Memorial Inscriptions

These pages contain selected memorial inscriptions from the churchyard or interior of All Saint’s Church, Wing. Any bits in brackets I’m not 100% sure of as it’s hard to see in the photos. I have hundreds (literally) more photos of Wing’s gravestones taken in September 2013 so if there is a particular one you are looking for that is not online yet please email me to ask about it (and if you have your own photos or notes about the gravestones for your families let me know as well, particularly if they are older photos or transcriptions of stones that may not longer exist or be legible).

The Wing War Memorial has its own page on this website.

The memorial inscriptions are organised alphabetically by surname:

closeup of brass memorial to Thomas Cotes of Wing Buckinghamshire
Detail from Thomas Cotes brass memorial in All Saints, Wing, Buckinghamshire

ADAMS Thomas d.1837

BAKER Edith Sophia d.1948
BAKER George d.1957
BAKER John Thomas d.1948
BAKER Katie (Catherine Mary) d.1903
BAKER Sarah (nee RANDALL) d.1957
BELL Henry d.1738
BELL Jane d.1721
BELL William d.1724
BIGGS Edward d.1883
BIGGS Sophia (nee HELEY) d.1894
BONE Mansel [d.1844]
BONE Temperance (nee HARTWELL) d.1885
BONE William d.1880
BRAY Herbert W d.1919

COTES Charles d.1903
COTES Thomas d.1648
CUTLER Arthur Edwin d.1919
CUTLER Herbert d.1925
CUTLER Harold d.1983

DRAPER Charlotte d.1916
DRAPER George d.1904

Portrait of Sarah Fynes from approx 1686
Portrait of Sarah Fynes, 1668-1686 (from the collection of Phillip Serth and used with permission)

FRENCH Nellie d.1924
FYNES Henrietta Maria d.1703
FYNES Henry d.1758
FYNES Margaret d.1707
FYNES Sarah d.1686

GASKIN William d.1895

HELEY Annie Rolls d.1911
HELEY Catherine d.1894
HELEY Catherine Eleanor d.1867
HELEY Ernest William d.1870
HELEY Harry d.1852
HELEY Henry d.1857
HELEY James William d.1911
HELEY Jane d.1881
HELEY Susannah (nee FINCH) d.1863
HELEY Thomas d.1851
HELEY Thomas Somes d.1901
HELEY William d.1866
HELEY William d.1881
HELEY William James d.1909
HOUNSLOW Deborah (nee READ) d.1934
HOUNSLOW Henry d.1944
HOUNSLOW Martha d.1932
HOUNSLOW Walter James d.1947

JORDAN Christopher d.1997
JORDAN Ellen d.1963
JORDAN Gwendoline d.1918
JORDAN Henry d.1936
JORDAN Jesse d.1963
JORDAN Mary d.1937
JORDAN Yonnie Olive (nee BRAWN) d.1977

KENNING William d.1918

LATHWELL Amy (nee RANDALL) d.1956
LATHWELL George James d.1948
LATHWELL John d.1996
LLOYD Bessie Mary (nee NORTHWOOD) d.1921
LLOYD-LINDSAY Robert James (Baron Overstone) d.1883
LLOYD Samuel Jones (Baron Wantage) d.1901
LLOYD Sarah Jane d.1885
LLOYD William d.1936

OUVRY Arthur Garnault d.1885
OUVRY Anne Louisa (nee GRUBB) d.1884
OUVRY Constance Sarah Louisa d.1882
OUVRY Emily Jane d.1854
OUVRY Francisca Catharine d.1854
OUVRY Jane (nee NICHOLLS) d.1856
OUVRY Peter Thomas d.1891

MALLETT Mary Ann d.1911
MALLETT Thomas d.1925

NEALE Bridgett d.1679

PEASE John d.1898
PEASE Sydney d.1963
PERKINS John d.1777
PIDGLEY Peter William d.1944
POLLARD Elizabeth (nee CARTER) d.1944
POLLARD Joseph Andrew d.1943
PUGH Emily (nee TEARLE) d.1980

RANDALL Herbert d.1918
REDMAN Henry d.1729
ROADNIGHT Eliza [d.1916]
ROADNIGHT James [d.1914]
ROADNIGHT Eliza [d.1916]
ROADNIGHT Thomas [d.1897]

SHEPHERD Thelma d.2005
SYRETT Ann (nee CARTER) d.1919
SYRATT Elizabeth d.1913
SYRATT Emily Jane (nee GREEN) d.1935
SYRATT Emma (nee WOOLHEAD) d.1930
SYRATT George d.1890
SYRATT James d.1942
SYRATT Private John Henry d.1947
SYRATT John d.1883
SYRATT Luke d.1897
SYRETT Margaret d.1891
SYRATT Maria (nee BAKER) d.1887
SYRATT Moses d.1916
SYRETT Noah d.1878
SYRETT Reuben d.1915
SYRETT Ursula d.1940

TATHAM Bertha Mary (nee JACKSON) d.1918
TATHAM Francis Henry d.1918
TATHAM Helen Bertha d.1957
TATHAM Hester Mary d.1952
TATHAM Lawrence John d.1961
TEARLE Millicent
THEEDE John d.1622
THEED William d.1757

VALLENTINE Claud Robert d.1917
VALLENTINE Harold David d.1915
VALLENTINE James d.1891
VALLENTINE Marion d.1894
VALLENTINE Robert d.1898

WEBSTER Alexander Lowe d.1894
WEBSTER Marianne d.1890
WILLINK Mary Grace (nee OUVRY) d.1918
WILLIS Arthur d.1916
WILLIS Frederick d.1919
WILLIS Ruth (nee BANDY) d.1936
WINDMILL Matilda d.1916
WOOLHEAD Albert William d.1986
WOOLHEAD Ann d.1937
WOOLHEAD Arnold William d.1979
WOOLHEAD Arthur d.1922
WOOLHEAD David John d.2009
WOOLHEAD Florence Ann d.2017
WOOLHEAD Jack d.1977
WOOLHEAD John Samuel d.1989
WOOLHEAD Joseph d.1899
WOOLHEAD Naomi (nee BONE) d.1904
WOOLHEAD Sidney d.1915
WOOLHEAD Sidney d.1918
WOOLHEAD Susan d.1909
WOOLHEAD Violet May d.1977
WOOLHEAD William d.1886
WOOLHEAD William d.1917
WORLEY Elizabeth (nee WHITTON) d.1712
WORLEY John d.1719