Memorial Inscriptions – Roadnight

These pages contain selected memorial inscriptions from the churchyard or interior of All Saint’s Church, Wing. Any bits in brackets I’m not 100% sure of as it’s hard to see in the photos. If you’ve visited Wing you’ve probably got photos or notes about the gravestones for your families. If so, please share them by emailing me (the higher the resolution the better). For more surnames, please check the Memorial Inscriptions Index.

Gravestone of Thomas, Eliza, George, James, Mailtda and Nellie Roadnight in Wing Buckinghamshire

In loving memory of my dear father & mother Thomas and Eliza ROADNIGHT, also of George and James, sons of the above, and of Matilda, beloved wife of James Roadnight, and Nellie, daughter of James & Matilda Roadnight – Not now but in the coming years, it may be in the better land, we’ll read the meaning of our tears, and there, sometime, we’ll understand.

photo © Maureen Gerrard and used with permission