Mental Health

I’m aware of the following Wing-born patients who spent time at the Buckinghamshire County Asylum in Stone, either because they were resident there at census time, were recorded as a resident when being buried in Wing, or via some other means as noted:

William CUTLER b.1830s (1881 and 1891 census)
Mary Ann CUTLER b.1840 (buried 18 Feb 1871)
Charles HOOKER b.1861 (buried 4 Dec 1905)
Hannah MUNDAY b.1815 (1871 census)
George PEASE b.1852 (1871 census)
Edward PIZZEY b.1851 (1881 census)
Ada Sarah Leah POLLARD b.18 May 1875 d.4 May 1911, resident in Stone 1902-1911
M. Q. [does anyone know who this is?] b.1820 (1891 census)
Susannah RANDALL b.1836 (1881 and 1891 census)
Sarah RANDALL b.1851 (buried 19 Jan 1909)
John STEEL b.1840 (1871 census, buried 14 Dec 1871)
Mary THORPE b.1854 (buried 8 Feb 1909)

Another Wing resident who struggled with mental health was Maria Isabella BECKETT, who killed her baby granddaughter and attempted to kill her daughter-in-law in 1856.

As well as potentially being a danger to others, those with mental health may have been a danger to themselves. The following Wing residents committed suicide, as taken from the burial registers of All Saints, newspaper reports, or Buckinghamshire coroner inquest travel records published by Eureka Partnership.

Judith BELGROVE, inquest 27 Jun 1802, hanged herself/lunatic
Captain Samuel N BEVINGTON, died March 1896, shot himself following head injury in steeplechase
Sarah COLLINS spinster, inquest 18 Oct 1757, cut her throat/lunacy
William Percy HILLS, died 13 Nov 1938, gas poisoning at his workplace at Wing Lodge (he was chauffeur-butler but had just been let go)
Edward Sinkley HUNTSMAN, died 12 Oct 1911, poisoned himself (Edward was the proprietor of the Sportsmans Arms in Littleworth)
Mary PACKER, buried 26 Jun 1786 aged 43, hanged herself/lunatic
Henry PAGE, died 29 Sep 1920 aged 63, hanged himself at his workplace on the Ascott Poultry Farm
William WATERS, inquest 2 Jul 1767, cut his throat

There was also an attempted suicide at Ascott House on 10 July 1913 by one of a team of decorators from London then working on-site. Wing resident Oscar Rimington was a witness in the subsequent court case.