Chancery Records

The Records of the Chancery are a mixed bag of various legal disputes brought before the court of Chancery. I have gathered the following entries that involve either Wing residents or land in Wing from the National Archives database which includes a fair amount of information about each case – the relevant sections are reproduced below.

29 Sep 1299 – Philip de WALDO, “then staying in the parish and town of Wing” owed 44s. 6d. to Thomas de Lincoln, clerk. [C 241/50/391]

1309 [2 Edward II] – An application was made to the Crown to alienate land, involving John and Juliana de NEUBOLD granting land in Wing to the abbot and convent of St. Nicholas, Angers. [C

10 Jun 1333 – John le LADDE the elder of Wing, along with sons John the younger and Walter (and Richard le Styward of Fleet Marston) owed £40 on account of a loan to William Andlaf of Stoke Goldington [C 241/111/261]

2 Feb 1338 – William de WELDE of Wing owed £20 to Ellis Asselyn, the son of Richard Asselyn of London. [C 241/110/55]

13 Apr 1373 – An inquisition at Wing found the following assets, totalling £38 3s. 2d., to be owned by men who owed money to Richard, Earl of Arundel and Surrey. This debt appears to have been
knocking round as early as 1369 [C 241/153/115]. As well as their assets being seized, John DAWES was placed into Aylesbury Gaol, while William EMBERTON and William TATERNOWE were unable to be found and thus escaped that fate. [C 131/20/24]
* William EMBERTON has 10 acres of land sown with dredge, the crop of which is worth 40s.; 6 acres sown with beans and peas the crop of which is worth 24s.; 5 oxen worth 50s.; 2 cows worth 16s.; 2 bullocks worth ½m. He has no other lands, tenements, goods or chattels in the county.
* John DAWES has a messuage and curtilage worth 2s. after expenses; 13½ acres of land worth after expenses 2s. 3d.; an acre of meadow worth 12d. and 1 rod worth 4d.; 3 acres sown with wheat of which he crop is worth 9s.; 6 acres sown with drage of which the crop is worth 18s.; 6 acres sown with beans and peas of which the crop is worth 15s.; 5 acres sown with oats of which the crop is worth 10s.; one cow worth ½m.; 2 calves worth 6s.; 5 hoggets worth 10s., a brass pot worth 5s., a pitcher worth 12d.; 2 pairs of sheets worth 4s.; 2 coverlets worth ..s.; hay in the house worth 3s.; a lead trough worth 3s.4d.; in his heath a stew-pond worth 10s.
* William TATERNOWE of Wing has for his life at Wing 8½ acres of land worth 16d.; 1½ acres sown with wheat, the crop of which is worth 4s., and one acre sown with maslin worth 20d; 5½ acres sown with drage worth 8s. 4d.; 7½ acres sown with beans and peas, the crop of which is worth 14s.; 2 acres sown with vetches, the crop of which is worth 2s.; 2 oxen worth 40s.; 2 cows worth 20s., 2 bullocks wort 1m.; 2 calves worth 4s.; 12 piglets worth 12s.; a sow and 8 piglets worth 5s.; 120 sheep worth £13 at 2s. 2d. a head; 3 horses worth 30s.; 3 foals worth 6s.; 4 qrs of drage in the sheaf worth 8s.; 2 qrs of malt worth 4s.; 6 bushels of corn worth 3s.4d.; 3 boxes of mazer worth 20s.; 2 spoons worth 2s.; 4 brass pots worth 1m.; 4 little pots worth 2s.; 1 pair of tongs worth ½m.; 2 pairs of sheets worth 12s., 3 coverings worth 12s.; hay worth 12d.; 4 sides of bacon worth 8s.; half a cartload of …. worth 2s.

13 Nov 1391 – Henry DAWES of Wing owed £33 to Thomas Peyntour, merchant of Northampton [C 241/198/96]

14 Dec 1489 – Richard SERE, husbandman of Wing, owed £20 to Richard Rykkyls, citizen and weaver, of London. On 20 Dec 1488 he could not be found and had seized a messuage, 80 acres of land, and 6 acres of meadow, in Crafton worth 40s. a year after expenses; and a messuage, 40 acres of land, and 2 acres of meadow in Steeple Claydon in Bucks., worth 13s. 4d. [C 131/82/31]

9 Nov 1496 – William BLAKNALL of Wing, grazier, owed £160 to Robert Wattes, citizen and draper [merchant] of London [C 241/273/28]

c.1500 – Chancery pleadings by Richard Harsam, citizen and leatherseller of London. v. John Cutte, gentleman: Action of debt on a joint obligation made by complainant and William BLAKNALL of Wing [C 1/205/47]

c.1502 – Chancery pleadings by Thomas [Stanley], earl of Derby v. James Molyneux, parson of Sefton regarding the manor of Winge (among others) [C 1/271/97]

c.1502 – Chancery pleadings by Thomas Warde of Agmondesham (Amersham) v. Nicholas FOUNTEYN of Wing regarding a bond for the price of wool partly paid [C 1/273/35]

c.1515 – the Esgoer family evidently owned land in Wing [C 1/405/11]

c.1518 – Robert FONTEYN v. William Stuffyn and Sible, his wife, executrix and late the wife of Thomas Marteyn of Whitchurch, regarding detention of deeds relating to a messuage and land in Wing
and Burcott [C 1/506/44]

c.1533 – Chancery pleadings by John, son and heir of John FOUNTEYN of Wing, regarding petition to examine witnesses as to tenements in St. Gile’s Without [Cripplegate London?] [C 1/791/39]

c.1538 – William Humphrey A WELDE, son and heir of William A Welde, v. William A WELDE – proceedings regarding pasture in Wing [C 1/943/39]

c.1538 to 1544 – Richard BLAKENALL, administrator of the goods of William Blakenall, deceased, v. William JACKEMAN – proceedings regarding detention of deeds relating to houses and land in Wing [C 1/947/29-30]

c.1538 – Robert DORMER, knight, v. William a WELD – degree regarding encumbrances on a close at Net[herwelde] in Wing, bought of defendant and then demised to him [C 1/975/55]

c.1544 – John, son and heir of John MORE, gentleman, v. Elizabeth, late the wife of the said John MORE the elder, regarding messuages and land held of the manor of Wing [C 1/1145/66]

c.1544 – proceedings by Robert DORMER, knight v. John A MORE, gentleman, regarding his refusal to complete an agreement concerning lands in Wing [C 1/1177/14]

c.1551 – Richard, grandson of Nicholas BUKMASTER v. Robert WODELEFE, gentleman, regarding detention of deeds relating to messuages and land in Wing [C 1/1288/99-100]

c.1553 – proceedings by John MORE of Wing v. Roland Holland of Bridgnorth regarding the manor and parsonage of Ratlingcope, late of the monastery of Wigmore in Shropshire [C 1/1370/80-83]

c.1556 – Jane DORMER of Wing, late the wife of Robert DORMER, knight v. Katherine, late the wife of Richard DORMER, knight, and John his son.: Chains delivered to the said Sir Richard, whose executors defendants are, to raise money for complainant’s husband in the Queen’s service. Jane had been widowed in 1552 and was active in pursuing what was due to her. [C 1/1421/47]

c.1556 – Jane DORMER again, this time against Robert Pearson, clerk, and Edward Slowe, executors of John Stodard who evidently had owed a debt to Robert DORMER [C 1/1421/48]

c.1556 – and a further case by Jane DORMER, this one against Isabel, late the wife of Thomas SAYRE, William her son and Richard FOSTER, regading the Manor of Wing including lands in Crofton, claimed by defendants under a lease from the priory of St. Mary de la Pré [C 1/1424/32-38]

1594 – Dennett v Hill, in which plaintiff John DENETT of Wing, yeoman, in his role as executor for his father Richard brought a case against Richard Hill, yeoman of Kidlington Oxfordshire,
and John’s mother Marjorie Denett, for detention of bond for debt of Richard Hill [C 2/Eliz/D5/36]

1595 – Daye etc v Cooper, in which William DAYE of Wing, gentleman and Roger Lake of Tring Herts, yeoman in which a common law suit was brought against them by John Cowper [administrator for
John Newman, deceased] in relation to a debt they owed to John Newman [C 2/Eliz/D5/40]