In this section I have recorded the names of all those Wing men serving in the armed forces of any kind that I have located in any records (it does not yet represent a complete listing). These have been split off into the different eras based on when they served. I’ve included brief service details where known and sources of that information. If you are having trouble sourcing the records mentioned please contact me as in many cases I have copies of the records offline.

WWI ~ WWII ~ 20th century ~ 19th century ~ Pre 19th Century ~ Wing War Memorial

Do you have a Wing military man not listed here, or any more information on these men? Please email me and I will add the details. Any stories or photos you can share about life in Wing during wartime would also be gratefully appreciated – you can read about the home front in WWI and the local war efforts here. Does anyone have any memories of the bomb that dropped in Wing Park in WWII?

As well as the official War Memorial that stands in the grounds of All Saints Church, the residential street of Evelyn Close in the heart of Wing is itself a war memorial. The plaques at the entrance to the street read:

Evelyn Close Plaque 1

This land was given by Anthony de Rothschild, Bucks Yeoman, in memory of his brother Evelyn who fell in the Yeomanry Charge at El Mughar November 1917, and is dedicated to all those of Wing village who gave their lives for their county in the two Wars 1914-1918 1939-1945
To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die

Evelyn Close Plaque 2

These houses were built by the Wing Housing Society for ex-servicemen of the 1939-1945 War.
Ye that live on English pastures green, remember us and think what might have been.
Keep the young generations in hail and bequeath them no tumbled house.
Erected 1946-47