Marriages 1770-1779

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Note that during this period marriages by licence were generally recorded in the marriages register, while marriages by banns were sometimes only recorded in the banns registers, so be sure to check in both places as the entry you are looking for may be recorded in one or the other, or both.

ID Vol Pg Entry Groom/Bride Name S/X Status Parish
  Date Witness Witness Comments/Celebrant
54 vIV 0007 0027 Thomas Caudry x   Wing
  Sarah Honour x   Wing
  7 Mar 1771 lic William (s) Collings Champernoon (s) Young Step Walsh vicar
55 vIV 0007 0028 John Lane s   Wooburn Bedford
  Mary Boan x   Wing
  17 Dec 1772 ~ William (s) Bone Champernoon (s) Young Step Walsh vicar
56 vIV 0008 0029 William George x   Drayton Beaucham Bucks
  Jane Cripps x   Wing
  7 Mar 1773 lic Stephen (s) Shirley Champernoon (s) Young Step Walsh vicar
57 vIV 0008 0030 Champernoon Young s   Wing
  Allice Hartwell s   Wing
  18 Mar 1773 lic Paul (s) Newens Richard (s) Hartwell Step Walsh vicar
58 vIV 0008 0031 William Hailey s   Wing; farmer
  Hannah Randall x s Wing
  8 Dec 1773 lic Champernoon (s) Young Jams (s) Stevens groom signs Heley; Step Walsh vicar
59 vIV 0008 0032 James Emerton x w Leighton Bussard Bedford
  Ann Woolhead x   Wing
  9 Mar 1775 lic Champernoon (s) Young Heny (s) Woodman William Deacle curate
60 vIV 0009 0033 Thomas Chew s   Soulbury Bucks
  Hannah Adams s   Burcott Wing
  16 Mar 1775 lic Mary (s) Peverell John (s) Chew William Deacle curate
61 vIV 0009 0034 Daniel Elliott s   Abbots Aston Bucks
  Susannah Bromson s   Wing
  19 Apr 1775 banns Edward (s) Knight John (s) Mortimer William Deacle curate
62 vIV 0009 0035 William Scott x   Crafton Wing
  Elizabeth Elliott x   Crafton Wing
  22 Jun 1775 banns John (s) Harris Thomas (s) Harris Wiliam Deacle curate
63 vIV 0009 0036 Edward Dickins x   Wing
  Sarah Battams x   Wing
  27 Sep 1775 banns Daniel (s) Elliot Thomas (s) Battams William Deacle curate
64 vIV 0010 0037 Thomas Heady x   Wing
  Ann Hyde x   otp
  11 Oct 1775 banns Matthew (s) Dymmock Champernoon (s) Young William Deacle curate
65 vIV 0010 0038 William Woolhead x   Wing
  Mary Grubb x   otp
  22 Oct 1775 banns John (x) Forkner Champernoon (s) Young Mary Grubb wife of William Grubb who has been absent under sentence of Transportation upwards of seven years; William Deacle curate
66 vIV 0010 0039 Thomas Munday x   Mentmore
  Jane Mollard x   otp
  19 Nov 1775 banns James (s) Monday William (s) Menard William Deacle curate
67 vIV 0010 0040 George Honour s   otp
  Elizabeth Sanders x   otp
  22 Nov 1775 banns Thos (s) Heley Harry (s) Heley William Deacle curate
68 vIV 0011 0041 John Walter s   otp
  Mary Adams s   otp
  18 Apr 1776 lic Robt (s) Adams Thos (s) Heley Briggs cur: of Winslow
69 vIV 0011 0042 Thomas Ward x   otp
  Ann Yate x   otp
  7 May 1776 banns John (s) Clark Champernoon (s) Young William Deacle curate
70 vIV 0011 0043 Robert Buckmaster x   Burcott Wing
  Ann King s   Burcott Wing
  11 Jul 1776 banns Joseph (s) Hickman Champernoon (s) Young William Deacle curate
71 vIV 0011 0044 John Gardner s b Steeple Claydon
  Grace Hughes x s Wing
  5 Aug 1776 lic John (s) Cross Champernoon (s) Young Matthias Mayo curate
72 vIV 0012 0045 Daniel Woodruff s b otp
  Elizabeth Bates s s otp
  19 Aug 1776 banns Mary (x) King Champernoon (s) Young Matthias Mayo curate
73 vIV 0012 0046 William Curl x w otp
  Elizabeth Harding x w otp
  4 Oct 1776 banns Geo: (s) Jorden Champernoon (s) Young Matthias Mayo curate
74 vIV 0012 0047 John Baker x b otp
  Mariah Williams x s otp
  14 Oct 1776 banns Richard (x) Honour Champernoon (s) Young Matthias Mayo curate
75 vIV 0012 0048 William Roddall x b otp
  Mary Chantrel x s otp
  17 Oct 1776 banns Wm (s) Hardwick Champernoon (s) Young Matts Mayo curate
76 vIV 0013 0049 Joseph Souster x b otp
  Mary Dyer x s otp
  12 Nov 1776 banns John (s) Forster? Champernoon (s) Young Matthias Mayo curate
77 vIV 0013 0050 John Cook s b otp
  Hannah Abbott x s otp
  2 Jan 1777 banns Thomas (s) Hartwell Champernoon (s) Young Matthias Mayo curate
78 vIV 0013 0051 William Culverhouse s b otp
  Elizabeth Willis x s otp
  21 Aug 1777 banns Thomas (s) Hartwell Champernoon (s) Young Matthias Mayo curate
79 vIV 0013 0052 William Green s w otp
  Martha Lathell x s otp
  29 Oct 1777 banns William (s) Lathewell Champernoon (s) Young Edm Wodley
80 vIV 0015 0053 John Mortimer s b otp
  Mary Griffin s ~ Grove
  26 Feb 1778 lic Robt (s) Griffin Champernoon (s) Young H J de Salis vicar
81 vIV 0015 0054 William Battams x w otp
  Catherine Heley s s otp
  2 Jul 1778 lic Stephen (s) Shirley Eliz (s) Northwood Edm Wodley
82 vIV 0015 0055 William Mead s b otp
  Ann Chantrill x s Aston Abbots
  10 Oct 1778 lic John (s) Prentis Champernoon (s) Young H J de Salis vicar
83 vIV 0015 0056 John Brasington s w otp
  Sarah Linny x ~ otp
  29 Oct 1778 banns William (s) Brasington Sarah (s) Hedgess grooms signs Breasonton; Edm Wodley
84 vIV 0015 0057 Henry Bailey x b otp
  Elizabeth Warner x s otp
  10 Dec 1778 banns Thomas (x) Capp Champernoon (s) Young H J de Salis vicar
85 vIV 0015 0058 James Stevens s b otp
  Mary Badrick s s otp
  17 Dec 1778 lic William (s) Menard Matthew (s) Denchfield Edm Wodley
86 vIV 0015 0059 Joseph Harper x b otp
  Alice Burrows x s otp
  7 Jan 1779 banns Geo: (s) Jorden Thomas (s) Saunders H J de Salis vicar
87 vIV 0015 0060 Richard Culverhouse s b otp
  Sarah Heley x s otp
  21 Jan 1779 lic William (s) Colle? Harry (s) Heley H J de Salis vicar
88 vIV 0016 0061 Frederick Fields s b otp
  Mary Menard x s otp
  4 Feb 1779 banns John (s) Bone Champernoon (s) Young groom signs Fieldes; H J de Salis vicar
89 vIV 0016 0062 William Rand s w Soulbury
  Ann Turner s ~ otp
  20 May 1779 lic Thomas (s) Dell Thomas (s) Rand Edm Wodley
90 vIV 0016 0063 Daniel Webbster x b otp
  Ann White x s otp
  25 May 1779 banns Hannah (s) Webster Champernoon (s) Young Edm Wodley
91 vIV 0016 0064 Harry Heley s b Soulbury
  Elizabeth Woodman s s Wing
  10 Jun 1779 lic Thos (s) Heley Thomas (s) Woodman H Osman? Minister
92 vIV 0017 0065 Richard Garratt x b Soulbury
  Alice Culverhouse x s Wing
  3 Jul 1779 lic Harry (s) Heley John (s) Culverhouse H J de Salis vicar
93 vIV 0017 0066 Richard Cuttler x b otp
  Mary Braggins x s otp
  5 Aug 1779 banns Daniel (x) Webbster Champernoon (s) Young H J de Salis vicar
94 vIV 0017 0067 Rowland Northwood x w otp
  Elizabeth Durley x w otp
  27 Aug 1779 banns John (s) Clark Champernoon (s) Young H J de Salis vicar
95 vIV 0017 0068 Amaziah Inwood s ~ otp
  Ann Ashpole x ~ Weston Turville Bucks
  15 Sep 1779 lic Thomas (s) Simons George (s) Mead Edm Wodley