Marriages 1750-1759

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Note that during this period marriages by licence were generally recorded in the marriages register, while marriages by banns were generally recorded in the banns registers, so be sure to check in both places as the entry you are looking for may be recorded in one or the other, or both.

ID Vol Date Groom Name Groom Parish Bride Name Bride Parish Method Comments
4 vIII 1750 Apr 17 Thomas Green   Elizabeth Taylor   banns
5 vIII 1750 Apr 23 George Honnor   Ann Hows   banns
6 vIII 1750 May 22 William Bedford   Eliz Turnam   banns
7 vIII 1750 May 22 Stephen Short Drayton Parslow Ruth Woolhead Wing banns
8 vIII 1750 Sep 9 Thomas Downes   Elizabeth Ashpool   banns married at Grove Church by R Woolley curate of Wing
9 vIII 1750 Sep 30 Thomas Andrew   Susannah Crips   banns
10 vIII 1750 Oct 11 Daniel Hide   Ann Andrew   lic J xxx Sur:
11 vIII 1750 Mar 17 Richard Harvey Leighton Bosard Esther Woolhead Wing lic Jno Hide ll Surr:
12 vIII 1751 Oct 17 William Dewberry   Mary Hodgins   banns
13 vIII   Nov   William Battams   Mary Taylor   banns
14 vIII   Nov 28 John Hodgens   Lucy Bull   banns
15 vIII 1751 Dec 28 Thomas Adams   Sarah Crips   banns
16 vIII 1751 Dec 28 Joshua Mays   Ann Andrew   banns
17 vIII 1751 Jan   Richard Star   Mary Hawkins   banns
18 vIII 1752 Mar 29 Thomas Battams sojourners Sarah Stevens sojourners banns
19 vIII 1752 Mar 30 William Bailey   Elizabeth Avery Cublington banns
20 vIII 1752 Apr 14 Georg Avery Abbots Aston   Elizabeth Cublington banns
21 vIII 1752 Apr 20 William Curl   Mary Hodgens   banns
22 vIII 1752 May 2 William Bilby   Mary Short   banns
23 vIII 1752 May 10 Thomas Abbott   Elizabeth Collins   banns
24 vIII 1752 May 10 Robt Taylor Abbots Aston Mary Hitchcock   lic
25 vIII 1753 Apr 24 Arthur King   Ann Colls   banns
26 vIII   Oct 24 Richard Bellgrove Sarah Hickman Stewkley Wing banns
27 vIII 1753 Dec 26 xxx Hedges otp Elizabeth Cap otp banns
28 vIII       xxx Xxx Xxxx Ann Culverhouse    
29 vIII 1754 Aug 5 Willm Chandler   Ann Hawkins   banns
30 vIII 1755 Mar 31 Will Bull   Elizabeth Abbot   banns
31 vIII 1755 Apr 9 Jno Lindum   Sarah Hawkins   banns

ID Vol Pg Entry Groom/Bride Name S/X Status Parish
  Date Witness Witness Comments/Celebrant
32 vIV 0001 0001 William Evins x   Pitchcot
  Mary Stratfold x   Agmondesham
  17 Oct 1754 lic Homer? (s) George Jno (s) Bates  
33 vIV 0001 0002 John Hughs s w Stone
  Rebecca Clerk x   Wing
  18Dec 1754 lic Joram (s) Pollard Jno (s) Bates John Willdear in margin; Step: Walsh vicar
34 vIV 0001 0003 John Whitesadd s   Hartwell
  Elizabeth Sherrard x s Wing
  19 Dec 1754 lic Thomas (s) George? Jno (s) Bates John Shaw & Jane XXX in margin; Step: Walsh vicar
35 vIV 0001 0004 William Mainard x   Wing
  Eleanor Gilpin s   Wing
  5 Jun 1755 lic Jno (s) Bates Guy (s) Rickeard Step: Walsh vicar [pg 2 is blank]
36 vIV 0003 0009 Samuel Hales x   Wing
  Grace Hitchcock x   Wing
  13 Mar 1756 lic Charles (s) Hitchcock Jno (s) Bates Step: Walsh vicar
37 vIV 0003 0010 William Eaton s   Mursley
  Susanna Fryer x   Wing
  22 Mar 1756 ~ Jno (s) Bates Thomas (s) Fryer Step: Walsh vicar
38 vIV 0003 0011 Paul Newens s   Edgborough
  Ann Honor x   Wing
  5 Jul 1756 lic Jno (s) Bates John (s) Newens Step: Walsh vicar
39 vIV 0003 0012 John Bates s   Wing
  Elizabeth Prentise s   Wing
  12 Jan 1757 lic James (s) Turney Roger (s) Goss Step: Walsh
40 vIV 0004 0013 Elisha Battam x   Atterbury Oxford
  Martha Robbanson s   Wing
  13 Mar 1758 lic John (s) Bates James (s) Clark lic from John Stevens Sur: by Th Woodley vicar of Wingrave
41 vIV 0004 0014 Robert Townrow s   Dunstable Howton
  Elizabeth Honor x   Wing
  19 Oct 1758 lic Henry (s) Woodman John (s) Bates Step: Walsh vicar
42 vIV 0004 0015 Thomas Green s   Wing
  Mary Haley s   Wing
  19 Apr 1759 lic Thomas (s) Crook John (s) Bates Step: Walsh vicar