1839 Robsons

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WING OR WENGE. 3 miles south-west of the London and Birmingham Railroad station at Leighton Buzzard, is a vicarage valued at 338l., and containing 1152 inhabitants; the Earl of Chesterfield being the patron: the present incumbent is the Rev. Philip Strong. Wing Park is still enclosed, but its mansion, Ascot House, for many years the seat of the Dormers and inherited from them by the Earls of Chesterfield, has been pulled down. The hamlets of this parish are Ascot, Burcot, Crofton, and Cotslow, now depopulated, which gave name to the Hundred. Here is a free-school for boys and girls, erected in 1815; also alms¬≠houses called Dormer’s Hospital, founded in 1516, by Dame Dorothy Pelham, for 8 men and women, under the trusteeship and in the gift of the Earl of Chesterfield, endowed by land and money payments.

Name, Residence, & Profession.

Attwood Richard The Cock
Beckett Jonathan Grocer and Beer Retailer
Bedford Joseph Shoemaker
Biggs James Grocer and Cheesemonger
Bone Barnard Beer Retailer
Bone George Royal Oak
Bone John Baker
Bone Joseph Beer Retailer
Brandom Thomas Smith and Grocer, &c
Capp Stephen Carpenter
Capp Thomas Shoemaker
Coles Richard Grocer and Beer Retailer
Denchfield George Carpenter
Denchfield Thomas Six Bells
Dimock William Carpenter
Foster John Smith
Franks Joseph Carpenter
Hardwick Joseph Carpenter
Harris Richard Miller
Harper Joseph Plat Dealer
Heley Thomas Butcher
Heley William Maltster and Corn Dealer
Hickinbottom John Bricklayer
Jennings William Tailor
Mallett Emanuel Baker
Mortimer Wm. Registrar of Births and Deaths for the Wing district in the Leighton Buzzard Union
Randell Benjamin Plat Dealer
Sear Joseph Bricklayer
Simons Michael Shoemaker
Smith John Horse Dealer
Staples Joseph Beer Retailer
Stevens James Plat Dealer
Walters Robert Grocer and Cheesemonger
Winmill John Queen’s Head
Winmill Thomas Wheelwright
Wippem William Grocer and Cheesemonger
Young John Tailor

Coach & Carriers’ List

Oxford & Aylesbury Coach passes through daily.

Hounslow Richard, carrier to Aylesbury every Saturday, and to Leighton every Tuesday.