Mental Health

I’m aware of the following Wing-born patients who spent time at the Buckinghamshire County Asylum in Stone, either because they were resident there at census time, were recorded as a resident when being buried in Wing, or via some other means as noted:

  • William CUTLER b.1830s (1881 and 1891 census)
  • Mary Ann CUTLER b.1840 (buried 18 Feb 1871)
  • Charles HOOKER b.1861 (buried 4 Dec 1905)
  • Hannah MUNDAY b.1815 (1871 census)
  • George PEASE b.1852 (1871 census)
  • Edward PIZZEY b.1851 (1881 census)
  • Ada Sarah Leah POLLARD b.18 May 1875 d.4 May 1911, resident in Stone 1902-1911
  • M. Q. [does anyone know who this is?] b.1820 (1891 census)
  • Susannah RANDALL b.1836 (1881 and 1891 census)
  • Sarah RANDALL b.1851 (buried 19 Jan 1909)
  • John STEEL b.1840 (1871 census, buried 14 Dec 1871)
  • Mary THORPE b.1854 (buried 8 Feb 1909)

Another Wing resident who struggled with mental health was Maria Isabella BECKETT, who killed her baby granddaughter and attempted to kill her daughter-in-law in 1856.


As well as potentially being a danger to others, those with mental health issues may have been a danger to themselves. The following Wing residents committed suicide, as taken from the burial registers of All Saints, newspaper reports, or Buckinghamshire coroner inquest travel records published by Eureka Partnership.

  • Judith BELGROVE, inquest 27 Jun 1802, hanged herself/lunatic
  • Captain Samuel N BEVINGTON, died March 1896, shot himself following head injury in steeplechase
  • Sarah COLLINS spinster, inquest 18 Oct 1757, cut her throat/lunacy
  • William Percy HILLS, died 13 Nov 1938, gas poisoning at his workplace at Wing Lodge (he was chauffeur-butler but had just been let go)
  • Edward Sinkley HUNTSMAN, died 12 Oct 1911, poisoned himself (Edward was the proprietor of the Sportsmans Arms in Littleworth)
  • Mary PACKER, buried 26 Jun 1786 aged 43, hanged herself/lunatic
  • Henry PAGE, died 29 Sep 1920 aged 63, hanged himself at his workplace on the Ascott Poultry Farm
  • William WATERS, inquest 2 Jul 1767, cut his throat

There was also an attempted suicide at Ascott House on 10 July 1913 by one of a team of decorators from London then working on-site. Wing resident Oscar Rimington was a witness in the subsequent court case.