1831 Poll for Knights of the Shire

The 1831 poll was taken on Thursday 5th May to Monday 9th May 1831, and was the last year in which voting for your county’s representatives to the Houses of Parliament was restricted to freeholders i.e. those who owned a house or land. The names of those freeholders of Wing are listed below1, along with the way they voted (the candidates were the Marquis of Chandos, John Smith and Pascoe Grenfell).

Wing residents who owned land in other Buckinghamshire parishes and were therefore entitled to a vote in those parishes are also listed below.

1 Henry Andrewes Uthwatt, Esquire, A Poll Of The Freeholders Of The County Of Buckingham At The Election Of Two Knights Of The Shire (1831); digital images, Google Books (http://books.google.com/books?id=OvQGAAAAQAAJ : accessed 21 September 2010)

Freeholders Name Place of Abode Chandos Smith Grenfell
Biggs, James Slapton    
Capp, Francis Wing  
Clinton, Hen. Fynes, Esq Welwyn, Herts    
Coles, Richard Wing  
Cutler, Michael Wing    
Fountaine, Bernard Wing    
Fountaine, Richard Hellesthorpe    
Hart, Thomas Ascott, Wing    
Hart, William Wing    
Hedges, Robert Stewkley    
Heley, William Wing    
Heley, Henry Wing  
Heley, Thomas Wing  
Hibbert, George Esq. Munden, Herts    
Honnor, George Wing  
Hurst, Jacob Leckhamstead    
Loke, William Leighton Bussard  
Luck, Joseph Crafton  
New, Rev. Edw. Paris Oxford    
Parker, William Burcott    
Shirley, Stephen Wing    
Smith, John Wardshurst    
Woodman, William Crafton    
Voting Parish Freeholders Name Place of Abode Chandos Smith Grenfell
Aylesbury Windmill, Thomas Wing    
Stewkley Rose, William Wing  
Wingrave Capp, Stephen jun. Wing  
Winslow Morecraft, John Wing