Burials 1900-1909

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VolPgEntryFirst NameSurnameYearMonthDayAgeAbodeCelebrant & Comments
BR200820649EmmaCutler1900Jan372WingA B F Cole assist curate
BR200820650Mary AnnHart1900Jan1777WingF H Tatham vicar
BR200820651James WilliamBull1900Feb2017WingF H Tatham vicar
BR200820652James WilliamGuess1900Mar245Littleworth WingF H Tatham vicar
BR200820653Dennis Anthony GeorgeSwannell1900Mar2211wWingA B F Cole assist curate
BR200820654John StanleySwain1900Mar293mWingA B F Cole assist curate
BR200820655MaryWhiting1900Apr1430Soulbury died at WingF H Tatham vicar
BR200820656ErnestPitchford1900May187mBurcott WingA B F Cole assist curate
BR200830657Martha EllenPaxton1900Jul914m37 Bridge Road WillesdenF H Tatham vicar
BR200830658EmmaBurt1900Jul1433Chelsea late of Wing (died in Charing + Hospital)F H Tatham vicar
BR200830659Millicent MaudDurrant1900Jul178mWingF H Tatham vicar
BR200830660DavidRandall1900Aug222y10mWingF H Tatham vicar
BR200830661GeorgeGreen1900Sep697CraftonF H Tatham vicar; 98 crossed out
BR200830662Dorothy GwendolinePollard1900Sep82WingA B F Cole assist curate
BR200830663GeorgePage1900Sep2863Wingburied under Burial Act by Wesleyan Minister of Leighton
BR200830664RichardBaker1900Oct1389WingF H Tatham vicar
BR200840665Helen MaryManning1901Jan1630West Park WingF H Tatham vicar
BR200840666JosephGreen1901Feb1923WingF H Tatham vicar
BR200840067ElizaEvans1901Feb2064Ascott WingF H Tatham vicar
BR200840666JohnHammerton1901Feb2167WingF H Tatham vicar
BR200840669Thomas SomesHeley1901Mar462WingS H Parez offg Minr (vicar of Mentmore)
BR200840670Sarah AnnMould1901Mar850Ascott WingF H Tatham vicar
BR200840671HannahCarter1901Apr2066Burcott WingF H Tatham vicar
BR200840672JohnDollimore1901Jul970WingF H Tatham vicar
BR200850673JohnGreenway1901May1472High St WingE G Muschamp curate; 'NB above entry accidentally omitted at time of burial and inserted on July 11 by me F H Tatham vicar
BR200850674GeorgeCutler1901Aug2881New Road WingFred W Linton Boyle vicar of Soulbury
BR200850875SarahBolton1901Oct2577Vicarage Lane WingE G Muschamp assist curate
BR200850676Jane ElizabethFountaine1901Nov863Wingbury Farm WingF H Tatham vicar
BR200850677MatthewDenchfield1901Dec286School Lane WingE G Muschamp assist curate
BR200850676LeahDenchfield1902Jan2715High St Wingburied under Burials Act by Methodist minister of Stewkley
BR200850679HenryBolton1902Feb755WingF H Tatham vicar
BR200850680MercyJordan1902Mar1763WingF H Tatham vicar
BR200860681HelenMiller1902Mar2421Ascott House WingF H Tatham vicar
BR200860682WilliamPollard1902Apr224WingF H Tatham vicar
BR200860683MinnieWatson1902Apr2132Wingburied by Stewkley Methodist minister under Burials Act; [in hand of F H Tatham]
BR200860684EllenGreen1902May2479WingF H Tatham vicar
BR200860685JaneChappel1902Jun973WingE G Muschamp assist curate
BR200860686WilliamWoolhead1902Jun977The Workhouse Leighton Buzzard (late of Wing)E G Muschamp assist curate
BR200860687ThomasDickins1902Aug1770Burcott WingE G Muschamp assist curate
BR200860688AlbertCorkett1902Sep271y9mBurcott WingF H Tatham vicar
BR200870689MarthaLake1902Oct1575Ascott Farm WingF H Tatham vicar
BR200870690Thomas GingerSayell1902Oct3070WingF H Tatham vicar
BR200870691Walter EdwinFletcher1903Jan93mWingE G Muschamp assist curate
BR200870692MaryMoore1903Jan1988WingF H Tatham vicar
BR200870693Norman HillScott1903Jan195mWingE G Muschamp assist curate
BR200870694William HerbertJordan1903Feb326BurcottE G Muschamp assist curate
BR200870596WilliamManning1903Feb1958WingF H Tatham vicar
BR200870696Catherine MaryBaker1903Mar33.5WingF H Tatham vicar
BR200880697RichardPratt1903Apr138646 Bassett Rd Leighton Buzzard (late of Wing)Evelyn G Muschamp
BR200880698JohnAttwood1903Apr236937 Bletchley Road Fenny Stratford late of WingF H Tatham vicar
BR200880699MinnieDimmock1903May728Littleworth WingEvelyn G Muschamp
BR200880700CarolinePrice1903May1473WingF H Tatham vicar
BR200880701SarahCook1903May2865163 Fore St EdmontonF H Tatham vicar
BR200880702JohnNewens1903Jun575WingE G Muschamp assist curate
BR200880703JosephWoolhead1903Jul2738hWingE G Muschamp
BR200880704JamesGreen1903Sep1178Wing LittleworthF H Tatham vicar
BR200890705CharlesCotes1903Nov2557Gloucester Place W London L Burcott WingFrancis H Tatham vicar Bertrand Pleydelll Bouverie rector of Pewsey
BR200890706HenryClaridge1903Dec180WingF H Tatham vicar
BR200890707ThomasBrand1903Dec1478The Workhouse Leighton Buzzard (late of Wing)E G Muschamp assist curate
BR200890708Benjamin ThomasPrice1903Dec1977Ascott WingF H Tatham vicar
BR200890709ElizabethRogers1903Dec2757WingF H Tatham vicar
BR200890710Edith MayRandall1904Jan58mWingE G Muschamp assist curate
BR200890711SalomeDenchfield1904Jan813dWingE G Muschamp assist curate
BR200890712JamesRandall1904Jan16378 Marcellus? Rd IslingtonF H Tatham vicar
BR200900713SarahTruman1904Jan3083WingF H Tatham vicar
BR200900714Ada Florence BerthaLaugham1904Feb85wWingE G Muschamp assist curate
BR200900715AnnLake1904Mar2568High St WingE G Muschamp assist curate
BR200900716EdwinWoolhead1904Mar2667WingF H Tatham vicar
BR200900717JosephThorpe1904May1436Wing died at the Workhouse Leighton BuzzardF H Tatham vicar
BR200900718Nellie HannahFountaine1904Jun314Littleworth WingE G Muschamp assist curate
BR200900719JamesTuckwell1904Jun73wLeighton Road WingE G Muschamp assist curate
BR200900720William BerryStaples1904Jun1660Littleworth WingF H Tatham vicar
BR200910721Frederick CharlesRose1904Jul2010WingFrancis H Tatham vicar
BR200910722Ernest WilliamBaker1904Jul2013mWingFrancis H Tatham vicar
BR200910723JennyBaker1904Aug2426WingE G Muschamp assist curate
BR200910724GeorgeHounslow1904Sep346WingE G Muschamp assist curate
BR200910725William JohnRoper1904Sep245wWingE G Muschamp assist curate
BR200910726NaomiWoolhead1904Nov270WingE G Muschamp assist curate
BR200910727EdwardCollins1904Nov2250CraftonE G Muschamp assist curate
BR200910728MaryClaridge1905Jan370WingF H Tatham vicar
BR200920729JosephThorne1905Jan986WingF H Tatham vicar
BR200920730Evelyn HopeWilliamson1905Mar911mWillesdenF H Tatham vicar
BR200920731EmmaNewens1905Mar2272WingC J W Old
BR200920732Catherine JeannetteAdams1905Apr354Leighton Buzzard (died at Warrington Lodge Warwick Rd?)F H Tatham vicar
BR200920733Mary AnnWindmill1905Jun3080WingF H Tatham vicar
BR200920734SusanDimmock1905Jul156Littleworth WingF H Tatham vicar
BR200920735FrederickBrown1905Sep2744Wing died at the London Hospital WhitechapelBuried after due notice under Burials Act
BR200920736ElizaBandy1905Oct377Wingburied after due notice under Burials Law Amendment Act
BR200930737Annie LouisaLovell1905Oct1734WingF H Tatham vicar
BR200930738BenjaminWood1905Nov78mWingC J W Old assist priest
BR200930729EmmaGardner1905Nov944WingC J W Old assist priest
BR200930740CharlesHooker1905Dec444Wing (died in Stone Asylum)F H Tatham vicar
BR200930741DavidGates1905Dec985Crafton WingC J W Old assist priest
BR200930742ElizabethPrentice1906Jan458Ascott WingC J W Old assist priest
BR200930743AlfredDenchfield1906Feb158Church St WingC J W Old assist priest
BR200930744William Arthur EdwardVaughan1906Feb24y11mQueen's Head WingF H Tatham vicar
BR200940745Henry ArthurWhite1906Feb536Burcott WingF H Tatham vicar
BR200940746Annie ElizaBandy1906Apr62y3mHigh St WingC J W Old assist priest
BR200940747SarahGardner1906Apr1778WingF H Tatham vicar
BR200940748GeorgePrentice1906Apr2067Littleworth wingC J W Old assist priest
BR200940749AlfredTearle1906May127wHand Post WingC J W Old assist priest
BR200940750SarahBrown1906May1654High Street WingC J W Old assist priest
BR200940751Catherine EllenBiggs1906Aug751WingF H Tatham vicar
BR200940752ElizabethMiles1906Aug1133Burcott WingC J W Old assist priest
BR200950753James WilliamGates1906Aug1349Crafton WingC J W Old assist priest
BR200950754AmeliaTaylor1906Oct1781Church St WingC J W Old assist priest
BR200950755Rose HannahTimms1906Oct31416 Manor Terrace Harrow Rd?F H Tatham vicar
BR200950756AnnFountaine1906Nov582Church St WingC J W Old assist priest
BR200950757WilliamRose1906Dec2769High St WingF H Tatham vicar
BR200950758PhilipPitchford1907Jan1076Littleworth WingC J W Old assist priest
BR200950759AnnChamberlain1907Mar776High St WingP J Loseby assist priest
BR200950760CharlotteAdams1907Mar786Grove Rd Leighton B late of WingF H Tatham vicar
BR200960761ThomasTyrrell1907Mar2084Church St WingF H Tatham
BR200960762Mary AnnNorthwood1907Apr880Norton Cottage WingP J Loseby
BR200960763JosephSawyer1907May1116Littleworth WingP J Loseby assist curate
BR200960764LilyWoodwards1907May2717Littleworth WingP J Loseby assist curate
BR200960765SarahHadden1907Jun1376Crafton WingP J Loseby assist curate
BR200960766TamarCorkett1907Aug1068Burcott WingP J Loseby assist curate
BR200960767AnnDollimore1907Oct876WingP J Loseby assist curate
BR200960768Catherine SusanRiley1907Oct1037WingF H Tatham vicar
BR200970769AnnKing1907Oct2176WingP J Loseby assist curate
BR200970770JosephGibbs1907Nov877Burcott WingF H Tatham vicar
BR200970771HenryTaylor1907Dec383Wing died at Leighton Workhouse 4 days after admissionF H Tatham vicar
BR200970772RebeccaWoolhead1908Jan270WingP J Loseby assist curate
BR200970773Charles MatthewField1908Feb172WingP J Loseby assist curate
BR200970774Clara ElizabethCutler1908Mar548WingP J Loseby assist curate
BR200970775JohnPrentice1908Mar678Waterloo Farm Ascott WingF H Tatham vicar
BR200970776CharlotteGates1908Mar1785Crafton WingF H Tatham vicar
BR200980777Frederick CharlesSawyer1908Apr144Littleworth WingP J Loseby assist curate
BR200980778ThomasCarter1908Apr1072Burcott WingF H Tatham vicar
BR200980779SarahRandall1908Apr1558WingF H Tatham vicar
BR200980780DinahBolton1908Apr1674Littleworth WingF H Tatham vicar
BR200980781AnnDenchfield1908Apr1773WingP J Loseby assist curate
BR200980782William JamesRandall1908May16mWingF H Tatham vicar
BR200980783AmosBone1908Jul176WingF H Tatham vicar
BR200980784Elizabeth Fifol?Gates1908Aug1566WingEdwin Paine officg minister
BR200990785ElizabethBolton1908Sep862WingP J Loseby
BR200990786Albert EdwardDenchfield1908Sep1738Wing died at Univy Coll Hospital London Sept 13F H Tatham vicar
BR200990787SarahRowe1908Sep2866WingF H Tatham vicar
BR200990788SethDenchfield1908Oct2273WingF H Tatham vicar
BR200990789SarahRandall1909Jan1957Wing (died at The Asylum Stone Bucks)J H Cuthbertson ass curate
BR200990790Ellen MaryWhitman1909Feb171WingF H Tatham vicar
BR200990791MaryThorpe1909Feb855Wing died at the Asylum StoneF H Tatham vicar
BR200990792Constance SarahRogers1909Feb247mWingJ H Cuthertson ass curate
BR201000793EmmanuelJohnson1909Mar476WingJ H Cuthbertson ass curate
BR201000794MaryPitchford1909Mar3185Heath & Reach (late of Wing)F H Tatham vicar
BR201000795HannahBandy1909Apr775WingF H Tatham vicar
BR201000796SusanWoolhead1909Apr2164WingF H Tatham vicar
BR201000797WilliamThorpe1909Apr3080Leighton BuzzardJ H Cuthbertson ass curate
BR201000798Charles CecilRowe1909May72Wingunder Burials Act F Long R.C. Priest
BR201000799FannyGreen1909May1881WingJ H Cuthbertson ass curate
BR201000800Percy CalebHorne1909May249mWingF H Tatham vicar