1784 Poll for Knights of the Shire

Copy of the Poll for Knights of the Shire for the County of Bucks which began at the Town of Aylesbury on Wednesday the 21st and ended on Friday the 30th of April 1784

Freeholders Name Places of Abode What Freeholds
consist of
Occupiers Verney Grenville Aubrey
Adams Robert Wing H. & L. Himself, &c.    
Barton Richard Ditto Ditto Himself  
Bateman Thomas Ditto Ditto Himself    
Battams William Ditto Ditto Himself  
Bromson Edward Ditto Ditto Foscutt John    
Cook John Ditto Ditto Himself    
De Salis Hen. Jer. Ditto Vicarage Himself  
Elliott Robert Ditto H. and L. Bull Robert    
Green Thomas Ditto Ditto Dymock Rob.  
Heley Henry Ditto Ditto Himself  
Heley Thomas Ditto Ditto Himself, &c.    
Helley William Ditto Ditto Himself    
Honour George Ditto Ditto Himself, &c.  
Howse John dead Ditto Ditto Bernard Wm.    
Hurndall Thomas Newport Land Maynard Wm.    
Millard Collins Leighton H. & L. Woodman Mr.    
Mortimer William Aston Clinton Ditto Mortimer Jos.    
Newens Paul Wing Ditto Honour Geo.  
Rickard Guy dead Ditto Ditto Himself    
Starrup Richard London Ditto Hobby Thos.    
Stevens William Soulbury Ditto Stevens Thos.    
Theed Edward Hilton Ditto Woodman H.    
Williams William Dunstable House Hartwell John  
Voting Parish Freeholders Name Places of Abode What Freeholds
consist of
Occupiers Verney Grenville Aubrey
Thornbro’ Mead Charles Wing Tenem. Woodward Ed.  
Cheddington Mortimer Francis Wing Land Newens Rich.  
Eddlesbro’ Sayell Francis Wing H. & L. Holland Mr.    
Marsworth Mortimer John Wing H. & L. Field Edmund    
Mentmore & Ledburn Reeve John Wing Land Lock Thomas  
Mentmore & Ledburn Woodman Thomas Wing Land Himself    
Stewkley Barton Richard Wing H. & L. Himself  
Stewkley Cheshire William Wing Land Himself  
Stewkley Cutler Michael Wing H. & L. Himself &c  
Stewkley Tofield William Wing H. & L. Himself    

If you have people from other parts of Buckinghamshire, a full transcription is available online here, and the full PDF of one of the publications of this poll results (wihout details of freeholding and tenants) can be found on Google Books.