and WO25/288]

JAPP Thomas, 14th Foot Regt, 1803-1812 [WO25/338]
JEFFS Thomas, 14th Foot Regiment, 1805-1825, discharged age 40, Chelsea Pensioner 1851 [WO 97/354/16; RG8/1756 folio 343]
JENNINGS John, 53rd Foot Regt, 1805-1817 [WO25/416]
JOLLY John, 3rd Foot Guards, 1826-1835, discharged age 27 [WO 97/182/3]
JORDAN Edwin, 4170 Bedfordshire Regt 1892-1903 [WO364]
JORDAN Sidney, Bedfordshire Imperial Yeomanry, 2579 Household Cavalvry 1907 [WO97/5252]
JORDAN William, 14th Foot Regt, 1809-1817 [WO25/339]

LORD James, sailor 1825 [PR]

MANNING William Faulkner, Royal Bucks Hussars Imperial Yeomanry [WAIW]
MAYNE (BANDY) John, 1880-1900 + WW1 [WO364]
MAYO Matthew, local militia 1812 [Eureka MB12]

NEWENS Private Thomas, 1332 60th Foot Regt, 1866-1889, enlisted age 21 [WO97/3550]

PAXTON Thomas, Royal Bucks Militia, 1st Battn 16th Foot Regt, 1870-1873 [WO97/2074]
PHILPOT John, Royal Bucks Militia 1807 [Eureka RBM]
POLLARD Andrew, 14th Foot Regt, 1813-1819, died 1819 [WO25/339 and WO25/341]
POLLARD George, 14th Foot Regiment, 1813-1832, discharged age 34 [WO 97/357/20]
POLLARD James, local militia 1831 [BFHS RMB]
PRATT Driver Henry, Royal Regt of Artillery 1863-1870 [WO97/1826/137]

RICKARD John, local militia 1812 [Eureka MB12]
ROGERS Private John, 1210 9th Regt of Lancers, 1842-1867, discharged age 44 [WO97/1298]
ROGERS William, 3rd Battn Oxfordshire Light Infantry, 1889 [WO96/748/226]
ROWE Private Charles, infantry Bedfordshire Regiment Kempston Bedfordshire 1891 [RG12/1250 folio 173 pg 3]
ROWE James, Oxfordshire Light Infantry 1895-1897 [WO96/748/259]
ROW William, soldier 1871 [RG11/1563 folio 26 pg 2]
ROE William, local militia 1831 [BFHS RMB]

SANDERS George, Oxfordshire Light Infantry, 1889-1890 [WO96/748/315]
SHRIMPTON Private Thomas, 25th Infantry Regt, 1864-1869, discharged age 24 [WO97/1504]
SINCLARE George, Bedfordshire Regt, enlisted 1884 [WO96/333/122]

TEARLE John, 159055, 1891 [RN]

WALTER Robert, 16442, 1854-1872 [RN]
WASHINGTON William, local militia 1812 [Eureka MB12]
WHIPPUM William, local militia 1812 [Eureka MB12]
WOODEARDS Private George, 98th Regt, 1851-1857, discharged age 24 [WO97/1673]
WOOLHEAD Ambrose, Royal Army Medical Corps, 1896-1898 [WO96/1296/201]
WOOLHEAD Edward, 3rd Battn Bedfordshire Regt, 1894-1894 [WO96/338/309]
WOOLHEAD Frederick, Bedfordshire Regt 1883-1901 + WW1 [WO364]
WOOLHEAD John, local militia 1812 [Eureka MB12]
WOOLHEAD Samuel, local militia 1831 [BFHS RMB]
WOOLHEAD Sydney, Oxfordshire Light Infantry, 1895-1905 [WO96/753/226]
WOOLHEAD William, Oxford Light Infantry, 81640 Royal Artillery 1890-1907 [WO364]

  • ADM – records of the Royal Marines at The National Archives
  • BFHS RMB – 1831 Muster Lists of Militia (Royal Bucks Militia), available from Buckinghamshire Family History Society
  • Eureka MB12 – Cottesloe Hundred Militia Ballot List 1812, able to be ordered through the Eureka Partnership stand at Genfair This book includes the list of those Wing men aged 18 to 45 on the ballot list (info given is name, occupation and age), plus those Wing men exempted and the reason for exemption (I have included above anyone noted as actually serving)
  • Eureka RBM – Royal Bucks Militia discharges 1799 & 1807, able to be ordered through the Eureka Partnership stand at Genfair. This book includes lists of men discharged from the Militia in 1799 and 1807, some destined for the Army, some destined for home.
  • LBO – Leighton Buzzard Observer newspaper
  • MI – Memorial inscription, All Saints Church, Wing.
  • MW – collated by Michael Woodwards from local newspapers
  • PR – All Saints Church parish registers
  • RG – census reference
  • RN – Register of Seamen’s Services, the records of the Royal Navy at The National Archives
  • WAIW – as indicated in the book Wing As It Was
  • WO – War Office records, at The National Archives in Kew and possibly other places, eg WO97 at Find My Past, WO363 and WO364 at Ancestry.co.uk

Anything without a reference is as supplied by their family members.