1798 Posse Comitatus

The Able Bodied Men of Wing in 1798

At the time the Posse Comitatus was taken in February 1798, the powers-that-be had concerns that they would have difficulty raising up a civil force should France invade England. They therefore directed that returns be prepared of men that could serve in the event of riot, insurrection or invasion. Buckinghamshire is the only county for which the Posse Comitatus survives in its entirety, for which we can count ourselves very fortunate as it forms the equivalent of a census (albeit adult males only) for that year.

All able bodied men (not already serving in a military capacity) between the ages of 15 and 60 in Wing in 1798 were required to be listed. If a name appears twice, this indicates more than one man with the same name. “Servant” most likely indicates a live-in labourer, as distinct from “labourer” who would live elsewhere.

In addition, anyone not meeting the above pre-requisites but an owner of horses, wagons or carts was also required to be listed, hence the presence of two women in the list (plus a few extra men who we can deduce are likely to be farmers over 60). There were a total of 170 horses, 23 wagons and 87 carts recorded for Wing. The Posse Comitatus also recorded details about mills – as well as Hugh Howes and his water mill there was a windmill “to be taken down immediately”.

The Buckinghamshire Posse Comitatus 1798 by Ian F.W. Beckett was published by the Buckinghamshire Record Society in 1985 – please visit their website at http://www.bucksrecsoc.org.uk/ to view the entire volume online along with some of their other out-of-print publications. This listing of Wing residents has been extracted and reproduced here with their kind permission.

Name Occupation and Remarks
Thomas Abbott labourer
William Abbott servant
James Actell servant
Robert Adams farmer, 9 horses, 1 wagon, 3 carts
Thomas Adams farmer
Richard Arnoll servant
Thomas Ashpole 4 horses, 3 carts
William Ashpole labourer
Mrs Badrick 4 horses, 1 wagon, 1 cart
Henry Bailey servant
John Baker labourer
John Baker labourer
William Bandy servant
Harry Bateman labourer
John Bates labourer
Richard Bates labourer
Robert Bates labourer
William Bates labourer
William Belcher labourer
George Belgrove farmer, infirm, 6 horses, 1 wagon, 2 carts
Thomas Bessy labourer
William Bignall labourer
John Bilby labourer
William Bilby labourer
John Bone labourer
John Bone 3 horses, 1 wagon, 2 carts
Joseph Bone servant
Thomas Bone dealer
Thomas Bone labourer
William Bone victualler
William Bone labourer
John Bonnan labourer
William Bradbury labourer
John Brand labourer
John Browncill labourer
Richard Bryant servant
John Buckingham labourer
Daniel Bull labourer
John Bull servant
Joseph Bull labourer
Francis Burrows higler, 1 horse, 1 cart
John Burrows labourer
Thomas Burrows labourer
William Burrows labourer
William Burrows snr labourer
Francis Cabbin servant
George Cabbin servant
James Cabbin labourer
John Cabbin labourer
William Cabbin labourer
Francis Capp labourer
Stephen Capp labourer
Thomas Capp labourer
William Carter labourer
George Castleman servant
William Chapman labourer
Isaac Cheshire labourer
William Cheshire cordwainer, infirm
Joseph Clare labourer
Daniel Clark servant
Francis Clark labourer
Robert Clark labourer
William Cobb servant
Richard Collins labourer
William Collins farmer
John Culverhouse farmer, 5 horses, 1 wagon, 3 carts
William Culverhouse farmer, 4 horses, 2 carts
John Cutler servant
John Cutler servant
John Cutler labourer
Michael Cutler farmer, 6 horses, 1 wagon, 1 cart
Michael Cutler jnr labourer
Thomas Cutler labourer
Matthew Denchfield farmer, 1 horse, 1 cart
Revd Doctor De Salis vicar of Wing, 9 horses (2 used as carriage horses), 1 wagon, 3 carts
Thomas Dey labourer
William Dickins labourer
John Dimmock labourer
Joseph Dimmock servant
Matthew Dimmock farmer
Matthew Dimmock farmer, 2 horses, 2 carts
Richard Dimmock labourer
Robert Dimmock labourer
Thomas Dimmock labourer
Thomas Dimmock jnr labourer
William Dimmock snr labourer
William Dimmock labourer
Dominic Dormer labourer
Daniel Elliott farmer, 8 horses, 1 wagon, 3 carts
John Elliott farmer
Thomas Elliott farmer, 8 horses, 1 wagon, 4 carts
James Fleckney servant
Thomas Fletcher labourer
John Flint servant
John Fo(r)kett farmer, 4 horses, 1 wagon, 2 carts
William Fossey labourer
John Foster labourer
Thomas Foster servant
Richard Fountain servant
Richard Fountain 4 horses, 1 wagon, 2 carts
Thomas Foxley labourer
Thomas Freeman servant
John French servant
Henry Gaskin sawyer
John Gaskin servant
James Gaskin labourer
Matthew Goss labourer
Thomas Gower labourer
John Green labourer
Thomas Green labourer
William Green snr labourer
William Green jnr labourer
Philip Harding labourer
Francis Hardwick labourer
John Hardwick labourer
William Hardwick labourer
Francis Harper labourer
Joseph Harper labourer
Joseph Harper jnr labourer
Robert Harris labourer
William Harris labourer
Thomas Harriss labourer
John Hart carpenter
George Hartwell labourer
John Hartwell labourer
William Harven labourer
Thomas Heady labourer
Thomas Heady jnr labourer
William Hedges servant
William Hedges labourer
Harry Heley farmer, infirm
Harry Heley baker
John Heley butcher
Thomas Heley farmer
William Heley farmer
William Heley farmer, 7 horses, 1 wagon, 3 carts
John Higgins labourer
George Hitchcock servant
Roger Hitchcock servant
William Hobby servant
Thomas Hodgins labourer
Richard Hodgkins servant
Thomas Hogg farmer, 3 horses, 1 wagon, 2 carts
Brightwell Hollyman labourer
George Honor labourer
John Hopcraft labourer
George Hounslow labourer
Thomas Hounslow labourer
William Hounslow labourer
Hugh Howes farmer, 4 horses, 1 wagon, 4 carts
Hugh Howes [same man?] occupier of water mill grinding an average of 20 qtrs weekly
John Howes labourer
Thomas Ingram labourer, infirm
John Inns labourer
William Inns servant
Thomas Innwood servant
William Innwood servant
Richard Inwood labourer
Joshua Janes blacksmith
James Jeffs labourer
Thomas Jeffs labourer
William Jennings taylor
John Jolly cooper
Thomas Jolly cooper
William Jordan labourer
Richard Kempster labourer
Edward King labourer
John King labourer
William King labourer
James Lason servant
Harry Lathwell labourer
William Lathwell butcher
David Lee labourer
John Lock blacksmith
William Lock blacksmith
Henry London labourer
Henry Manning servant
William Mason labourer
William Mead labourer
William Menard farmer, 4 horses, 1 wagon, 2 carts
Daniel Millins servant
William Millins labourer
Thomas Mobley farmer, 6 horses, 1 wagon, 3 carts
William Mobley baker
Daniel Monk labourer
Benjamin Mooring labourer
John Moors labourer
John Mortimer farmer
John Mortimer farmer, 3 horses, 3 carts
Harry Munday labourer
John Munday servant
Thomas Munday servant
Isaac Muxon servant
William Neeves labourer
P(aul) Newens farmer, 5 horses, 1 wagon, 2 carts
James Newman servant
Robert Nicholls labourer
Thomas Nicholls servant
Thomas Nicholls servant
William Northwood blacksmith
Thomas Orchard servant
Thomas Packer labourer
John Page snr labourer
John Page jnr servant
Benjamin Pease labourer
John Pease labourer
Harry Peat labourer
Joram Pollard labourer
Thomas Pollard labourer
John Pratt labourer
Richard Pratt labourer
John Prentis/Prentice farmer, 7 horses, 3 carts
Thomas Prentis farmer
Edward Pryer labourer
John Pryer labourer
George Putnam labourer
William Radwell labourer
Edward Randle labourer
John Read labourer
John Reeve butcher
Thomas Reynolds labourer
Guy Rickard labourer
Richard Rickard labourer
John Robinson servant
William Roddle labourer
Daniel Row labourer
William Saban servant
Bernard Saunders labourer
Francis Saunders bricklayer
Francis Saunders glazier
Thomas Sawyer servant
Francis Sayell 4 horses, 3 carts
John Scarborough apprentice
Thomas Shackley farmer, 9 horses, 1 wagon, 4 carts
Richard Shirley farmer
Stephen Shirley 3 horses, 3 carts
Edward Short labourer
William Simmons cordwainer
Joseph Sinfield labourer
Arthur Smith labourer
Benjamin Smith labourer
Francis Smith labourer
John Smith servant
Joseph Smith labourer
Thomas Smith servant
James Southam labourer
James Stevens labourer
John Stevens servant
Robert Stevens servant
Thomas Stevens farmer, 6 horses, 1 wagon, 3 carts
William Strange labourer
Richard Stratt labourer
John Syratt labourer
John Tavinner servant
Matthew Taylor labourer
Richard Thorn labourer
Thomas Thorp labourer
John Tofield farmer, infirm, 4 horses, 2 carts
Joseph Tofield farmer
Thomas Tofield farmer
Thomas Tow labourer
Richard Truly labourer
Guy Turner labourer
Edward Vicass servant
Thomas Walduck labourer
Daniel Webster labourer
Daniel White labourer, infirm
James White labourer
Thomas White labourer
William White labourer
William Wiggins labourer
John Willison 6 horses, 1 wagon, 2 carts
Edward Wills labourer
William Wilmer labourer
Henry Wilson labourer
John Wilson labourer
William Windmill victualler
John Wood victualler, 1 riding horse, 1 cart
Henry Woodman farmer
Mrs Woodman 4 horses, 1 wagon, 2 carts
Robert Woodman farmer, 4 horses, 1 wagon, 2 carts
Thomas Woodman farmer, 12 horses, 1 wagon, 4 carts
Thomas Woodman snr farmer
Verey Woodman farmer
Verey Woodman baker
William Woodman snr farmer
William Woodman jnr farmer
Daniel Woodroffe taylor
John Woolhead labourer
Joseph Woolhead labourer
Thomas Woolhead servant