Feet of Fines

What are “Feet of Fines”? By the mid-13th century, the settlement of legal disputes was recorded in triplicate on a single piece of parchment. Copies to the left and right would go to the two parties involved, while the third copy, which ran along the foot of the page, was retained by officials. Fine is short for final concord or agreement, so these official copies are collectively the Feet of Fines!

I have gathered the following feet that involve either Wing residents or land in Wing. These have come from the Buckinghamshire Record Society‘s publication vol 4, and the Medieval Genealogy website.

30 Sep to 6 Oct 1200 – Quintin TALEBOT v Ioelan abbot of St Nicholas of Angers – the abbot paid 10 marks of silver for 660 acres of land in Wengia [Wing] and Croftona [Crafton] outright [case 14/5, 1 number 9, pg 19]

2 Nov 1202 – David presbiter v Alditha d. Edith – Alditha paid 5 sol. st. for 1 virgate of land in Crofton [case 14/6, 4 number 25, pg 24]

5 Nov 1202 – David presbiter v Rog. DE ARGENTOM – Roger paid 5 sol. st. for 1 virgate of land in Crofton [case 14/6, 4 number 16, pg 23]

12 to 19 Nov 1239 – Will. TALEBOT v Will. De Waude – Talebot acknowleged as rightful holder of 1 ½ acres of land in Wenge (plus 3 virgates of land in Waude, although half of that was granted to de Waude under the same agreement) [case 15/23, 24 number 5, pg 75]

12 to 19 Nov 1247 – James abbot of St Nicholas of Aungers v Will. TALEBOT (nephew of Quintin Talebot in the first case above) – contrary to the agreed settlement in the earlier case, Will was making a series of demands (eg that the abbot should provide one day’s food each year for the 32 mowers that would mow Will’s meadow in Wing, the abbot should provide 7 men each year to help reap the corn for one day, etc etc), the end result was that Will acknowleged he had no right to this after the abbot paid him 15 marks of silver to essentially leave them alone! [case 15/28, 32 number 8, pg 88]

1 Jul 1358 – Thomas ANDREU v Nicholas and Isabel SKYNNERE of Wenge – Thomas paid 20 marks of silver for 7 ½ acres and 1 rood of land, 1 rood of meadow and a sixth part of a messuage in Wenge [CP 25/1/20/94, number 12]

18 Nov 1360 and 20 Jan 1362 – Richard DAWES of Wenge v John and Alice DE WALDA – Richard paid 20 marks of silver for 3 acres of land and 2 acres of meadow in Wenge, plus a further 2 acres of meadow currently held by John FRUTER to come to Richard after John Fruter’s death [CP 25/1/20/95, number 8]

3 Nov 1367 – John KYMBEL of Salden v John and Katherine CHAUMBERLAYN of Emberton – John Kymbel paid 200 marks of silver (plus a rose yearly) for the manor of Croston (Crafton) during his lifetime [CP 25/1/20/98, number 15]

27 May 1373 and 15 Apr 1374 – John OLNEY of Weston, Hugh GODARD and John DE STONTON v John CHAUMBERLEYN – the first group paid 100 marks of silver to receive the manor of Crofton (Crafton) after John KYNEBELL’s death (see agreement above) [CP 25/1/21/102, number 5]

6 Oct 1381 and 3 Feb 1383 – Thomas WENGE v Henry DAWES – Thomas paid 100 marks of silver for 2 messuages, 44 acres of land and 12 acres of meadow in Wenge after the death of Isabel DAWES (held until her death by William ANABLE) which would otherwise have gone to Henry [CP 25/1/21/104, number 18]