1854 Post Office

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WING, or Wenge, 3 miles south-west of the London and North Western station at Leighton Buzzard. The living is a vicarage in the diocese of Oxford, valued at £338, the Lord Overstone being the patron; the incumbent is the Rev. Peter Thomas Ouvry, M.A. Wing Park is still enclosed, but its mansion Ascot House, for many years the seat of the Dormers, and inherited from them by the Earls of Chesterfield, has been pulled down. The hamlets of this parish are Ascott, Burcott, Crafton, and Littleworth.

Here is a National school for boys and girls, erected in 1850 by Lord Overstone; also almshouses called Dormer’s Hospital, founded in 1562 by Dame Dorothy Pelham, for 8 men and women, endowed by land and money payments. This manor is said once to have belonged to the Hampdens. The church is an ancient building, and has been lately restored under the superintendence of Mr. Scott; it is of different periods; some portion of it is believed to be Saxon. It contains some handsome monuments of the Dormer family. Population, in 1851, was 1,376; acreage, 5,605; rateable value, £9,000.

Wing Gentry

Hart Rev. John B.A.  
Ouvry Rev. Peter Thomas, M.A. vicar

Wing Traders

Attwood Richard “Cock” & post office
Bedford Joseph boot & shoe maker
Biggs James grocer
Brown Thomas farrier
Capp Stephen farmer
Capp Thomas boot & shoe maker
Coles Leah (Mrs) shopkeeper
Cox William farmer
Denchfield George carpenter
Denchfield Levi carpenter
Drinkwater William baker
Foster John blacksmith
Fountaine Bernard farmer
Gates John “Royal Oak”
Harris Richard miller & farmer
Hart William farmer
Hedges Richard farmer
Heley Susannah (Mrs) butcher
Heley William maltster & corn dealer
Hickinbottom John bricklayer
Mortimer Wiliams registrar of births & deaths for the Wing district
Paine James farmer
Rogers Joseph beer retailer & butcher
Rose George farmer
Rose William shopkeeper
Sear Joseph bricklayer
Tanner Alfred shopkeeper
Walter Robert shopkeeper
Webster Alexander baliff to the right hon. Lord Overstone
Whipham William shopkeeper
Windmill John “Queen’s Head”
Windmill Thomas baker
Young John tailor

Letters may be posted from 8 a.m. until 7 p.m.

Ascott Traders

Brandom Joseph grazier
Brandom Tom blacksmith
Fountaine Eliza (Mrs) grazier
Gates John farmer & cattle dealer
Hart Thomas auctioneer, land agent and farmer
Hart William farmer
Prentice Martha (Mrs) farmer
Smith Jane (Mrs) farmer

Letters through Leighton Buzzard

Burcott Traders

Adams Henry Charles farmer
Biggs Edward farmer
Bone Joseph grazier
Denchfield Thomas “Six Bells”
Prentice Thomas farmer
Roadnight William shopkeeper
Smith Jane (Mrs) farmer
Swannell Joseph Ebenezer farmer

Letters through Leighton Buzzard

Littleworth Traders

Beckett Jonathan beer retailers
Dimmock William carpenter
Page William butcher

Crafton Traders

Collins Joseph & Bernard farmers
Flemons John farmer
Olney James farmer
Willison Robert farmer
Woodman William Hedges farmer

Letters through Leighton Buzzard

National School (for boys & girls), Wing
Registrar of Births & Deaths for the District of Wing, Wm. Mortimer, Wing
Parish Clerk, John Windmill

Church, Rev. Peter Thomas Ouvry, incumbent
Methodist Chapel, ministers various
Primitive Methodist Chapel, ministers various