The following Wing women are known (or strongly believed) to have died in childbirth or shortly thereafter:

Jane SHAWBERRY buried 29 May 1732, “died in childbed”.

Ann CAPP also died in childbed, buried 29 May 1732 the same day as Jane above (midwife Sarah Simons had died at the end of the previous year so perhaps Wing women in labour found themselves without expert help at this time).

Catherine BIGGS nee HELEY buried 14 Jun 1833 aged 24, followed nine months later by the burial of her son Thomas Heley Biggs aged 9 months on 18 Mar 1834.

Alice THORPE nee GARDNER died 21 Jun 1870 aged 32, two days after being married in Leighton Buzzard. While climbing into the cart after the ceremony the horse moved and threw her into the cart. Once home she suffered haemorrhaging, reportedly did deliver a child (stillborn as there’s no birth registered) and died.

Maria BROWN buried 14 Jul 1875 aged 25, 2 days after giving birth