Marriages 1760-1769

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Note that during this period marriages by licence were generally recorded in the marriages register, while marriages by banns were generally recorded in the banns registers, so be sure to check in both places as the entry you are looking for may be recorded in one or the other, or both.

ID Vol Pg Entry Groom/Bride Name S/X Status Parish
  Date Witness Witness Comments/Celebrant
43 vIV 0004 0016 John Foster s   Mursley
  Mary Lock s   Wing
  23 Mar 1761 lic Jno (s) Bates Thomas (s) Hobs? Step: Walsh vicar
44 vIV 0005 0017 James Turney s   Wing
  Sarah Keen x   Tring
  14 Jan 1762 lic Tho (s) Woodman John (s) Collet Step Walsh
45 vIV 0005 0018 William Mortimer s   Wing
  Mary Dimmock x   Wing
  30 Jul 1762 lic Geo: (s) Jorden John (s) Bates Step Walsh vicar
46 vIV 0005 0019 Abraham Parker x   Wing
  Elizabeth Haley x   Wing
  13 Nov 1762 lic John (s) Bates William (s) Seear Step Walsh vicar
47 vIV 0005 0020 Very Woodman s   Wing
  Sarah Brunson s   Wing
  8 Apr 1765 ~ Thos (s) Keen Robt (s) Adams groom signs Veary; Ste: Walsh vicar
48 vIV 0006 0021 Thomas Keen s   Wingrave
  Sarah Adams s   Wing
  13 Jan 1766 lic Robert (s) Badrick Harley (s) Paine Step Walsh vicar
49 vIV 0006 0022 Francis Saunders s   Wing
  Catherine Hebbs x   Wing
  11 Sep 1766 lic Paul (s) Newns John (s) Bates Step Walsh vicar
50 vIV 0006 0023 Francis Mortimer x   Wing
  Alice Honour s w Wing
  22 Oct 1766 lic John (s) Bates Roger (s) Goss bride signs Allis; Revd Potts Davies curate of Solebury
51 vIV 0006 0024 William Woster s   Grove
  Frances Shackley x   Wing
  25 Oct 1767 lic John (s) Bates John (x) Bone groom signs Woostear; Step Walsh vicar
52 vIV 0007 0025 John Dogget s   Leighton Bedford
  Ann Clever x   Wing
  27 Jan 1768 ~ Paul (s) Newens John (s) Bates Step Walsh vicar
53 vIV 0007 0026 Robert Cotchings ~   Linslade
  Elizabeth Addams ~   Wing
  12 Oct 1768 lic ~ ~ Potts Davies curate of Solebury