Memorial Inscriptions – Fynes

These pages contain selected memorial inscriptions from the churchyard or interior of All Saint’s Church, Wing. Any bits in brackets I’m not 100% sure of as it’s hard to see in the photos. If you’ve visited Wing you’ve probably got photos or notes about the gravestones for your families. If so, please share them by emailing me (the higher the resolution the better). For more surnames, please check the Memorial Inscriptions Index.

Memorial to Henrietta Maria Fynes of Wing

H:M:F: Here lye’s the body of Mris Henrietta Maria FYNES, daughter of Norreys Fynes Esq (by Margaret his third wife) and granddaughter of Henry Clinton commonly cald Fynes, which Sr Henry was son of Henry Earle of Lyncolne and brother by his mother to Francis Lord Norreys Earle of Berks. Shee dy’d on the 5th of June 1703 in the 26 year of her age. Being much lamented by all who knew her, but especially by her mother, to whom shee was most dutifull.

photo © Alex Coles July 2005

Memorial to Henry Fynes of Wing

Sacred to the memory of Henry FYNES Esqr, late of London Merchant; who derived his descent from a noble family, being the great grandson of Sr Henry Clinton commonly called Fynes, son of Henry Earl of Lincoln by his second wife, the mother of Francis Lord Norris, Earl of Berks. By industrious application, joined to an extensive knowledge in trade and business he acquired an affluent fortune, with unblemished reputation; and dying a bachelor, he nobly distributed the same in amply providing for every branch of his family. This monument was erected with the utmost respect and gratitude to his memory, and in strict justice to his character, at the joint expence of his relations, who so remarkably have felt the effects of his goodness and generosity. He departed this life ye 4th July 1758, in the 61st year of his age.

photo © Alex Coles July 2005

Memorial of Margaret Fynes of Wing Buckinghamshire

Here lyes ye body of Mrs Margaret FYNES widdow of Norreys Fynes Esq son of Henry Clinton commonly called Fynes which ye Henry was son of Henry Earl of Lincolne by his second wife, who was mother of Francis Lord Norreys Earl of Berks she had by her said husband six sons five daughters viz: Norreys, Henry, Charles, Edward, Henry, and James, Bridget, Sarah, Bridget, Catherine, and Henrietta Maria all her daughters dyed unmarryd in her life time (two of them viz Sarah and Henrietta Maria lying bury’d near her and two only of her sons viz: Norreys & Charles surviv’d her She departed this life on ye 19 day of June, in ye 72 year of her Age, and in ye year of our Lord 1707

photo © Alex Coles September 2013

Memorial to Margaret Fynes of Wing Buckinghamshire

Here lyes ye body of Margaret FYNES whose monument is set up on ye charge of ye Rt Honble ye Countess of Carnarvon on ye pillow near this place her daughter Sarah lyes next ye wall on ye north side her daughter Henrietta Maria between her and Sarah her son Charles be two pillows in ye walk from ye north door

photo © Alex Coles September 2013

Memorial to Sarah Fynes of Wing
A portrait of Sarah painted around the time of her death (in the private collection of Phillip Serth and used with permission)

Here lyes the body of Sarah the daugher of Norreys FYNES Esqr son of the Honble Sr Henry Fynes of Kirkstead in the county of Lyncolne which Sr Henry Fynes was son of Henry Earle of Lyncoln and brother by his mother to Francis Lord Norreys or Ricott and Earl of Berks. She departed this life the ninth day of May in the eighteenth year of her age and in the year of our Lord 1686.

photo © Alex Coles July 2005