Marriages 1780-1789

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Note that during this period marriages by licence were generally recorded in the marriages register, while marriages by banns were sometimes only recorded in the banns registers, so be sure to check in both places as the entry you are looking for may be recorded in one or the other, or both.

Also note that I have only transcribed up to the end of volume IV – July 1783.

ID Vol Pg Entry Groom/Bride Name S/X Status Parish
  Date Witness Witness Comments/Celebrant
96 vIV 0018 0069 John Heady x ~ Wingrave
  Mary Woolhead x ~ otp
  28 Feb 1780 lic Roger (s) Goss Champernoon (s) Young Edm Wodley minister
97 vIV 0018 0070 Thomas Dell s b Leighton Bussard Beds
  Ann Mason s s otp
  30 Mar 1780 lic James (s) Turney Mathew (s) Tensom H J de Salis vicar
98 vIV 0018 0071 Matthew Denchfield s b otp
  Elizabeth Badrick s s otp
  27 Apr 1780 lic James (s) Stevens Prudence (s) Badrick H J de Salis vicar
99 vIV 0018 0072 Thomas Tame s w otp
  Elizabeth Geves s s otp
  4 May 1780 banns William (s) Souitt? Veere (s) Woodman H J de Salis vicar
100 vIV 0019 0073 Henry Peat x b Tilsworth Beds
  Lucy Menard x s otp
  24 Jun 1780 banns Elizabeth (s) Gilpin Champernoon (s) Young H J de Salis vicar
101 vIV 0019 0074 John Linny x b otp
  Ann Mortimer x s otp
  18 Jul 1780 banns Veere (s) Woodman Champernoon (s) Young H J de Salis vicar
102 vIV 0019 0075 Thomas Hartwell s w otp
  Mary Hickman x s otp
  4 Sep 1780 banns Matthew (s) Tensom Champernoon (s) Young H J de Salis vicar
103 vIV 0019 0076 Ambrose Witmill s b otp
  Mary Bates x s otp
  19 Oct 1780 banns Ann (s) Bates Champernoon (s) Young Edm Wodley
104 vIV 0020 0077 John Toms s b Stewkley
  Ann Adams x s otp
  19 Apr 1781 lic Robt (s) Adams John (s) Elard grooms signs Tomes; H J de Salis vicar
105 vIV 0020 0078 John Woolhead x b otp
  Ann Munday x s otp
  1 Dec 1781 banns Henry (s) Munday Champernoon (s) Young Edm Wodley
106 vIV 0020 0079 Thomas Gower x b otp
  Sarah Bone x s otp
  12 Jan 1782 banns William (s) Bone Champernoon (s) Young Hugh Davies
107 vIV 0020 0080 William Sear s w otp
  Elizabeth Parker x w otp
  29 May 1782 lic Edward (s) Bromson Champernoon (s) Young H J de Salis vicar
108 vIV 0021 0081 James Nickals x w otp
  Mary Bateman x w otp
  13 Jun 1782 banns Wm? (s) Lathwell Champernoon (s) Young Edm Wodley
109 vIV 0021 0082 John Reeve s w otp
  Elizabeth Gibbard x w otp
  12 Sep 1782 lic Thomas (s) Heley Champernoon (s) Young H J de Salis vicar
110 vIV 0021 0083 William King x b otp
  Ann Mead x s otp
  24 Oct 1782 banns James (s) Smith? Champernoon (s) Young H J de Salis vicar
111 vIV 0021 0084 Thomas Hodgins x b otp
  Elizabeth Turney x s otp
  4 Nov 1782 banns Sarah (s) Prentis Champernoon (s) Young H J de Salis vicar
112 vIV 0022 0085 John Fosket x b otp
  Mary Fields x w otp
  26 Dec 1782 banns Martha (s) Heges Champernoon (s) Young H J de Salis vicar
113 vIV 0022 0086 Thomas Attwood x b otp
  Mary Chamberlain x s otp
  4 Mar 1783 banns William (s) Lathwell Champernoon (s) Young Hugh Davies
114 vIV 0022 0087 William Dewberry x b otp
  Sarah Fletcher x s otp
  27 Mar 1783 lic Robert (s) Woodman Champernoon (s) Young Edm Wodley
115 vIV 0022 0088 Jacob Smith s b Waltham St Laurence Berks diocese of Sarum
  Elizabeth Vearney x s otp
  9 Jun 1783 banns Wm? (s) Windmill? Champernoon (s) Young H J de Salis vicar
116 vIV 0023 0089 William Menard s b otp
  Sarah Howes s s otp
  10 Jun 1783 banns James (s) Stevens Champernoon (s) Young H J de Salis vicar
117 vIV 0023 0090 John Forkner s w otp
  Ann Raddall x s otp
  17 Jul 1783 banns William (x) Raddall Champernoon (s) Young H J de Salis vicar